Choosing The Right Suede Pants And What To Wear Them With

Fashion podiums around the world have been conquered by spectacular textures that have captivated designers’ minds. Suede is a favorite among them. This new season, stylists recommend buying not only classic coats and winter / autumn shoes, but also suede pants.


What to wear suede pants?

Models like these can serve as both a complement to a man’s closet and a statement piece for a woman’s wardrobe. All those who consider classic pants boring and not interesting, acceptable only in a strict office environment, will be able to reconsider their views.

The suede leather models don’t look harsh and brutal, replicating the biker style. They are not dull and faded, as a standard “office plankton” look. A bold and respectable option for stylish and fashionable people.


Suede pants with high waist

The upcoming season is rich not only in textures and bold experiments with expensive materials, but also in styles, silhouettes and nuances of cut. Men’s and women’s models of pants with spectacular matte texture are presented in the following formats:

  • Flared models;
  • Loose cut pants with frankly wide pants;
  • Sporty format with a “typical” belt on the sleeve;
  • Women’s options with an high waist;
  • Shortened versions are unisex;
  • “Standard” options with arrows;
  • Leather goods, bright decorations (lace, beads, embroidery, applique);
  • Tight skinnies;
  • Unusual oriental cut pants with oval silhouette;
  • Simple men’s pants with oversized pockets;
  • Women’s leggings with jumpers.


Classic suede pants


Cropped suede pants


Loose suede pants


Slim suede pants


Suede casual style pants


Suede leggings

Suede leather pants work perfectly in the ethnic direction. Designers recommend shaping images in the style tradition of the 1970s. Bold, hyperbolized clashes, fringes, natural colours, a bias in the pastel palette – all this is relevant in the new season.


Suede pants from Ralph Lauren collection

As strange as it may seem, suede pants can enhance the “gold standard” of doll’s style. Matte leather products are always a very noble shade of style due to how they can bring out the finest characteristics of any colour.


Business look with suede pants


Suede pants with a bright sweater

One style is able to make completely different impressions by using different colours. Experts recommend wearing elegant pants of a short length or skinnies in a delicate floral or more colorful candy palette. Get inspired to create daring images in the style of Barbie and get acquainted with the latest looks from the fashion house Moschino.


Suede pants with a white blouse

Another cardinally opposite direction is street sports. Suede pants are more appropriate to wear not in the gym, but to use to create stylish everyday images. There is an abundance of decor: laces, stripes, patch pockets, “false” zippers.


Sporty look with suede pants

Colored suede is considered one of the most sophisticated and feminine materials. Soft and delicate fabric will be a trend for the next few seasons. It is more comfortable to wear pants in the fall and winter seasons. But for the spring, designers will be able to find topical options.


Purple suede pants


Pink suede loose fit pants

Fashionable suede-based palette

I previously mentioned that suede texture improves the colour of any fashion product. However, a calm palette of pastels and dark muted tones is always in the cards. Stylists recommend to wear clothes of such shades:

  • Deep Blue;
  • Gentle Blue;
  • Sandy;
  • Muted terracotta;
  • Cold Beige;
  • Classic Black;
  • Dark Chocolate;
  • Marsala;
  • Neutral Yellow;
  • Ivory colour;
  • Silvery gray;
  • Khaki;
  • Olive;
  • Dark Bordeaux.

However, for fans of more radical and bold solutions designers have prepared an exclusive. In the upcoming season, you can wear models of suede pants with bold graphic patterns, alternating patches of different colours, imitating the colouring of military uniforms.


Suede pants with original blouse


Suede pants with bright print T-shirt

Exclusive recommendations

Also, the classic versions of pants in a puffer and skinny format can be replaced with any comfortable jumpsuit style. Such clothes are worn with massive shoes and eye-catching accessories. The colour palette in this case is quite wide – from bright turquoise shades and saturated lavender tones to deep burgundy.


Black suede jumpsuit


Brown suede jumpsuit

Fashionistas who wear low-slung jumpsuits should be sure to complement the jumpsuit with a massive heel. Girls with large hips should be very careful to choose pants with an high waist. High fit and suede texture can visually make the buttocks even larger.


Tight suede pants with high waist

For lovers of extravagant solutions

If you enjoy fashion exotica, stylists recommend paying special attention to pants in the oriental format and extravagant garlands. Designers presented a bold style of different fabrics, but suede stands out as the most colourful.

Complement the suede leggings with flat-soled shoes or leather slip-ons. Ideal top – leather leather jacket, shortened windbreaker, jacket with a fitted silhouette.

Despite being comfortable to wear every day, the model looks unusual and attractive. It can be a favorite piece of clothing for walking around the city, meeting with friends or going to work.

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