Closed Sandals Are The New Fashion Trend For 2022

Women’s closed sandals are successfully replacing the familiar shoes from the catwalks, and can be used in all situations. The main distinguishing features of sandals are the straps, both functional and decorative, and the open part of the foot.

Tall leather variations are at the peak of popularity – they look stylish in dynamic images and street style, you can use them to make light, feminine, weightless images. The summer sandal with a closed toe looks like a shoe in front and like a sandal in back; they are ideal for office wear, casual business and informal meetings.

Sandal Models: Features And Benefits

For girls and women of all types, stylists have developed a rich assortment of items that look sophisticated, while matching stylish and practical clothing. The hottest ideas for summer looks:

  • Sandals without a heel or on a low rise. Ideal choice for those girls who walk for a long time and with pleasure. This season, stable variations of a square heel are in trend. Such shoes are in harmony with street style and casual;
  • On a wedge or platform. Refined variations that emphasize the relief of the calves and the beauty of the ankle. Such models are customary to wear on dates, parties. The wedge can be consonant with the upper part or contrast, in fashionable instances, in which a very high sole is the basis for additional decor – volumetric elements and drawings;
  • Models of sandals on a thin sole. Flat-sole models are preferred by those fashionable women who appreciate maximum comfort in everyday life and spend a lot of time in motion. Designers offer models with an open heel and one-piece rounded toe, with a strap around the ankle. They look childish, but at the same time perfectly complement the fusion and retro styles. They are very popular with girls, avoiding the banality in the closet;
  • Sandals with a heel. Presented a rich variety of shapes and heights, the stiletto heel will be the most popular in the coming summer. Slightly elongated toe, glossy leather and elegant heel are indispensable for the evening look. For everyday use models with a heel height of 5 cm are offered.
  • Informal tractor-soled series, including those with metallic decorations and straps, are appropriate not only for theme parties, but also for the usual street style. The platform will make you look taller, but if you choose it wrong, the gait will be heavier.

For girls of short stature, image makers recommend closed models with a platform and a heel.

Closed Sandals: How To Choose

For legs to look exquisite, you need to consider the strengths and weaknesses of your figure:

  • If the ankle is wide enough, it is better to avoid small decorations in this area. Products on a flat sole will also not be a good choice. It is better to pick up sandals with a closed nose and a closed heel with a high heel – in them the shin will seem longer and more graceful;
  • A fused toe will successfully hide the protruding joints at the base of the big toe. It is also worth trying on Roman models equipped with transverse straps;
  • Open heel and closed toe – a comfortable summer solution in those cases where there are doubts about the beauty of the toes;
  • Variations on a high platform does not look very nice on girls who have skinny shins and narrow ankles;
  • To emphasize a thin ankle, it is worth turning to rulers with a strap going through the instep or encircling the foot;
  • If you are not sure about the aesthetics of your shins, you can disguise the problem area with wide tie tapes.

To avoid pressure on the foot with its closed front part, it is better to schedule a fitting in the afternoon, when the feet are a bit swollen and tired – in these conditions it will be easier to choose the most comfortable model. If the inner layer of the product is made of genuine leather, the foot will sweat less, the fabric base can cause chafing.

How To Wear Closed Woman Sandals

The reason for the popularity of these models is the shape of the fusion back – compared with the open variations, it better supports the foot, which is especially relevant for high rise. The product fits snugly against the foot, protecting against moisture and dust.

The best proven in operation soles, air permeable – they are made of cork. They are light and relatively soft, exhibit excellent cushioning, look stylish and original. Fashionable raised platforms and wedges have been adapted for long hours on your feet.

Closed heel fits harmoniously into the office images. However, it should be borne in mind that business etiquette does not imply the use of shoes in which all toes are visible. Classic models are light shoes, even if made with leather braid. Laconic variations are combined with straight pants of any length, pencil skirts, light blouses of a semi-masculine cut.

