Corrective Swimwear: What You Need To Know

Beach season is in full swing, but not everyone has the opportunity to boast an ideal figure. However, this is not a reason to stay at home, because to hide flaws and adjust problem areas will help fused swimwear stretch.

Corrective suits help to bring the figure as close as possible to the ideal parameters, not only visually, but also in reality. Several methods are used for this purpose:

  • Color combinations. Properly selected shades and prints allow you to draw attention away from problem areas, focusing on the best parts of the body.
  • A special cut. The shapes of necklines on the chest and hips, various inserts and other tricks allow to balance the figure.
  • Special materials. In the manufacture of corrective swimwear materials are often used with a high degree of elasticity. Thanks to this it is possible to shrink the figure in the right places and model the image not only visually, but also physically.

Both natural and synthetic materials can be used to manufacture fabrics. The following properties should not be lost when exposed to water and UV light:

  • forms;
  • elasticity;
  • durability;
  • the brightness of the colors.

In addition, the materials used should be hypoallergenic and have good hygroscopic properties.

The following fabrics are considered excellent for creating costumes:

  • cotton, which has high hygienic properties;
  • ultrafine tactel;
  • non-absorbent polyester;
  • silky and lightweight microfiber;
  • Lycra, which shows excellent results when tested for elasticity.

Polyamide with a 5% addition of Lycra can also be used.

Pros And Cons

Solid swimsuits with stretching have both a lot of advantages and some disadvantages, about which it is worth knowing even before the purchase. The main disadvantage of such a product is the need to monitor its temperature. If it heats up too much, the suit can quickly lose its useful qualities. Therefore, it is recommended to spend more time in the shade or periodically dip into the water to cool down.

However, if a girl is not afraid to swim or stay without a tan, then dodging swimsuit will be what you need, because the suit has several significant advantages:

  • Body correction. Thanks to wearing such a costume you can hide figure flaws: the swimsuit will shrink, tighten or enlarge those parts of the body that need to be corrected.
  • Comfort in the water. In contrast to simple swimsuits, products with a tightening effect have good stiffness. When swimming in such a suit you can not be afraid that one of its parts will fly off at the inopportune moment.

In order to feel all the benefits of modeling products, you need to choose the right model, with inserts in the right places.

Popular Models

The range of swimsuits with retractable straps are represented by many models. Therefore, before choosing, you should carefully review the range and choose products that are not only stylish, but also will be in harmony with the peculiarities of the figure. Monokinis and tankinis are in greatest demand in 2022.


Monokini leotards have an interesting feature. They refer to both fused and separate models. This resonance arises from the fact that the bikini and bottom are connected not by a solid insertion, girdling the body, but by strips. These strips may be located on the sides or belly. As a result, in such a swimsuit the back always remains open.


Swimwear tankini can be visually divided into two parts, although in fact they are one piece. The upper part may look like a T-shirt or a short dress. Under the top is a pair of swimming trunks that only slightly peek out from the bottom. Women can wear such a swimsuit to correct their figure whether they are thin or fat.


The types of corrective swimwear differ not only in appearance, but also in characteristics. For example, products can be divided into several groups, depending on the zone of correction.

Tummy Correctors

It is best to choose a swimsuit that conceals the belly when you need to correct your figure. This type of product is characterized by one of the most complex cuts. The elastic insert is located in the central part of the costume. It begins from the bottom of the cups. This allows you to get a construction similar to a miniature corset.

Additional effect will be given by drapery in the waist area, and auxiliary elements will make the silhouette more harmonious. Bright prints in the bodice and belly area, without crossing over the sides of the suit, can also be used to distract attention from figure flaws.

With a tightening swim trunks

Many girls choose solid swimwear with a shrinking effect because of extra centimeters in the thighs and buttocks. In this case, the most suitable option may be a fusion suit with shrinking swim trunks.

Low, elastic swim trunks are a distinctive feature of this kind of swimwear. The product tightly encircles the hips, providing reduction of buttocks volume.

