Combining Nude With Makeup, Manicures, And Clothes – The Basics

The nude colour is back in fashion. It is used in the design of clothing, shoes, accessories and makeup. Nude suits girls who like nude, natural shades. Designers usually use the nude to create practical clothes that can be worn daily.

The colour nude suits all girls and women, but choosing clothes and makeup in the nude style should consider several subtleties. Otherwise, you can be accused of bad taste, which would upset any fashionista. In our article, we will learn what refers to nude tones, how to properly compose an image and what a fashionista needs to remember.

What Colour Is Nude?

Nudes are tones that resemble human skin. This category includes not just one but several similar tones, as different people’s skin colours may differ slightly. In English, the word “nude” translates as “naked” or “naked,” which accurately and succinctly describes this colour.

What Is A Nude Shade?

The nude palette refers to light, dim, and muted tones. Any colours close to human skin – beige, pink, light brown, pearl, coffee, caramel – are referred to it. It also includes brownish-beige tones because they resemble tanned skin.

Who Are Nude Colours For

Nude is very similar to the natural colour of human skin, so it suits all girls and women (tall, short, full, thin, blondes, brunettes, redheads). However, you need to know how to accentuate it correctly:

  • If you have dark or tan skin, use warm colours like ash, coffee, and milk. They will harmonize with each other.
  • If you have light or pale skin, use beige and pink or beige and gray tones to achieve a harmonious combination.

Nude In The Image

The nude palette is highly practical and original. It is used by girls who want to emphasize their natural beauty and aristocratism. Nude colours can be strict and freestyle – no restrictions or rules. Nude shoes visually increase the length of the legs, which may appeal to low girls. Also, it is necessary to remember the rules of combination – below. We will briefly consider them.

Light and soft

Nude is fully combined with black, white, and gray. It allows you to create both a classic and casual look. Here are a few examples:

  • Cream. Cream and nude shades are very similar so they will combine perfectly. For example, wear cream pants and beige sweaters – such an image looks fresh.
  • Blue, green. Nude colours are “friendly,” with blue, mint, and lilac. For example, you can buy a nude T-shirt and make some blueprint stripes.

Note: Nude combines with nude colours, so you can combine jeans with nude outerwear.

Bright and saturated

Nude can be combined with rich hues – red, cherry, burgundy, orange, and bright yellow. It enhances the bright colours, and such a combination can be used to create bright holiday images. Clothing with this combination of shades is suitable for holidays or a romantic date, although it can be worn at home or work.

Unfortunate combinations

Not all colours are in harmony with the nude, and sometimes a small accessory is enough to ruin an image completely. Here are a few tips to help you avoid bad decisions:

  • If you wear nude pants, do not use black shoes or a handbag. Black discolours the nude tones too much, creating a disharmonious combination.
  • If you have very pale skin, do not use nude clothes of pale colours, because you will get a faded look. It is better to use nudes in pink, beige or brownish tones.
  • Nude makeup does not go well with facial jewelry and bright prints on clothing. Wearing piercings or buying a bright T-shirt? Do away with nude makeup.

The Rules Of Nude Shades In Clothing

For onions to look fresh and beautiful, don’t forget several rules – consider them.

Minimal decorations

Nude clothing emphasizes the simplicity and the natural beauty of the person. Therefore, the jewelry should be a minimum. If you want to highlight your look, you can complement it with discreet metal jewelry. Another option is a few coloured stripes on the purse.

Monochrome prints

Another option for picking up a nude look is to use monochrome prints. Beige and pink shades combine well with restrained brown to create a monochrome. A good solution would be leopard monochrome – such a look in 2022 will look fashionable and fresh.

Colour accents

To get a stylish look, do not forget to place the right colour accents:

  • When using nude, choose your clothes to get an image of the same tone. Don’t add brightly coloured clothes that will contrast greatly with the nude.
  • If you wear nude-coloured clothing, your makeup should also be chosen in the nude style. Otherwise, you will get a disharmonious combination.
  • The shoes and bag must be painted in different colours. Black falls under a partial ban – purses/shoes may have black fragments, but they must be few.

Attention! If you plan to go to a festive event or a guest, the nude-stole should be chosen in advance. If you choose clothes at the last moment, you can easily make mistakes on colour combinations.

