Cuff Jeans: An Original Way To Stand Out From The Crowd

The most common thing to see folds on jeans are fans of casual and loft. However, they are not the only ones who wear panniers. This element is implemented in many styles and is a fashion trend. It can be harmoniously combined not only with alternatives but also with classic images.

Effective Cuffs On Jeans

At first glance, anyone can make cuffs on jeans because it seems like a simple matter, comparable to rolling up the sleeves of a shirt. However, improperly made cuffs can significantly affect the image, reducing the wearer’s attractiveness.

It is important to know how to do the right cuffs on jeans to avoid uncomfortable moments. Having quality lapels is comparable to having perfectly fitting pants.

Who Invented Cuffing Pants: Where Did This Come From?

According to one version of the first tucks on jeans as a fashion, the solution gained wide popularity in the 90s in the United States. According to another, this style appeared in the 60s and 70s, when the dawn of the youth protest movement, which fought not only with the system but also with the established canons of fashion.

Until that time, cuffs had been used exclusively for practical purposes because such a solution made it possible:

  • protect your jeans from moisture and dirt in bad weather;
  • to make them look like shorts in the heat.

Also, the tucks were used by cyclists to avoid getting their pants between the chain and the “sprocket.”
Today, tuck culture has spread all over the world. Young style enthusiasts mainly use it. However, in Europe, cuffs are also popular with the older generation.

6 Ways To Cuff Your Jeans

For cuff jeans to look organic, you should carefully read about how they are formed.

Six options allow for practical twisting of the pant legs:

  • regular;
  • with a wide cuff;
  • with a thin cuff;
  • with a taper;
  • sloppy;
  • with a double cuff.

Each type of tucked jeans has its own characteristics and fits strictly to specific styles of clothing.

All types of the presented cuffs can be made at home. It is enough to perform a set of actions:

  1. Put the smoothed-out jeans in front of you.
  2. Bend the bottom of one of the pants to the desired height. Do this as many times as necessary.
  3. Iron the edges of the cuff.
  4. Do the same for the second pant leg.
  5. Iron the jeans completely.

As a result, you can get a stylish closet item, which is perfect for creating an everyday image and for romantic dates in a relaxed atmosphere.

Regular cuff

It is a classic and involves tucking the pant leg at 2 to 2.5 cm. This method is suitable for most models of jeans. You can wear them with such tucks as classic shoes and any other wide shoes.

Wide cuff

The tucking of the wide cuff follows the same principle as the conventional model. However, its width is increased to 4 or 5 cm. Wide tucks have a very aggressive look so they will look good with massive shoes, such as work boots or high sneakers.

Such a style does not suit everyone. For example, men of short stature who roll up their pants risk turning their pants into breeches. It will look ridiculous.

Thin cuff

For a wide and regular tuck, it is enough to roll up the pant leg once. A thin cuff, on the other hand, requires more action. You need to tuck the pant leg 3 or 4 times to achieve the desired result.

During the process, it is important to keep a distance. The first step should not exceed 1 centimetre. Thus, the finished product will have a maximum width of 1.5 cm, while the pant themselves will rise by 2 cm. The presence of a thin cuff allows you to wear lightweight shoes.

Double cuff

As the name is easy to guess, this cuff implies a double wrap. In this case, the bottom edge of the pant leg is inside, creating a harmonious composition.

At the first wrap, the edge of the pant leg should be raised to a height of 2-3 centimetres, and then repeat the process. At the end of the action, it is enough to straighten the formed irregularities – and the stylish image is ready.

Tapered cuff (Pinroll)

The cuff can be narrowed by folding the excess of the jeans into two layers. Subsequently, the resulting fold is wrapped twice. This way, the tucking firmly fixes the excess length and fits tightly to the leg.

Casual style sloppy cuff

Casual, perhaps, is the most suitable for tweaks. However, this style belongs to the informal current, which is unsuitable for every fashion lover. One of the distinctive features of casual is carelessness.

To create a sloppy cuff, you need to bend the bottom of the jeans four times. With each skein, you need to take 3 to 4 centimetres. As a result, the pant legs will be short, and the jeans will look like shorts. You can ignore the wrinkles when rolling up, giving the tucks a more casual, informal look.

