Colorful Women’s Sabots In The City

In the classical version, women’s clogs are shoes on a solid wooden sole, which is carved from birch, poplar, beech. They have a distinctive feature – the products have a rough design. Despite this, the shoes are characterized by comfort and durability. Comfortable shoes look stylish, stylish and go well with any outfit – holiday or casual.

Modern Sabots Come In All Kinds Of Varieties

Women’s closed-toe sabots today differ significantly from traditional footwear. They bear no resemblance to the wooden clogs kept in a museum in Holland.

Traditional footwear on a wooden block is offered in the following variants:

  • Women’s platform sabots. Exclusive models have a carved sole.
  • With a heel – a wide stable, narrow or stiletto.
  • With a separately chiseled heel or one-piece with the sole.
  • On a wedge heel.
  • A combination version of women’s sabots – wedge heel and a small heel.
  • No cape (open toes).
  • With or without back flap.

In today’s models, the sole can be made from a variety of artificial materials:

  • Polyurethane.
  • Durable PVC.
  • Cork.
  • Thermoplastic rubber and rubber with good cushioning effect.
  • Upper padding (suede or genuine leather).

Clogs tops are durable and comfortable to wear. Sewn from genuine leather, cotton fabric (denim). A distinctive feature of women’s leather clogs is the presence of rivets, which attach the upper to the sole around the edge. In addition, shoes are decorated with rhinestones, appliques, fringe, embroidery, and sequins.

A separate line consists of rubber sabots. These shoes are ideal for working in the garden. The absence of the back lets you quickly and easily put the shoes on your feet. To prevent them from falling off, some models have a strap instead of the back.

Various Color Variations Of Sabots

Women’s white sabots remain popular among the huge variety of colors. This is the most suitable shade for the summer season. White colour visually does not weigh down even the heaviest shoes, including those with closed toes. Light sabots emphasize the slender legs of their owners. It is easy to combine them with other colours: you can wear them with monochrome or colorful clothing. If the top of women’s sabots – genuine leather, the addition may well be a handbag of the same colour (preferably a large bag for symmetry) or a wide rough belt with a buckle.

Black women’s sabots are universal shoes. They can be worn to work, for a walk, to the store, to a party. This colour is in harmony with monochrome shades and adds a sense of severity to any outfit. Model shoes with heels look stylish with dresses in dark colours. Black is perfectly combined with checkered pants and skirt.

Red women’s sabots will draw the attention of strangers and stand out their owner from the crowd. They create an elegant and bold image. Numerous shades of red allow you to match the clogs to a specific closet. A rich cherry colour combines with black tights. Under the leopard print, a wine shade will look good.

Sabots of other colours are equally available in a large variety. Brown, beige, blue, yellow, gray prevail. Also present are combined versions of shades. Products with textile tops are decorated with different prints – floral, brare logo, ornaments. The colour of the shoes is equally different – from white to black.

Authentic Sabots From Renowned Brands

Women’s closed-toe sabots by Chanel are distinguished by their individual and exclusive design. Flowers, buckles, plaits, double stitching patterns, perforations – these and many other details adorn the products and make them distinctive among other brands.

Sabots by Swedish Hasbeens combine simplicity, sophistication and stylish design. The line consists of shoes with closed and open toe, medium-height heel and reliable silver colour staples instead of traditional round rivets. The Swedish company’s sneakers have a very comfortable fit and shape, so every step in these shoes will be accompanied by comfort. Polyurethane sole cushioning, so even after a long walk you do not feel fatigue.

Unusual models by Camilla Skovgaard look stylish with leather pants and shorts, cropped skinny jeans and mini-skirt. With its high heel and elegant top of sabot with all kinds of ornaments and fringes, this shoe not only gives slimness to the legs, but also to the whole figure.

Miu Miu sabots are comfortable and practical. Beach and casual options are popular. Clogs in pastel and bright colours – from pink to deep blue, leopard and black are suitable for girls and women of all ages.

Manolo Blahnik and Vince Camuto are classic brands characterized by fashion trends, austere design and a lack of embellishment, floral prints, embroidery, sequins, straps and fringes.

Is There A Way To Combine Sabots With Other Clothes?

The sabot is a versatile shoe. It rightly combines with all closet items, from a white T-shirt to a coarse sweatshirt with a goose-foot print. The bottom can also be very different. Such shoes are worn with skirts, shorts, ripped jeans, a classic suit with a skirt or pants, dresses of different lengths. Everyone who likes to experiment, in search of the right look, can choose both classic and exclusive clogs. Complementing the beach models are bags made of straw or woven, woven baskets, hats with wide fields, sunglasses with large glasses.

Sabots have not lost their popularity this season. The assortment of practical shoes is huge. It remains to choose the shoes according to the style of clothing and personal preferences. The height of the heel is an individual parameter and the main thing is comfort.

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