Corrections And Types Of Eyebrow Shaping

The correct shape of the eyebrows makes a face more attractive and neat, completing the image and balancing the features. Girls and women often wonder how to make their eyebrows look perfect on their own. It is worth considering the key rules and features.

What Is An Eyebrow Correction

Eyebrow correction is a procedure aimed at giving the eyebrows the perfect shape by the type of face, hair color, and other appearance features. In cosmetology centers, girls and women can use the service of microblading. At home, too, you can give your eyebrows the perfect shape thanks to simple and practically painless techniques.

Types Of Eyebrow Corrections

There are three ways to correct the shape of the eyebrows with your own hands. Each of them is worth considering in detail.


The easiest way to remove unnecessary hairs. The technique is used to maintain the already set shape of the eyebrows. In other words, first, you visit a master who shapes the curve and thickness and then keeps the set parameters at home.

It is recommended to pluck eyebrows immediately after showering when the skin is steamed. In this case, open pores will allow you to remove excess hairs along the pronounced eyebrow line easily.


The procedure involves correcting the shape using thread. The technique is quite popular and was first used in Eastern countries. Undesirable hairs are pulled out using an ordinary cotton thread. The process is quite simple:

  1. The thread is twisted to form a loop.
  2. Swiftly move it through the pre-selected area to be treated.
  3. Remove unnecessary hair penetrating the loop. The hairs are pulled out on their own.

New hairs will begin to sprout only after 3-4 weeks, so the technique is quite effective. Threading will be an opportunity to save on the services of a professional eyebrow specialist if you learn how to carry out the procedure at home.


Ideal for owners of bushy eyebrows. Also suitable for girls with wide and light eyebrows. Stages of the procedure:

  1. Preheated wax is applied to the area near the eyebrows in a thin layer. Cold material is also often used.
  2. A special strip of paper or fabric is applied to it. The first option is more often given preference.
  3. With a sharp movement, the paper or cloth with wax is torn off, removing unwanted vegetation.

The advantage of the technique is that the wax immediately pulls the hair out of the follicle almost to the root, which is excellent if you need to eliminate the vegetation between the eyebrows.

How To Pluck Eyebrows

Correcting the shape of the eyebrows involves removing unwanted hairs. To achieve a perfect result, it is worth following the simple instructions:

  1. Use an eyebrow pencil to draw a sketch of the future shape. The sketch can be in the tone of the eyebrows or slightly lighter. To achieve a perfect shape, it is necessary to place it vertically and press a little to the wing of the nose. Then it is left to make a small mark at the very beginning of the eyebrow.
  2. Then, it is necessary to trace the bend of the eyebrow with the same pencil. This will require drawing an imaginary and invisible line, which will pass between the central part of the upper lip and the eye’s iris. At the point of intersection of the line with the eyebrow, it is necessary to make a mark. The tip of the eyebrow can be found with the same imaginary line. But in this case, it is worth connecting the points: the nose’s base and the eye’s outer edge.
  3. The third step implies combing the hairs. If they are too long, they can be trimmed.
  4. Then it is necessary to prepare the eyebrows for further plucking. This can be done by using facial oil, reducing the skin’s sensitivity and making it easier to sustain the hair.
  5. After that, using tweezers, it is necessary to pluck the hairs, adhering to a given shape carefully. It is better to pinch in the direction of hair growth, so there is less discomfort. Carrying out the procedure is better in natural light. If necessary, you can use a magnifying mirror. In the first turn, the hairs located between the eyebrows are removed. The next step is to treat the areas under the arch and the tip of the eyebrow. Each stage should be controlled, carefully inspecting what has already been done in the mirror.
  6. When the hairs are plucked, it is necessary to apply a special gel of soft consistency with a cooling effect. The product will relieve skin irritation and prevent any inflammation.

If there are gaps in the eyebrow, you can solve the problem with a pencil of the appropriate shade.


Making the correct shape of the eyebrows yourself and without the help of a professional is quite possible if you adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. The eyebrows should not have perfect symmetry – it looks unnatural. Slight differences in shape, on the contrary, will make the image more expressive and exciting.
  2. When creating the shape, it is worth giving preference to an even thickness, keeping it from the middle to the curve. The narrowing of the eyebrow should take place closer to the curve.
  3. To achieve an open look, follow a simple rule: the length from the beginning of the eyebrow to the curve should be approximately the same as the length that goes from the curve to the tip.
  4. The tip should be just above the beginning of the eyebrow. Otherwise, the look will be heavy.
  5. In correcting the eyebrows, you should regularly step away from the mirror to assess the work and make corrections, if necessary.
  6. Trimming the eyebrows with a small brush and manicure scissors is better. In this case, the eyebrows are pre-combed, raising the hairs.
  7. When correcting the shape of the eyebrows with shadows or pencil, it is recommended to choose the colors of the tools so that they are 1-2 tones lighter than the shade of the hairs.

If hairs are knocked out before, during, or after adjustments, they can be styled with clear gel or mascara.

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