Curtain Bangs 2022

Long bangs that split down the sides of the face are a trend for 2022. It has returned to fashion from the distant ’60s and ’70s. The undisputed queens of the bohemian spirit and rock allure – Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, and Marianne Faithfull made bangs their trademark. It combines a braid, long hair, and a medium haircut. Choose your own, the most suitable option.

чёлка на две стороны
Fashionable bangs 2022 on two sides.
Bundles, ponytails, and other gathered hairstyles look beautiful with the curtain.

Advantages Of The Curtain Bangs

This beautifully falling from the forehead strand wins the hearts of fashionistas. And that’s because it has so many advantages:

  • Easy maintenance.
  • Does not require frequent adjustments.
  • Suitable for many face shapes.
  • Great for thick curls but can be cut on all hair types.
  • Fashionable, elegant, and stylish.
not thick bangs with an extension on the sides
Long hair after styling it on a brushing creates volume.
It looks good with a cascade haircut.
Long side bangs are a fashion trend for 2022.

Would Curtain Bangs Suit Me

It has a touch of elegance and glamour. If you like feminine, somewhat girlish looks, it will suit you. As the name implies, it is a bang, which can be divided in half – like curtains. You can create a parting so that the forehead is not entirely covered and frame your face with it.

стрижка с челкой шторкой на средние волосы
челка на две стороны
bangs on two sides

It suits almost all face types. Depending on its shape and length, it can adjust to any form. But not every hair texture. Too curly curls are not suitable for this haircut only if keratin straightening is done.

  • Oval – you can afford anything. The perfect face shape suits everything, and you can dare for any type of bangs – thick, light, long or short.
  • Round – the best option is a shortened, graduated strand with a side parting. The main task is to elongate the face and create more volume in the upper part, avoiding the accent on the sides – in the cheeks area.
  • Square – is characterized by a pronounced horizontal line, a broad forehead, and a prominent jaw. The main goal is to break up this square shape. A blindfold is ideal for it. Give preference to thin, narrowed bangs, which will give softness to the face. An alternative would be an asymmetrical option that reaches down to the cheek.
  • An elongated, rectangular face is a relatively high forehead and a long shape. You need elongated bangs that stop just below the brow and give the impression that the face starts lower.

How To Style Curtain Bangs

It does not require any special skills for styling. All you need is a hair dryer and a brushing brush. After washing your head, dry your locks and start drying with a hair dryer. First, dry the entire length, then move on to the face and forehead area.

There are two ways of drying – from face to face.

  1. If you want the strands to spread out on both sides and frame the oval, curl them on the bangs from the face. That is, highlight the bangs, lift them, put a brushing bar behind them and curl them backward, away from the face—Blow-dry with a hair dryer.
  2. If you want a straight bang that hangs down over your eyes and covers your forehead, place the bangs underneath and curl them back to your face—Blow-dry with a hair dryer.

Long Curtain Bangs

The curtain looks good with long haircuts. It allows you to update the image to make it attractive and more feminine. Make bangs if the length is significant for you, but you want to refresh your haircut. It will look beautiful with straight, thick curls. This will create a volume in the upper part of the head.

Curtain Bangs Medium Hair

The medium length is comfortable and suits everyone; it’s easy to take care of. Any bangs look good with it. Long bangs are no exception.

Curtain Bangs With Braids For Short Hair

The area is suitable for all hair types: thin, thick, curly, and face shapes. It is the perfect haircut to bring youthfulness, elegance, and femininity to the look. Why not add something new and stylish to it? Long, falling down the sides strands will be an excellent addition to a short haircut.

Extended Bangs With A Double Side Curtain

The long one is perfect for those doing it for the first time. It blends in easily with the rest of the hair. It can be tucked behind the ears. It looks beautiful in hairstyles, even a regular ponytail.

Round Face Curtain Bangs

A round face lacks length. It is necessary to create volume at the forehead and the upper part and exclude any puffiness in the cheek area. Such a trick will visually elongate the circle and smooth out the roundness on the sides. The best option is a shortened curtain, asymmetrical, laid slightly on the side.

For a square face

The shade is perfect for square faces because it adds to its smoothness and roundness by “breaking” the corners of the face.

Curtain Bangs Big Forehead

To harmonize a high forehead, choose a length that reaches the eyebrows and is laid on one side. This softens the top of the head. Long and straight can work, but if the face is elongated, it can visually accentuate this and make it worse.

Curtain Bangs Small Forehead

The perfect bangs for a small forehead should create the illusion that the forehead is more prominent and harmonizes with the rest of the face. This trick requires a thick, wide strand that starts very high and goes down to your eyebrows or even lower.

Chin Length Hair With Curtain Bangs

A long, chin-length curtain is a fashion trend for 2020. To create it, the hairdresser makes a U-shape. Short strands are cut in the center of the forehead, and longer strands are on the sides.

Brigitte Bardot Curtain Bangs

These are gradient strands enveloping both sides of the face. She popularized Brigitte Bardot’s iconic hairstyle in the 70s. It will give a romantic look and make it softer.

Curtain Bangs Without Stacking

It doesn’t require any maintenance if you have naturally straight hair. You can let it grow and split in half or style it to the side when it gets too long. It’s in the spirit of modern fashion-natural and easy. So there’s no need for a straightener or perm.

Curtain Bangs Curly Hair

Slightly curly curls do not interfere with this haircut.

Thick Curtain Bangs

Bunchy bangs emphasize the volume and density of hair. Straight bangs are contraindicated for owners of square faces. It will only highlight the heavy chin. For other shapes, it is ideal.

Curtain Bangs From Cheekbones

As if growing, starting from the cheekbones, the curtain will suit women who want to add volume to the face.

With a staircase and a cascade

Multi-layered haircuts will look good with them. The strands that fall from the forehead are gently connected to the rest of the haircut. If you make ripped cuts, you can get a very puffy haircut. This is an option for women dreaming of super volume.

Gohar Avetisyan curtain bangs

The makeup specialist is Gohar Avetisyan, the owner of an oval face. She wears elongated strands falling from her forehead on both sides of her face.

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