Denim Bags: Fashionable Options

You don’t want to throw away your favourite denim clothes because even after several years of intensive use, most of the material retains its durability and pleasant colour. Don’t rush to get rid of pants or overalls, skirts or jackets made of denim! Put some effort into them, and they will turn into stylish denim bags.

Denim Bags Are An Underrated Accessory

Denim bags at the end of the last century were considered accessories for hippies and rebellious teenagers. Carelessly slung over the shoulder, a large travel bag gave away romantics and adventurers. Steppe people were afraid to wear denim accessories – thinking that such products were more like a bag than a stylish things. Rehabilitating the accessory was the first bold designers of famous brands: Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Tory Burch.

International models dashingly showed denim shoulder bags, cute patchwork clutches, men’s gym bags-bags and backpacks with lots of pockets, and neat ladies’ handbags with embroidery or acrylic decor.

Designers managed to show how spectacular denim bags look on the runway – and many fashionistas wanted to see some of their types in their closet. Shoulder bags, men’s and women’s denim backpacks, elegant clutch bags, beach bags with appliques, strict options of dark denim fabric – summer and demi-seasonal options quickly caught on with the urban population.

The Benefits Of Denim Bags


Denim bags, like fabric models, are very lightweight but much more durable. Denim can be easily washed and retains a pleasant shade for years. The impressive durability of the material makes it an ideal base for needlework.


The hard-wearing denim lends itself to overmolding, and appliques, embroidery, metal jewelry, semi-precious stones and sequins are great. The patchwork technique allows you to design hundreds of unique models. You need to dial in the right amount of scraps.


Almost all styles of branded denim bags are developed based on common sense – the resulting products have a sufficient number of pockets and compartments needed by the owners. With your hands, you can easily make the perfect capacity bag, facilitating the work or study process.


Stylists recommend wearing denim bags to everyone without exception. Men’s models are more austere, and women’s – are bright or romantic. Only moderate decor is needed to give denim the missing sophistication. Even novice needlewomen can easily cope with this – you can create a stylish denim bag with your own hands!

How To Style Denim Bags And Backpacks?

Why do not many people take the risk of wearing fashionable denim bags? Comfortable options through the plaid, cozy little clutch with embroidery, colourful backpacks made of rags, roomy sports models just begging to be picked up, but do not suit every outfit.

A successful combination of styles

Denim bags should be worn with sports, ethnic and casual clothes. Strict styles, as well as beautiful options with lace or sequins, worthily complement glamorous images. A large beach bag (with appliques or embroidery on a summer theme) looks good with clothes in a romantic style.

Suitable fabrics

It’s a win-win to wear men’s denim backpacks or sports bags with regular jeans and T-shirts with creative prints. For girls in denim, shoulder or beautiful clutch bags are more suitable. In both cases, the colour of the bag should differ significantly from the main clothes – the accessory should not merge with the background fabric.

Expensive belt, shoes and watch

Denim is considered an inexpensive material, so you need to exalt the image with a stylish belt or quality shoes. A leather belt and a denim backpack is a standard addition to knitwear, made in a casual style. It looks both stylish and cozy at the same time.

Small and large denim bags look stylish if you choose the right design and properly combine them with your clothes. You don’t have to wait for new products from famous brands if you want to add a couple or three different styles of denim bags to your closet. Implement your ideas! Patchwork technique, embroidery and applique will help to create a unique design.

The Second Life Of Old Jeans – Cool Bags Diy

Fashionable people know that an original accessory can instantly transform an image. Simple clothes, modest shoes and a minimum of jewelry are typical weekday images for men and women. Such rationality is justified if the work does not require wearing expensive suits and jewelry. However, a nice detail like an original denim bag will not hurt because practicality does not mean boredom!

Practical and stylish bag models

A good bag meets two basic requirements – it is practical and beautiful. Decor is important, but rarely plays a primary role. Before making a bag with your own hands, it is worth studying the basic ideas on the choice of style. Embroidery or appliques are secondary, the main thing is the design features!

Your own hands should sew roomy and beautiful bags:

Rectangular denim bags

Such items are worn over the shoulder or equipped with strong handles. A sturdy belt is an excellent basis for attaching the handles. Handles can be made from scraps or use the long straps of old denim overalls. Rectangle looks simple – such bags sew their own hands, beginners. Think of original decor to make the model more interesting. A simple flower from denim fabric, applique with a bouncy inscription, and coloured embroidery – a stylish decoration is easy to make!

Tub bags, cone bags

Denim cone bags look stylish and fit both sporty and romantic styles. Moderate patchwork is acceptable when the base is made from lighter fabric and the side circles are made from darker fabric. The straps should be the same colour as the darker areas. The seams can be masked by leather or dermantin overlays decorated with lace. The minimal decoration is desirable – discreet embroidery, metal rivets and prints with acrylic paints on fabric will do.

A feminine trapeze

Fashionable girls need feminine accessories. Sew a bag, the basis of which is an inverted trapeze (narrowed bottom and widened top). The ideal decoration of this shape is a voluminous flower or any other applique. Denim can be stitched with contrasting threads around the perimeter, creating rhombuses or strips of different sizes. The handles should be made of material that matches the colour of the decorative stitching.

Pear-shaped shoulder bag

Reminiscent of an ennobled bag, so it is used for buying groceries and carrying tools. Men’s models may not be decorated, while women’s models are equipped with funny prints, embroidery or appliques if desired. It is convenient to carry heavy things in these bags, so it is worth strengthening the bottom and the place where the handles are connected. Use a belt and straps from overalls to stitch on the inside of the denim. To keep the shoulder from chafing, you must make the handles wide.

Denim patchwork

Accumulated a lot of pieces from old jeans – in a set of all colours from delicate blue to black and blue? With your own hands you can try out fashionable patchwork patterns. This patchwork technique looks chic on denim fabric. It turns out stylish geometric products, perfectly complementing the image of students and young people.

Baggie Bag with Tight Top

An uncomplicated but practical version of a fashionable gym bag. Minimal decor (preferably geometric or patchwork), double denim lining, one long handle from a belt or overalls straps (it’s convenient to adjust the length of the handle with the factory metal adjusters). The handle is firmly made along one side of the bag, and the top is pierced with metal rings and closed with a thick lanyard, ribbon, thin fabric or leather belt.

Choose two or three ideas that will look organic with your everyday clothes. You can also wear a denim bag with glamorous outfits, but such products need a complex pattern and detailed decoration. A simple decor is easier to create with your hands, and it makes the product versatile – suitable for many outfits.

Patchwork technique

Combining denim patches in different colours is suitable for creating strict bags and combining denim and soft fabrics for creative pieces. Patchwork has been in fashion for centuries, as has denim.

Embroidery and applique

Do you know how to embroider with satin? Decorate denim bags with it! Don’t know how to embroider? Buy ready-made patterns at the sewing store on a thermal adhesive base.

Removable jewelry

Using attachments is the easiest way to transform a bag with your own hands. Use beads, sequins, semi-precious stones, metal rivets, and leather inserts.

Acrylic paints

Stamps and drawings with acrylic paints are stylish decorations for jeans. Such decoration is suitable for creating handbags in a youthful style.

Are you confident in your abilities? Try sewing fashionable men’s backpacks with pockets or tiny denim clutches decorated with semi-precious stones, sequins or intricate embroidery! Implement your favourite ideas – forget about the problem of choosing a bag because denim never goes out of style!

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