Colorful Hair Accessories: Another Way To Become Irresistible

Many women use a variety of hair jewelry and hair accessories to make their hair look full. With their help, you can support hair strands, give them a certain shape and change their appearance.

Features Of Hair Accessories

Hair ornaments will help complete the image’s creation, give a festive and elegant look to a haircut or hairstyle, and raise the mood. Despite their low cost, their decorative nature still allows us to consider these accessories a good addition to the outfit.

The abundance of options for all kinds of bows and pins often makes it difficult to make the right choice. But if we classify them and describe the advantages of each type, it will be much easier.

Types Of Hair Clips

Changes in fashionable hairstyles and current trends sometimes happen very quickly, and some accessories designed specifically for them stay for a long time. Sometimes they are not used the way the designers intended. It happens that the scope of their use extends considerably. But still, the main purpose of hairpins is a reliable fixation of strands during styling and creating a beautiful and effective hairstyle from long or short hair. There are many kinds of hairpins – from the smallest to very impressive.

Shapes And Sizes

The size and amount of hairpins needed to create a hairstyle should be chosen based on the type of hairstyle, length and thickness of hair. The size and weight of accessories depending on age. Hairpins for children are lighter and smaller than for adults. Hairpins come in:

  • Small ones. They are no more than 2 cm long. They are similar in design to crabs and other clips. They come in different thicknesses. Mainly used for children’s hairstyles.
  • Medium. Their length does not exceed 5 cm. The types are different, including hairpins, hairpins-automatic, and can be both narrow and wide.

If the hair length is below the shoulders, then for one “ponytail” is enough one hairpin-automatic or hairpin-banana, which will be about 8 cm.

The shapes of the hair accessories are very different. The same as they are. The headband has a semi-circular shape, which allows it to fix the hair above the forehead. Hairpins are thin and almost invisible. Their shape is quite simple. The elastic band is a round shape made of stretching material. The original look is a banana, a kind of modified crab.


Hairclips and other hair accessories are made from a variety of materials. First, they are distinguished by the quality of work and careful finishing. Beautiful decorations and design features of accessories allow you to create fashionable hairstyles and decorate even short haircuts. Women with hair ornaments look much younger than their age. As a rule, they are optimistic and cheerful.


You can buy beautiful hairpins made of silver and precious and semi-precious stones in jewelry stores – cubic zirconia, garnets, and topaz. Their shapes and sizes are different. They are often images of insects, butterflies, and fantasy forms.


Gold jewelry has a high value. They are bought as a gift for beloved women – wives, daughters and brides. The hairpins made of red gold with rare gemstones are very effective.


Plastic hairpins and hoops are part of everyday looks. They are very practical and reliable. They fix the strands effectively enough. They do not allow them to fall on their face.

Thanks to the low cost of these jewelry pieces, they can be matched to each of the looks you create. With the help of spring barrettes, fish barrettes, and comb headbands, you can style your hair differently every time. This allows girls to always showcase themselves from an unexpected side, to be stylish and unpredictable.


Most often, wood is used to make combs. And the material is selected solid. Despite the rather tricky and delicate workmanship, products decorated with intricate carvings always look beautiful and prestigious, especially if their surface is treated with a special compound and glitters in the sun.


As fabric accessories, bows and various flowers are the most common. It is hard to imagine girls in kindergarten or school without giant bows. However, these decorations are also in demand among young people. In addition to them, real works of art can be called a wedding veil and a modest veil.


Knitted berries and flowers look very beautiful in hairpins made for children. It is for them that mothers and grandmothers try. They decorate their loved ones, mostly children and teenagers, with accessories made from yarns of various compositions. Dark red cherries and blue plums look great in the delicate curly hair of young children.


The color of hair accessories can be very different. The entire color spectrum can be used without hesitation. But there is one nuance. Both small hairpins and large bananas should be combined with the main range of created images. Be a little brighter or richer, serve as an accent or support the hair in a certain position.


Decorative elements of hairpins, combs, headbands and other jewelry can serve:

  • More expensive fabrics – pan velvet, velour, soft genuine leather;
  • metals – gold, silver, stainless steel, copper, bronze.
  • Natural and artificial stones, pearls, and beads.

They are used to make various rivets and fittings, decorative elements in the form of tiny shells and flowers, to create ornaments.

How To Choose A Barrette For Your Hair

When choosing and buying hair jewelry, the determining factor is the girl’s color type, and the looks created. For “winter,” accessories of cold colors of very light shades will be topical. But the most suitable for “spring” is open, warm colors. “Summer” can safely buy products of both bright colors and deep saturated, as well as hairpins with a golden decor.

