Combination Dress 2022: The Most Awesome Looks

Combination dress – one of the hottest and boldest trends this season. Lingerie style became popular a few seasons ago. Only now, the reverent details that hint at eroticism have been replaced by seductive outfits that exude undisguised sexuality and charm.

Combination dress with asymmetrical cut

Velvet Combination Dress

A Historical Tour.

Silk combination dresses first appeared as a detail of a fashionable “high society” closet during the 20s of the last century. Thin straps, silk, lace, lightweight airy cut – all the attributes of the typical “negligee” literally cause men to blush.

The first celebrity to venture into such a spectacular attribute was Jean Harlow. She loved to shock the public by appearing in long gowns of translucent flowing fabrics.

Black Combination Dress

The second wave of popularity is in the 90’s. The iconic Kate Moss brought back the exciting tradition of dressing up in seductive sleepwear. A style icon’s initiative was picked up by Madonna, who has always been attracted to sexual epatage.

The most memorable was Lady Di’s appearance. She appeared at the gala wearing a long black dress by Dior in a very lingerie style.

Combination dress with a T-shirt

The Secret Of Popularity

Combination dresses in 2022 can be found in any collection. Its stylistic versatility makes a lightweight silk dress so enticing – it can be used to create looks that are completely different in type and format.

Combination dress with an elongated cardigan

However, freedom of choice does not always play in favor of fashionistas. You need to have an impeccable sense of style to wear a dress with “anything” and look worthy.

Combination dress with a leather jacket

Important Nuances

Before you dive headlong into the study of appropriate fashion combinations, as well as bold but stylish combinations, it is necessary to clearly understand what is a dress combination with or without lace. The main features are:

  • A relaxed silhouette;
  • Thin straps;
  • Maxi or midi length (mini usually looks too vulgar).

Leather Combination Dress

Basic fabric:

  • Silk;
  • Velvet;
  • Taffeta;
  • Lace;
  • Atlas;
  • Guipure.

Red Combination Dress

The use of volumetric decor, asymmetric techniques, experiments with perforation are welcome. Futuristic motifs, notes of surrealism on the basis of true female sexuality characterized such famous fashion houses:

  • Calvin Klein;
  • Givenchy;
  • Saint Laurent;
  • Ermanno Scervino.

Combination dress with lace trim

How To Wear A Dress Combination?

Combining velvet and silk is not just another fashion trend, which gets stale after a few seasons. This is a very functional and stylish thing, which for many girls can become a kind of highlight in the closet. Consider the basic combinations that will allow you to create a distinctive image.

Ruffle combo dress


Lace combination dress looks very effective paired with a simple shirt. Such a solution would be suitable for creating a casual look or a professional look.

Oversized shirts complement the sexy attributes of free-spacing shirts. The fabric is light and airy. Long loose sleeves are welcome.

You can not button the sleeves, and create a sloppy look in the style of the 2000s. For lovers of neater compositions it is recommended to tuck the sleeves.

Combination dress with shirt

The black lace combination, as well as a shirt in a similar colour, can be paired with classic white pants or pastel-coloured breeches. For example, a warm beige, melted milk, pearl or powder shade. Do not forget about the most fashionable print of the current fashion season – stripes.


Oftentimes, texture combo dresses can be combined with a T-shirt. Stylish white cotton tank tops and crop tops will give you a charismatic look.

Sequined combo dress

Bow in the style of grunge in the spirit of the 90’s complemented by sneakers or trendy slip-ons on a massive platform. Therefore, young creative girls who are not afraid to shock the public can create a provocative, sexy and extremely comfortable image at the same time.

Pants compositions

The image of an “urban madwoman” in a combination dress is very easy to create. It is appropriate to choose a dress made of flowing silk fabric, complete with lace or embroidery. The product must be in mini format.

Combination dress with a coat

Pants are a classic, and you can wear them with slits on the sides. To give the look layering, as well as some kind of fashion exoticism, stylists recommend complementing the image with a loose bomber or a huge hoodie.

Outerwear should be large, but not shiny. Otherwise, the overly rich texture of the bomber or jacket will completely level the sophisticated gloss of the combination. But the colour can be bright. Embroidery in floral or animalistic styles is preferred as a decor.

Light-coloured combination dress


Perhaps the combination of a delicate silk negligee and a warm voluminous cardigan has already become a classic. Even better, combining these two parts of the closet of the modern fashionista is very simple. Making a mistake and making the image uninteresting or tasteless is practically impossible.

For the spring season, stylists recommend paying special attention to cardigans in bright saturated colours. In addition, dresses-combinations can be gentle pastel shades. The combination of a bright fluffy cardigan, pastel silk combinations and dark exquisite lace used as the main decorative element looks especially exquisite.

Gray Combination Dress


A dress with a pronounced lingerie style and a leather jacket is a truly iconic combination. The latest trends involve bold experiments with bright colours. The leather jacket can be quite bright. The most on-trend colour is “pink powder”.

Ideal material for outerwear is neoprene or suede. As a comfortable footwear for such a bold look, choose rough boots or even rubber boots. Here in this case, dark colours and rough decor are welcome.

Fashionable Wedding Dress Combination

Mules and sheer dresses

Transparent clothing of large netting or even tulle itself looks extraordinary, fresh and modern. On top of such a spectacular outfit you can safely wear a clothing shirt. It is best to wear mules with a flat sole or mules with a small heel. The look is very unusual.

Combination dress in a trendy terracotta shade


A dress and a business coat look good together. Both the long and shorter versions work well with midi or mini dresses.

Evening Combination Dress

For spring looks, choose warm cashmere coats or oversize outerwear. For a walk on a rainy summer day, wear a light raincoat and seductive combination. Bright boots or simple sneakers complement the image. Some compositions appear to be lightweight slip-ons in tone with the coat.

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