Breast tightening

Choose a swimsuit with built-in or shaped cups to shape your chest. In such suits tight shoulder straps or ties on the neck will help to transform the figure. If you want to increase the size of your breasts, pick a swimsuit that has foam inserts in the cups, creating a push-up effect.

For pregnant women

Expectant mothers often give preference to closed swimwear, and manufacturers have long begun to offer them comfortable options. In stores you can find many models, taking into account not only the characteristics of the figure, but also the term of pregnancy.

Classic products are made in dark colors, and do not have tightening inserts in the abdominal area. Thanks to this, both the girl herself and her baby are comfortable in such a costume.

Beautiful Colors

Choosing a swimsuit with a hugger, you should pay attention to the models in the following colors:

  • monotone dark shades;
  • with a combination of black and white;
  • with prints in tropical, fruit and floral styles.

Geometric ornaments will help to correct the figure, while a suit with an appropriate theme will be appropriate for a seaside vacation. If we talk about additional decorations, metal clasps, ruffles and designer laces are popular.

How To Choose The Right Swimsuit

When selecting a swimsuit it is imperative to pay attention to the peculiarities of the figure. There are several types of body shape:

  • Rectangle. Such girls have a need to narrow the waist, with which the models of plunge or swim-dress will help.
  • Inverted triangle. To correct the figure a high hip cut and darker inserts in the bodice area are suitable.
  • Apple. The figure will adorn the swimsuit models tankini or plunge.
  • Pear. For girls with this figure may suit products with thin ties on the neck or open shoulders, combined with a bright bodice.
  • Hourglass. The figure is considered ideal. For maximum effect, you can slightly balance the silhouette with tankini, monokini and swim-dress models.

You can also pick up additional accessories that will help complete the image. After choosing a product, it is imperative to properly care for it so that the swimsuit can last more than one season.

On the label of the suit are the care instructions. Manufacturers always prescribe temperature regimes at which things can be washed. The temperatures usually range from 30 to 40 degrees. In addition, after use, the swimsuit should be dried, which will avoid the formation of mold and fungus.

What To Wear With

To create an original image, modeling swimsuits can be combined with various accessories. For example, an interesting addition would be a lightweight cape of translucent or lace fabric. It can be hung on the shoulders or at the waist, emphasizing the waist. A light hat with wide brim will help to protect your head from the sun and add a touch of femininity.

If necessary, you can also combine the swimsuit with shorts or a light cardigan. Such an outfit would be suitable for a walk along the sea on a hot evening or for a party in a cafe.

Rating Of Top 3 Fashion Brands

You need to choose a woman’s swimsuit according to her figure in order to highlight its advantages. It is better to buy products from famous brands that have proven their quality through years of experience. Today there are three brands on the market that make some of the finest swimwear in the world.

Marc & Andre

The company Marc & Andre became widely known precisely because of the production of high quality slimming swimwear.

When creating clothes specialists of this brand use only high quality materials with high elasticity.

Another feature of these swimwear are prints, specially arranged so as to visually highlight the necessary areas. This combination of factors allows you to correct the figure in the right places, helping girls to feel more confident.


The Gottex brand comes from Israel, and for more than 50 years it has been offering quality corrective swimwear to girls. The manufacturer remains popular due to the high quality of its products, and the distinctive feature of all Gottex swimwear is the open back.


Americans are not inferior to Europeans in the production of corrective lingerie. The brand Miraclesuit regularly adds new stylish swimwear to its collections. Product lines from this manufacturer will appeal to those who want to correct their breasts. You can buy both classic options and unusual items, such as a swimsuit-dress.

When choosing a corrective swimsuit, it is imperative to consider the type of figure. “Apple” needs to hide the tummy, and “pear” needs to visually reduce the volume of the hips. When the product is correctly selected, it will highlight the advantages and hide the flaws, allowing the woman to feel confident on the beach.

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