Choosing The Right Jeans For Women And Men

Jeans are the most comfortable clothes for many people. However, it is often difficult to find the perfect pair. It would help if you went to several stores to find what suits a particular person. This is because there are different types of jeans with different styles.

Experts recommend choosing model jeans carefully because illiterately selected styles can ruin your appearance. For example, the variety, which has the appropriate length, maybe too wide or too narrow in the waist. That is why it is important to know what types are on the market to choose the best model for yourself.

Types of jeans

Basic Concepts

There are several characteristics of cut which determine the types of jeans:

  1. Rise – It can be regular, low, or high;
  2. Fit – In the fashion context, the term explains how tight or wide the jeans will be and how they will sit on a particular figure. If we explain in more simple words, this is the part of the cut which is from the waist to the knee of the jeans;
  3. Leg – skinny or straight that goes from the knee to the bottom of the model.

The main types of jeans

These are basic concepts you should know to easily understand the variety of women’s or men’s jeans. Knowing the peculiarities of your figure, you can, even without trying on a particular model of jeans, pick up something that will sit perfectly on your figure.

The Fit Of High Jeans

Jeans styles can have different fits Rise. There are quite a few of them, but knowing them allows you to choose jeans without subsequent disappointment:

  • High-wasted Rise – high-fit jeans. Recently such styles of jeans are very popular among girls. This fit is recommended for people with a thin or standard figure, as it perfectly emphasizes the female silhouette.
  • Original rise – models with a similar fit sit a little lower. They are placed along the natural waistline.
  • Low rise – models with a low waistline. Such jeans should be worn carefully, selecting carefully under their clothes.
  • Regular rise – models with a medium fit. It is suitable for all body types and is the most common.
  • Ultra-low-rise – models with a very low waist. A woman’s model is chosen only by brave girls.

Jeans with high waist

Jeans with low waist

Original landing

Normal fit

Ultra-low fit

Jeans Silhouette (Fit)

In general, there are seven basic types of silhouette jeans.

Regular (Classic) fit – a basic cut of jeans suitable for people with any shape. Shape jeans have a straight and loose fit, making it possible to hide figure flaws like skinny and obese people. Models of this type are the most universal.

Classic jeans

Relaxed fit – models have a looser cut, especially in the waistline. The fit does not hinder the movement because it is placed on the hips. Such models are popular with modern young people and older people because they provide comfort and convenience.

Loose (Baggy) fit – models with a very loose fit. They provide comfort but look baggy. These models are most liked by fans of street style and hip-hop culture.

loose fit

Slim fit – models that fit exactly on the figure. Such a model is best suited for slender and trim girls. In this case, it is better to forget about such women’s models for those with a puffy shape.


The boyfriend fit is a purely feminine option. They are loose but give the impression that the wearer has borrowed them from her boyfriend.


Skinny fit – these models are called “second skin” because they tighten the figure. Originally they were worn by girls, but these model jeans in recent years began to try on men, especially representatives of informal subcultures.


A narrow cut characterizes the Jegging’s fit. They are something between leggings and jeans. They are made of thin elastic denim to emphasize the figure’s contours.


Ct (Leg)

Cut from the knee to the bottom has three varieties:

  • The straight cut represents a straight-cut bottom. Suitable for any figure and easy to match with any shoes. It is a universal cut that all denim brands make.
  • Boot cut is a model in the form of a placket. The width of the boot cut can be very different.
  • Tapered cut – a narrower cut. This style is suitable only for owners of slender legs. In addition, they will not look well with massive shoes.

Straight cut

Flared jeans

Skinny jeans

The Most Common Types Of Jeans

Among the most common women’s jeans are:

  • Slim fit.
  • Skinny fit.
  • Jeggings fit.
  • Straight fit.
  • Bootcut fit.
  • Boyfriend fit.
  • Tapered leg.

How To Choose Jeans For Your Body Type?

Banana or rectangle type of shape

This type is characterized by equally wide hips and shoulders and a not-very-pronounced waist. The main advantage of this figure is its thin legs. Therefore, for girls, “rectangle” perfectly suits skinny jeans. To emphasize the buttocks, choosing jeans with bright stitching on the back pockets is desirable.


Pear or triangle body type

Figure with plump legs, wide hips, a fragile top and small breasts refers to the type of “triangle.” To remove the emphasis from the heavy bottom and to emphasize the waist, give preference to jeans with a high landing with a narrow straight cut. A straight cut is the best option for such a figure because it will not accentuate the disadvantages.

Jeans for the pear type

Type of figure “carrot” or inverted triangle

Girls with narrow hips, thin waists and broad shoulders can be attributed to those with the type of “inverted triangle.” In this case, fit straight, little loose jeans with low-rise. These models will make the hips wider. Also here would be appropriate jeans Bootcut. This style will suit most body shapes but not those with wide hips and narrow shoulders.

Straight jeans

Hourglass figure type

The main signs of the owner of “hourglass” – are a narrow elegant waist, voluminous hips and a lush chest. Jeans flared from the knee are the best way to make the waist thinner and legs slimmer and emphasize the seductive thighs.

Flared jeans

Type of figure “oval”

Small breasts, wide waist and full hips. For such a girl is best-suited jeans, flared from the hip. They are together with the stiletto shoes that can elongate the silhouette. In addition, wide jeans can camouflage bouffant hips.


For any shape suit jeans styles “boyfriend. This is because these pants hide figure flaws. They can easily hide excessive thinness or completeness. However, men in these jeans are unlikely to pay attention to women. Fashion straight leg will also suit many: the thin and obese, girls and short and tall.

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