Contouring Nose Makeup

Today it is possible to reduce the nose without the help of plastic surgery. Contouring, a simple procedure that allows you to visually change the size of your nose and make it more attractive and expressive, can help you correct its shape.


Contouring is an uncomplicated procedure using ordinary cosmetics. The basic principles of visual correction of the nose shape:

  1. Competent use of colors. It is important to choose the right shades and determine where to apply the necessary strokes to increase or decrease the shape visually. In the contouring process, it is necessary to apply makeup to highlight the more attractive areas and hide imperfections.
  2. Optimal placement of accents. Mainly contouring is aimed at emphasizing the eyes, lips, and cheekbones. Correcting the shape of the nose allows you to achieve the desired effect.

Visual reduction, enlargement, contraction, or expansion of the nose – all this is contouring, by which it is possible to achieve a perfect image in just a few minutes.


Before applying the makeup, it is necessary to prepare the skin carefully. This is a mandatory step that cannot be ignored to prevent irritation of the upper layers of the dermis and other negative effects. Basic steps:

  1. First, wash your face and cleanse your skin of all impurities.
  2. After that, the skin will need to be treated with toner and dried.
  3. The third stage involves the application of base and foundation. These are the main layers on which later will be based makeup.

When the face is prepared, you can visually measure the nose’s shape.

How To Nose Contouring Makeup

To achieve the desired effect and make the image more attractive, you need to approach the choice of cosmetics and tools for makeup application. For contouring, you will need the following:

  1. A special palette When choosing, you should consider your skin tone. For warmer skin, selecting palettes of reddish and golden hues are worth selecting palettes. Owners of cold skin should opt for pinkish, porcelain, and olive tones. On average, a palette should be at least four colors: from dark to light. Such a solution will allow you to correct the form of the nose, even in the case of a tan, as it will be possible to pick up the desired color easily.
  2. Highlighter It is worth giving preference to dry textures, which will ensure a quick application and help achieve the desired effect. During the contouring process, the highlighter treats only the tip of the nose.
  3. Brushes They are necessary for the application of makeup and its subsequent shading. When choosing a brush, it is necessary to consider the brush material, size, and manufacturer. Visagistes advise using MAC 164 brushes, with the help of which it will be possible to blend the shadow effortlessly.
  4. Brush for highlighter. Applying the product without a special tool is not recommended, especially if the highlighter has a liquid consistency. A brush will help to make your makeup look more natural.

When everything you need is ready, you can start contouring directly. Layout:

  1. First, it is necessary to distribute dark and light shadows on the prepared skin, on which the base and tone are already applied. At the same time, it is recommended to shade immediately. Otherwise, the skin will look unnatural. First, it is necessary to determine with a brush where the light and dark areas will be, then apply the shadow.
  2. The next step is directly shading. It is essential to make sure that no clear lines are left. It is better to start with the dark spots, gradually passing to the lighter areas. Shading should be done until the image looks natural. Proper contouring means the absence of straight lines and a gradient transition from dark tones to light ones.
  3. When the shading is complete, it will be necessary to add a highlighter. This can be done by using a special brush, which has already been mentioned earlier. It is better to apply highlighter, slightly patting movements, covering the tip of the nose and the protruding part of the back.

Thus, contouring is carried out in only three steps. It is easy to achieve the desired result at home if you have the necessary materials and tools.

How To Make Nose Smaller With Contouring

Often girls ask how to make the nose smaller and avoid plastic surgery visually. It is worth considering the basic techniques of contouring.

Straight and wide nose

Applying makeup will include the following steps:

  1. First, you need to darken the bridge of the nose. Light shades should be applied to the protruding parts.
  2. Then dark and light shades should be shaded.
  3. After that, it remains to “powder” the tip of the nose with a highlighter.

Visually the nose will become smaller.


It will take a little more time to get the desired result. The absence of straight lines explains the complexity of contouring, so the standard scheme is unsuitable. To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary:

  1. Shade the area near the bridge of the nose.
  2. Draw a small line along it, lightly highlighting the length.
  3. Gently blur the shadow.

The use of a highlighter is not recommended in order not to lower the tip of the nose visually.

With a hump.

In this case, you can use the standard contouring scheme, but more attention should be paid to the hump. It is better to lighten it with a highlighter. It is unnecessary to contour the bump, not to enlarge it visually.

If necessary, you can also use contrasts to play up your appearance. If the nose cannot be reduced by contouring, it is worth emphasizing the lips, eyes, or cheekbones with bright makeup.

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