Combining Leather Sun Skirt With Other Items

Leather sun skirts have been popular for several seasons. It perfectly combines with shirts, blouses and other tops. This piece is versatile and suitable to wear in all seasons.

Features Of Leather Sun Skirt

Such a product has the following advantages:

  • gives the image a romantic touch;
  • fits almost all top options;
  • looks stylish;
  • It practically doesn’t get dirty.

Stylists say that such clothes should be in the closet of any fashionista.

What Is A Sun Skirt Cut

The sun skirt looks on the pattern like a circle, in the middle of which there is a hole for the belt. This model is mostly made without seams, but sometimes decorated with two decorative ones on the sides. Most often in stores you can find products of length just above and below the knees. A skirt to the floor is sold much less often. Such styles are suitable for almost all women of the fair sex.


As with semi-sunflower, this skirt visually conceals the figure’s imperfections, and the leather from which it is made looks very stylish. The model is combined with different top styles and different shoes. Although the product is made of rough material, it does not weigh down the figure due to its romantic cut. Alternatively, you can sew thin artificial leather to make it work in winter and summer. Wear this skirt with a biker jacket, classic style coat to the mid-thigh or oversize.

Who Is Leather Sun Skirt For?

Choosing this style, you should pay attention to your complexion and parameters:

  • Very tall girls should try to avoid styles above the knees. Mini-skirts “sun” will visually increase their height. The short ladies should refuse midi length, as it will make them even shorter. Mini skirts will do for them.
  • Women with magnificent forms should pay attention to the “sun” midi with a great flare.
  • Slim girls suit any style and any length.

If you choose a skirt made of leather, you should choose the right top and shoes, otherwise the image will be incomplete.

What Season Is It For

Leather skirt-sun is suitable for all seasons, but it looks best in the fall and spring. For summer, choose light versions of artificial leather. In winter you can wear such a thing made of thick material.


The most popular varieties of this product include mini and midi. Each of these styles is suitable for girls with different complexion and height, so you need to take this into account when choosing a skirt.


Such skirts will look gorgeous on slender young girls. Ladies over 40 should avoid such a length. Material can be printed, monochrome or brightly colored. It is recommended to wear crop tops, long sleeves, tight-fitting turtlenecks, and t-shirts for the top. The shoes can also be anything: both boots and comfortable classic sneakers will do. You can also wear sneakers or military boots.


These models can be worn by almost all women. However, you should pay attention to the height. This length can make a short girl. Midi dresses hide the fullness of the figure and visually slim the waist. Choose cardigans, fitted sweaters, shirts and romantic blouses to complete your look when wearing a leather skirt. Preferably the shades of neutral colours.

Trendy Colors

The most fashionable colours this year are:

  • black;
  • brown;
  • ginger;
  • white.

Skirts made in this range are combined with blouses, shirts, turtlenecks and other tops.


This colour is universal, and its shades can be different. For example, a deep charcoal or a very dark gray. Such skirts of the “sun” style can be worn with bright turtlenecks, t-shirts or cropped tops. Will suit this style and classic jackets.

Fashion experts recommend wearing oxfords, loafers or slip-ons. Young girls can make an image of a short black skirt, a bright oversize sweatshirt, thick dark tights and sneakers with prints.


A light-colored top will look good under such a color. Combined with a white shirt or blouse, a brown leather skirt-sun would look very beautiful. The top may be decorated with ruffles or flounces of a small size. As for shoes, both classic shoes and loafers or loafers will do.


It is better to match the red color of such models with a top in a calm tonal range because the red color will look very extravagant. For example, a dark blue turtleneck or body with long sleeves, dark gray translucent tights and black boots with a medium heel.


A product of this kind looks very delicate and romantic. Fashion industry experts recommend complementing this model with a light cream top in lingerie style, beige translucent tights 40 Den and neat beige-coloured sandals. On top you can wear a classic semi-fitted jacket made of a monochrome fabric. To compose the image with a leather sun skirt, it is better to choose beige-coloured options.

What To Wear With With Leather Sun Skirt

The leather skirt looks impressive, so you should not complement it with too bright and flashy things. Shirts, blouses, long sleeves, turtlenecks, and bodysuits will suit this element of your closet. No less attractive T-shirts and crop tops.

You can wear ankle-length ankle boots with a neat pointed toe, which is now at the peak of popularity. Such shoes can be both patent and matte. It is also allowed to combine leather sun skirts with sneakers, moccasins and jackboots. The latter can be fabric or suede. They should not be too bright or have excessive fittings, so as not to make the image too vulgar. See the photo in this review to see what to wear a leather sun skirt with.

What Top To Match With A Sun Skirt

As the top of such a product will do:

  • coats oversize or classic fit in different lengths;
  • cropped jackets;
  • Jackets up to mid-thigh length;
  • cropped tops;
  • longsleeves;
  • body;
  • sweatshirts;
  • turtlenecks;
  • sweaters.

The model can also be paired with classic shirts, romantic blouses or lingerie tops.

What Shoes To Choose

When composing the image it is imperative to choose the right shoes. What to wear a leather sun skirt with:

  • Booties in suede or stretch fabric with a minimum of decor, calm colours;
  • Ankle-length ankle boots in patent or matte leather;
  • army style boots;
  • strict oxfords;
  • classic stiletto heeled pumps.

In addition to the above, moccasins, loafers and slip-ons of quiet colours will do. As for sneakers, they can be printed or bright. This option is suitable for young girls and harmonizes with sweatshirts or crop tops.

Tights And Stockings

Choosing stockings and tights for such a model, you must remember that the most suitable options are nude-coloured, black or dark gray. They can be both translucent and very dense. Under such models you can also wear fishnet tights or coloured or printed stockings.

Stylish Looks And Outfits

To put together a harmonious image for everyday wear is very simple. You can wear brown or black leather skirt and complement it with a voluminous turquoise or cream sweatshirt. Add translucent beige tights, oversize sneakers and a small backpack, and the fashionable look is ready. The look of a beige jacket, a dark T-shirt, and red leather skirt-sun is no less stylish. On the legs, stylists recommend classic white slip-on shoes.

For a business look, you can wear a dark Chanel-style tweed jacket and a cream shirt under the leather skirt. On the legs you can wear transparent taupe tights and patent leather boots or pumps with a thin heel.

In summer, combine a top with polka dots, currently in style, with a white skirt made of thin faux leather with perforated edges. Dark sunglasses in fashionable frames and comfortable slip-ons, sandals with thin straps or mules will complete the look.


For a leather skirt to last as long as possible, follow the simple tips below:

  • If the item is wrinkled, iron it from the wrong side, using several layers of gauze, and at a low temperature;
  • Do not immediately wash the product if it gets dirty, you can remove the dirt with a cotton pad soaked in water with lemon juice, or a damp cloth;
  • Do not dry a leather skirt on the radiator, it can deform, it is better to use hangers with clips.

For several seasons leather skirts have been at the peak of popularity. These models suit almost all girls and can be combined with any top and shoes. Using this style as a basis, you can create a few different images that are suitable for any occasion.

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