For long hair

For long-haired beauties, in addition to twister hairpins, suitable for any hair, you can choose long bobby pins or “chopsticks.” They are used to create buns for those who have light and fluffy hair. Heavy strands such as hairpins will not be able to fix. It is not difficult to use hairpins. The main thing is to make the right choice when buying. You can beautifully arrange your hair with the help of a loop – styler. A small loop allows you to twist the hair strands and make a significant styling based on the ponytail. Another way to make a quick hairstyle is to use crabs to grab the curls from the front of the head and leave the rest loose.

For short hair

Girls with short hair can also fix the strands with jewelry. They will be suitable for small invisible hairpins, tiny “crocodiles,” and hairpins with small flowers. The headband will look original even on short hair with fluffy bangs.

How To Make A Barrette Diy

Those who want their hair accessories to be unique can quickly make hairpins to their liking. It is not difficult:

  • A beautiful bow with a brooch. To create an accessory, you need a base for the hairpin, a glue gun, a ribbon, preferably satin, and a pin. First, the ribbon is rolled up in the form of a bow, then fixed with a glue gun. Decorate it with sequins, rhinestones, or a brooch and attach it to the base.
  • You can make hairpins for a bright carnival costume, spending only a few minutes. It is necessary to glue bright artificial feathers on invisible hairpins, and in a few minutes, dressed in an extravagant outfit, you can go dancing and partying.
  • A more complicated option is to make a hairpin out of copper wire and beads. You need to thread the beads on the wire in a particular order and then twist them, giving the different hairpin shapes, and fix them to the base.

It is not always possible to make something on your own the first time. The main thing is not to get frustrated, but to go towards the goal.

Helpful Tips

You need to choose lightweight jewelry with a reliable fixation system to thin curls. Simple everyday hairstyles should not choose expensive accessories of considerable size, as they will look alien. Hair ornaments should be supported by the color of a purse, shoes or a small belt. It is good when the ribbons on the hairpins are uniform.

Rating Top 7 Best Hair Accessories

Accessories for curls have been created for thousands of years. There are many of them, as every nation has its ornaments. But the best ones are considered to be just a few. They are characterized by reliability, simplicity of design and versatility. They are easy to use even when creating your hairstyles.


One of the simplest but most functional hair ornaments. They can be different in both color and shape. Their properties are:

  • securely fix thin strands of hair;
  • fix the paving;
  • They can be used to fix other decorations in the hair.

Threaded ends can be used together with rhinestones, natural and artificial flowers and other decorative elements.


With the help of narrow or wide ribbons, you can decorate your hair or bind together scattered curls. Ribbons are chosen according to the image and its main color scheme. Ribbons are woven into regular braids or complemented by decorative ones. For weaving, use fabric with a width of not more than 1 cm. This accessory is used to decorate the hairstyle as a bundle – wrap its base, and the ends are tied with a bow. Suitable for uncomplicated everyday hairstyles or youthful evening hairstyles.


This hair accessory is a fine mesh gathered around the edge with an elastic band. The net put on the style will make it neat. This hairstyle will no longer be afraid of gusts of wind. Usually, it would help if you chose a net the same color as the hair. Then they will look natural. Complex styles are difficult to fix without a hairnet and cannot always be sufficiently secured with varnish.

The veil

Most wedding hairstyles are decorated with a veil made of transparent light or white fabric. It is decorated with embroidery, pearls, beads, rhinestones, and sequins. It is fixed on the hair with a comb or pins. To make the veil look puffy, it is folded in a certain way, securing each successive layer above the previous one.


A tiara is a decoration in the form of a crown, which is attached to the strands. It is decorated with rhinestones and other decorations. It is made together with a comb, so to fix it, it is enough to insert the tiara in the desired strands. For greater security, the tiara fastens with hairpins placed crosswise. Decorate wedding hairstyles, as well as evening hairstyles.


Strand combs are made of precious wood and metals. They can be plastic or bone. They can have decorations in the form of paintings, artificial flowers, and carvings. They are used to fix both long and short strands. There are two kinds of combs:

  1. For decoration – the shape is curved, and the teeth are rare. It is fixed in the hair with the help of bobby pins.
  2. Not only decorates but also fixes the hair. It has frequent and strong teeth.

Hair decorating combs decorate and secure all kinds of everyday, holiday and wedding hairstyles.


A hair roller is a soft ring made of fine mesh. It has three types, differing in design – lining, separating, and circular. It is designed to create a bundle. How to use:

  1. Gather the hair at the top of the ponytail and fasten it with a rubber band.
  2. At the base of the ponytail, put a ring-shaped roll, and wrap it with strands of hair.
  3. Separate one strand to cover the base of the roll subsequently.
  4. As soon as the roller is covered with hair, it is immediately secured with hairpins.
  5. The hairpiece can be embellished with a loose strand, which was left for decoration beforehand. It can be arranged as a bow or any other figure.

With the help of a roller, often create festive hairstyles suitable for the most solemn moments. For this purpose, one-half of the hair is used to make a bun, and the other half is used for styling.

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