Choker And The 7 Famous Women Who Made You Love It

A choker is one of the most trendy types of necklaces in recent years. The collections of 2022 are full of different jewelry of this kind – metal chains, velvet and lace ribbons, floral necklaces.

White choker

Interesting Fact

Some chokers came into mass fashion when they appeared in famous movies. Actresses, models, and public idols made models of such jewelry popular. This applies in particular to the thin dark chokers of the 90s generation.

Natalie Portman Pendant Choker

Thanks to the movie “Leon” and a choker in the form of a ribbon with a pendant, teenagers saw in a pretty 12-year-old Natalie Portman decisive rebel. And created the fashion for the same jewelry!

Angelina Jolie’S Antique Choker

Angelina Jolie in “The Tourist” was remembered by fans in an exquisite choker made from a converted vintage tiara.

With the jewelry, the actress’s image was mysterious and original. And such a design inspires jewellers!

Photo from the 2022 show

Audrey Hepburn And A 19Th Century Choker

Audrey Hepburn in “My Fair Lady” also demonstrated how cute and desirable a woman could be in a vintage choker. She was wearing a necklace in the spirit of the 19th century.

But the fashion of jewelry also originates in the movies and life.

Princess Diana Is An Example Of Elegance

Princess Diana Spencer probably supported the fashion of chokers best of all of the women of the second half of the twentieth century.

Naomi Watts in an accurate portrayal of Princess Diana in “Diana: A Love Story

The world will remember her young and elegant in a choker with seven rows of pearls and a diamond. Thanks to Lady Di, women of all ages fell in love with such pearl jewelry.

Also, many models of chokers’ modern audience appreciate vocalists and photo models.

Britney Spears’ Youthful Style And Choker

The sassy Britney Spears set a provocative example for young people by combining a leather youth choker with very revealing clothing.

A Choker Is One Of The Secrets Of Kim Kardashian’S Success

Kim Kardashian, a model and reality star, is bright and chic in all her photos. A choker adorned with glittering stones probably helps her stay that way under the constant spotlight of the cameras!

Choker with original decor

Riana’S Chokers

Riana is also famous for her love of chokers. Her collection includes a lot of such jewelry. In particular, the unique image of the Barbadian pop singer perfectly complements the shiny metal necklace.

But at Riana’s Paris fashion show, the star wore a pearl choker.

Coco Chanel

In this image, she had much in common with Coco Chanel, who “gave life” to pearl necklaces.

What To Combine It With

A thin leather choker or ribbon choker, like the heroine of “Leon,” suits a sporty style and casual wear.

Velvet choker beautifully combined with flying things, jeans, leather jacket.

Beaded Choker

Like Coco Chanel, a laconic pearl choker can be worn with a business suit.

Chokers with precious inlays, like those worn by Princess Diana or Audrey Hepburn, are made for seductive evening gowns and tops with open necklines.

Modern examples of such jewelry are products of the O2 by Oxygen collections, which are produced in limited quantities.

Women remembered such graceful jewelry with a taste and individual style. Choose an exclusive accessory for yourself!

Anna Malinina, 02 by Oxygen, shares her tips.

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