By Type Of Jeans

It is advisable to use cuffs properly because the cuff does not always fit the overall style of the jeans. For a long time, there has been debate about whether it is necessary to buy long pants to create cuffs specifically. There is no unambiguous answer to this question because each point of view has its grounds.

Thus, large-size jeans allow you to create tucks without compromising the length, which benefits the style. This is especially true for men and girls who prefer classic straight models.

For the lack of need for extra length are mostly girls who prefer skinny models. These jeans large size with the presence of cuffs look unkempt and spoil the whole image. Therefore, in order to make the right choice, you need to determine in advance what type of jeans a person wears.

It is often mentioned that not all types of jeans are suitable for cuffs. That’s not entirely true, especially if you know which cuffs will look most effective. The plaid ones are the only jeans that don’t go with cuffs. However, such pants have gone out of fashion and are rarely used.

For skinnies.

There is quite a lot of debate on the Internet about whether or not cuffs are necessary on skinnies. Some argue that this model already has a rather bright appearance and does not need extra elements.

Others say that having cuffs can accentuate the shoes. It is not necessary to use wide or even regular cuffs. Thin tucks will be enough to create the image. It is important to observe symmetry. Otherwise, the whole effect will lose meaning.

For straight models

If the jeans have a straight cut, both regular and long cuffs will work. The maximum width of the tuck is 5 cm, which will look quite harmonious. The main thing is to smooth out the cuff carefully.

Sloppy for boyfriend jeans

Boyfriends have an unconventional look. The presence of scuffs and artificial rips gives them an aggressive and sloppy style. If you want to accentuate the provocative look further, casual or pin-roll lapels are the way to go.

Double tuck

This tuck has a neat appearance. Therefore, it is often used in combination with classic jeans. The absence of a carelessly prominent edge combined with smooth lines will give even such a non-standard solution a slight note of rigour and neatness.

Inner tuck for length reduction

Nowadays, few people buy clothes for growing out, but tucks on the inside also remain relevant. This solution will help if the jeans fit optimally on the hips but their length is too long.

The whole procedure is similar to that for creating simple tucks, but with some differences:

  1. Jeans should be turned inside out.
  2. The bottom edge of the pants should be twisted to the required height.
  3. The resulting fold should be carefully ironed to create an even surface.
  4. Turn the jeans inside out and iron the front side.

The inside tucks can be carefully fixed in the areas where the pant leg seam goes: this will allow you to keep the necessary length for a long time without affecting the overall style. If the jeans do not need to be lengthened in the future, they should be taken to an atelier where specialists can shorten the length of the trousers without affecting the appearance.

Cuffed Jeans In Different Clothing Styles

To wear jeans with cuffs depends only on what style their owner adheres to. In your spare time, you can choose the best types of cuffs for almost any image. The main thing – is to dispose of imagination and taste.


It has always been characterized by carelessness, so tucks fit perfectly into this alternative style. Recently Casual has become especially popular. In summer and demi-season time, the presence of free shirts and shirts and comfortable shoes is what a modern and progressive girl needs.


The style could weave together the comfort of sportswear and urban street style. As bold as the casual style, it allows you to wear jeans with classic and sloppy and tapered hems. The main thing here is “chic” as well as maximum comfort.

Romantic style

It never loses its relevance and develops along with modern trends. The cuffs have not passed over it either. Thanks to the presence of neat cuffs, you can slightly expose the ankle, giving a feminine and sexy image.

Grunge Style

Bright and unconventional combinations have always characterized grunge, and jeans with cuffs fit into such images better than ever. It’s a combination of boots, T-shirts, T-shirts with underground imagery and loose shirts with leather jackets. It is in the harmony of chaos that true grunge is born.

Boho Style

Men’s and women’s boho style allows you to combine modern fashion trends with national motifs. The most common is a mix of ethno, hippie and country, but relentlessly in the image, there are jeans. If you roll up the pants, it will give an airiness to the image and emphasize its light carelessness.

Tailoring Depending On The Colour Of The Jeans

Lapels are commonly combined with classic pants in blue and blue shades. Thanks to the transition at the junction of the inside and outside of the pants, the image’s brightness is ensured.