Different textures

Nude clothing should be made from silk, cotton or satin. Synthetic fabrics are not allowed, as they do not convey colour well. Not a bad solution would be the use of fleece. This fabric looks a little sloppy, but don’t let that scare you off because futter is worn at home and during festive events.

Nude Colour In Clothes

Now let’s look at the trendy popular looks that use nudes in their design.


Trend 2022 – pink nude-coloured dresses that can be worn everywhere (at home, in the office, at a party). Another interesting solution is a pink nude-coloured dress for graduation or school holidays. The nude-coloured shade is suitable for dresses of a standard cut and shirt and dresses-front dresses.


A skirt of beige or beige-pink colour will complete the summer look. The style of the skirt should be restrained so that the image would not be too vulgar (for example, trapeze or pencil style). Skirts with shallow pleating will be very popular – they will be suitable for holidays or meetings of close friends.


Nude blouses are chosen based on silk or chiffon to get a lightweight, airy look. Nude-coloured blouses can complement a small print – small polka dots, small stripes, and geometric patterns. The blouse should have open shoulders (a blouse with closed shoulders looks heavy and baggy).

Warning. The prints should be understated to emphasize the natural beauty of nude shades. Otherwise the blouse will look too faded.


Nude suits are rarely used, but there are some good solutions:

  • The suit should have a coral or coral-cream shade. Suits of other shades will look too baggy and ugly.
  • A good option would be to buy a business-style suit, which classic pants should complement. Another solution is a chiffon suit, which looks light and airy.


Nude shades are good for underwear (bras, panties), and underwear should match the skin’s colour. A good option would be to buy light translucent lingerie with any clothes. Another solution is tight-fitting lightweight underwear without seams.

Wedding dress

Nude shades have become almost classic when designing a wedding dress. Such a dress looks natural and airy, which corresponds to the mood of the holiday. Nude shades are used to decorate clothes, interior objects, and accessories. The good tones for a wedding dress are pink or white-pink.


Nude shoes – a universal solution for summer. You can wear these shoes under any clothing, although you need to remember the rules of combination:

  • Shades of shoes and basic clothing should be close (e.g., pink, light coffee). Contrasting combinations are not used, as this would obscure the nude.
  • Nude colours go well with dark shades (gray, coffee, brown). Black is forbidden (although it is allowed in the case of multicoloured clothing).

Nude Colour Bag

The Nude handbag is an elegant solution that will be a fixture of the 2021-2022 season. Buy a small or medium handbag that will help create a natural aristocratic look. The shape of the handbag can be any, but the best option will be a frame model of rectangular or rounded shape. A clutch is a good choice for a trip to the theatre.

Manicure With Nude Colours

A nude manicure is a great option, chosen by ordinary girls and fashionistas who follow the trends. A Beige, pink manicure is suitable for lengthened and ordinary nails, and you can complement it with decorative decorations. For example, you can use floral ornaments, animal prints, and complex geometric patterns.

Warning. If it is difficult to choose a shade, style a manicure, use the French manicure pink – it is a universal solution that goes with any outfit.

Makeup With Nude Colours

Nude makeup is used to emphasize natural beauty, and its use is recommended for young girls. Important notes:

  • The nude colouring applies to all cosmetics, from powder to lipstick. Makeup is tailored individually to your skin type and face shape. Finding this colour in stores is not always possible, so don’t be afraid to trust online sellers.
  • Nude makeup suits girls with pink or darker skin and girls with a tan. If you have pale skin, complement your makeup with bright colours. For example, you can use nude powder, eye shadow, foundation, + rich red lipstick.


Consider several important recommendations regarding the use of nude colours:

  • Nude is a warm-season style, so it is not recommended to use it in winter. Leave it for summer, the first half of fall, and the second half of spring.
  • When washed, the clothes gradually lose their brightness. Nude is convenient because the change of colours is not too noticeable so such clothes can be worn for several seasons.
  • Peach dresses will be in fashion in 2022-2023. Surprise your friends – buy one now so you can be remembered as a trendsetter.


Let’s summarize our article. Nudes are colours of nude tones (beige, pink, light brown, coffee, caramel). Nude colours in clothing, shoes and makeup emphasize natural beauty. Nude-look should be made based on one or more similar shades, and contrasting combinations are not allowed.

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