Cuff Earrings: What To Combine The New Fashion Jewelry With

The modern world got to know earrings-cuffs in 2012, and many thought it was just another fashion innovation. Precious metal earrings have been around for 5,000 years. They were worn in ancient Greece and India by small nations in Siberia, the Russian princesses. In the middle of the last century, the incomparable Marilyn Monroe often wore earrings-cuffs.

Features And Benefits Of The Accessory

Cuff earrings have an interesting design. Such an earring is a tight staple attached not to the earlobe but to the cartilage, tightly clamping it. In this case, the earring, like a metal hoop, encircles the earlobe, decorating it.

Fashionistas around the world love earrings-cuffs for several benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • You don’t have to pierce your lobe to wear cuffs;
  • This earring does not pull the ear down – its weight is evenly distributed throughout the ear;
  • It can be a decoration for any image;
  • The cuffs go with many different styles of clothing;

This jewelry has only one disadvantage: the metal can severely squeeze the ear and disturbs blood circulation. To avoid this, it is necessary to choose the model of earrings carefully.

Choosing The Model And Metal Of Earrings

Today, designers offer fashionistas earrings of three types of designs:

  • hook-arc;
  • clamp clamp;
  • earring and staple.

The earring of the first kind clings to the upper part of the earflap and is held by its weight. This jewelry looks nice but is not very securely attached.

You will not lose an earring of the third type. In this case, the lower part of the cuff is slipped into the lobe, and the upper part is fixed on the cartilage. Particularly popular are earrings-cuffs with a chain. It is noteworthy that they are usually worn only on one ear and combined with different clothing styles.

For those who do not have pierced ears, you should consider a clip-on earring. Such earrings hold well and are difficult to lose.

Cuff earrings can be made of:

  • gold;
  • silver;
  • hypoallergenic alloy;
  • steel.

Gold earrings-cuffs will fit perfectly into an evening look. They will look well with dresses which have a deep cleavage. For especially solemn occasions, diamond earrings-cuffs would be suitable. This jewelry looks so original that in the evening image it may not be supplemented with rings, bracelets or necklaces.

For casual looks, suit earrings-cuffs are made of silver. This metal is not as austere as gold, so there are no strict rules on how to wear silver earrings-cuffs. This can be the only piece of jewelry in your image; you can also combine it with other earrings, wide bracelets, rings, and pendants. Very beautiful look with silver cuffs in combination with jeans and plaid shirts.

Popular earrings are made of hypoallergenic alloy and decorated with sparkling stones. They are worn with cocktail dresses, clothes in ethnic styles and boho. They have perfectly combined with chiffon flowing sundresses and linen dresses.

Whether you should buy earrings-cuffs depends only on your lifestyle and your favourite style. Cuffs do not match sports and business clothes – this is the only exception. Images of other styles can and should be adorned with such earrings. At times, cuffs become the important detail that is often missing.

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