Most coloured jeans have similar shades on the front and inside. Therefore, the presence of tucks on them is almost invisible. But why do you need lapels on jeans if they can’t accentuate the elegance of your legs?

How To Style Cuffed Jeans

Choose tucks should be carefully, and you should pay attention not only to their external beauty but also pay attention to such aspects as:

  • jeans styles;
  • shoes that will go with the jeans;
  • the age of the owner.

Each of these factors determines how much the tucks will fit the image.

What Closet Items Harmonize With Cuffed Jeans

Tucks are most often associated with a summer style. There are many variations of the combination of twisted jeans with other items of clothing and accessories.

So, to similar pants perfectly fit:

  • loose cut t-shirts;
  • cropped tops;
  • cotton checkered shirts;
  • chiffon blouses.

Also, with tight jeans with lapels, you can pick up light clothing made of lace tulle or guipure. In cooler weather, you can put a blazer or jacket on top.

Some people think panniers are inappropriate in the winter, but it is far from it. In the cold season, panniers go great with wool cardigans, sweatshirts and similar closet items. Sweatshirts and long sleeves can also be used.

But it is important not only to pick up the top. Lapels accentuate the wearer’s shoes so that that ridiculous combination will be especially striking. In the case of neat cuffs, an excellent solution would be the presence of ballet shoes or loafers. If the style is more alternative, sneakers or sneakers and other variants of sports boots will look great with podcasts.

Nowadays, you can often find images with high heels shoes. However, this issue is quite controversial. Not always does such a combination looks dignified. Therefore, thinking in advance about your image is recommended so that the combination of open ankles and stilettos does not take too much attention, standing out from the overall style.

Wintertime is better than ever for lapels in terms of footwear. Loose cuffs go well with heavy boots. Especially relevant is the combination with Timberlands and Redwings. The main condition is that the lapels should end right above the boots. Otherwise, the image will turn from stylish to funny.

It is advisable to wear socks to prevent the shoes from chafing and unpleasant odour. However, tucks can upset this balance. If you have cuffs, you should choose short models of socks under sneakers, slip-ons and sneakers, which will playfully look out from under the shoes. More sophisticated shoes are recommended with trails that blend in with the body and protect the feet from blisters.

Who Shouldn’T Cuff Jeans

There are several types of people who clearly shouldn’t do tucks on their jeans:

  • Girls with pear-shaped figures. The rolled-up jeans can increase the figure’s volume, negatively affecting the image.
  • Short people. Cuffs significantly shorten the human silhouette. For the same reason, refusing tucks for girls with short legs is desirable.

Also, wide tucks do not go well with large figures. If a girl has an average build, it is recommended to wear jeans with narrow cuffs. In this case, she will be able to make her silhouette slimmer.

You should not wear lapels and people who do not have good taste. The main thing here is to adhere to a simple rule: the narrower the jeans, the shorter the lapels should be. You should also pay attention to the fabric from which the pants are made. The thicker the material, the bigger the cuffs can be.

Stylist Tips

Tucks are an important element of the image, so when creating a look with tucks, it is advisable to take into account a couple of recommendations that leading stylists share:

  • Sock selection. Lifts should accentuate the ankles of the feet, not the socks. You should choose low models or nude-coloured products in case of bad weather.
  • The top does matter. Lapels can be combined with almost any version of the top: the main thing is that the latter fits well with the overall concept of the image.
  • Style in simplicity. The presence of large embellishments can distract all attention. Then, the peplum on the jeans will lose all meaning.
  • Choice of shoes. If you do not want to accentuate your ankles, choosing high shoes for the lapels is necessary. In winter and fall, these are boots with laces, and in summer – high sneakers.
  • Optimal jeans. The most effective tucks will look on dark models of jeans. You can choose pants with a less pronounced colour palette to create a more relaxed image.

It is also worth noting that tucks can be popular among young people. Even some businessmen during free meetings prefer a similar image. The main thing is a harmonious combination.

What the tucks on jeans mean, everyone chooses for themselves personally. For some, it’s an original way to stand out from the crowd. Others roll up their pants because they feel more comfortable. Regardless of what they wear the pant legs for, it is important that they look stylish and organic.

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