The basis of a walking look can consist of long shorts or breeches, skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans. Low running sandals look interesting with the mini, but only on slender girls with long legs.

What You Need To Know About Closed Sandals

Designers usually recommend that ladies of a certain age try closed models with a moderate wedge heel or a small heel. It is imperative that the bottom of the product matches the top of the shoe.

If you follow the etiquette, stilettos, very open shoes, and tractor soles are not appropriate for a business closet. In office conditions, series that imitate traditional pumps look beautiful, but in them the heel is covered only by a narrow strap. Here you can use quality tone-on-tone capron tights.

If we are talking about irrepressible youth, young individuals have their own trend – a combination of bright closed models with wool or thick black capron tights. This option is considered controversial in terms of style rules, but it is in demand among girls who know how to emphasize individuality.

For street wear, sandals with a stable heel or a fluted sole and flat heel. Such variations complement women with thin builds as well as those with full calves. A stylish, complete and natural image can be achieved in this case by choosing the right heel height and color.

Social gatherings, parties and celebrations imply the use of classic sandals with an open toe and a stacked heel with a rather thin heel. In this case, a narrowed toe, a wide heel, and a platform would not be appropriate.

The most practical variations are traditional sandals in laconic colours – beige, nude. They can be used with equal success in the composition of everyday and office looks.

How To Wear Sandals At The Office

You can wear skinny models with a closed toe and a medium-height heel with pants and jeans of modest colors. The color scheme should be neutral, restrained.

The following things can be applied in tandem:

  • French length skirts and blouses, shirts without additional decorations;
  • Cropped pants and loose chiffon blousons;
  • Pencil skirts and underlined feminine blouses, decorated with bow collar and lantern sleeves;
  • Monochrome dress-coats, under which a blazer with three-quarter sleeves is worn, the tone of which is consonant with the shoes.

For a loyal dress code, dresses with a zipper, pleated skirts, skinny leather skirts that cover the knees. Also with sandals, wear skinny pants and knit cardigans.

How To Wear It On The Street

Everyday closet, as a rule, consists of knitted cardigans and sweaters, denim things, shirts with prints. When wearing classic jeans, give preference to sandals with a provocative tractor sole. With the shoes in this aggressive style, you can also wear ripped leggings and boyfriend jeans with lapels.

Models on a wide platform wear puffy, lightweight outfits in contrast. For example, these shoes will suit a dress with pleating, midi length tutu skirt. An over-the-shoulder leather or denim jacket will be the centerpiece of street style.

It is important to make sure that they do not fall under the open heel. In this sense, shorter lines or styles with lapels are more successful.

Here Are Some Examples Of Companion Accessories

Barefoot shoes, similar in appearance to the classic skinny pumps, require a style-appropriate accessory – a laconic bag without additional decorations. To emphasize the strictness of the office image you can use sunglasses with horn frames, even with simple glasses.

A key element of the daily look would be a saddle bag on an elongated strap or a roomy hobo model. Mini variations and clutch-envelopes are paired with sandals with a graceful heel. Semi-closed shoes with flat bottoms go well with boules, shopper and other oversize products in soft leather or analogues made of soft leather.

Sandals are difficult to combine with backpacks, except for those with flat feet and pairs with tractor soles. Nevertheless, even in a tandem, image-makers recommend carrying the bag in your hands, rather than over your shoulder.

Stylish Sandals From Big Brands

Daisy Street offers perfectly tailored models made of quality soft leather in on-trend colours and unconventional styles. The most characteristic example is the line of fused back and three stripes connected by a vertical strap.

The ALDO brand is in the budget segment, its production consists of comfortable leather models. There are comfortable wedge models and evening models with spectacular décor.

The bolder person chooses Pieces – this Danish company develops spectacular solutions with thin straps. The classic black and gray colour scheme looks impressive with leather skirts and pants.

The sought-after British brand Dune specializes in high-end footwear. Chic sandals, designed for fashion, combine unsurpassed comfort with signature style.

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