Chiffon Or Silk Blouses For Women

Classic Blouses For Women

Trends of the season do not exclude the classics, which are relevant all year round. Often the classic blouse is a model with long sleeves in white or black. Such clothes have a collar, are fitted, can be short and long, and are well suited for full and thin women. Simple white button-down shirts are present in the closet of any business lady, worn under a jacket and with a heel.

Women Basque Blouse

Refinement and elegance of full or thin woman will be able to emphasize the model of blouses with a basque. This element perfectly emphasizes the elegance of the female figure, can often be without a collar. Fashion trends offer styles of all sizes for full and skinny girls, with long sleeves or short. Invited fashion houses – Yves Saint Laurent and Dior offer fashionistas this season blouses with asymmetrical, airy, layered basque.

Beneficial for women who want to hide their hips and emphasize the waistline. A collarless blouse with an open back decorated with a basque is ideal for the summer season. This model can be considered the height of sophistication. It is suitable for skinny girls, but to go to a business meeting in it, it is enough to wear a jacket on top.

Black and white trendy blouses with a silk basque will suit well for chubby women. It is not terrible if the basque differs in colour from the product itself, but it will advantageously slim and tighten the figure. The bass may also be lace, silk that will certainly be a highlight of the image. Classic high-heeled boat shoes with a long nose will turn a woman’s image into a real example of seduction and charm.

Stylish Chiffon Blouse

Chiffon, like silk, is a material created by designers, especially for women. A blouse made of such fabric will always look elegant and beautiful, at the same time, festive and romantic. Such a flowing fabric is very inconsistent, and not every woman can choose it correctly. That is why stylists have prepared several recommendations, which should be read before going to the store:

  • A blouse made of chiffon should sit exactly on the figure. Since the fabric does not stretch, the choice in the store should be carried out strictly by size.
  • Chiffon blouses are transparent, so if you wear them in summer, you should consider this point. Some blouses have thin linings, ruffles or bows. Before buying, it is worth deciding on the theme of the event, which will be put on this clothing, as a transparent light chiffon blouse is unlikely to wear to a business meeting.
  • Even though chiffon is a lightweight material, it will be hot in summer as it does not transmit moisture well. A thin chiffon blouse with long sleeves and a collar is better chosen for a cool day.
  • Blouses made of chiffon, like no other, look good on overweight women. The model should be free. It will be beautiful if the blouse with an overstated belt.

How To Wear Blouses

Women’s blouses will match all the season’s stylish trends if combined correctly.

  1. As a rule, a blouse’s ideal “partner” is a skirt. It should be tapered, with pleats and slits, and puffed or pressed less often. The more puffy the blouse, the stricter the skirt should be.
  2. Jeans. This option is suitable only if the jeans do not have unnecessary details, holes and scuffs. Fashionable blouses for spring and summer look good with jeans without stretch.
  3. Shoes with stiletto heels, low heels, classic pumps, ballerinas and sandals with decorations are always in trend and will be perfectly combined with a stylish blouse. Do not go to extremes, choosing flip-flops or other flat-soled sports shoes under a silk blouse.

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Women’s Blouses: Fashionable Colors

It is worth considering the variety of models and trends and the shades of women’s clothing of the season. The classic colours are still relevant, and this season received a special mention among the stylists: black, white and red. About the last universal colour, it can be tried on in the office and at a party. Stylists advise wearing a red silk blouse with a long basque and midi skirt for a fashion show or a romantic dinner. The colour of the skirt can be red, black, cream and white.

For summer days quite relevant clothing in white and light colours without collars and sleeves, as the colour reflects the sun’s rays, and spacious shirts of light fabric is perfectly airtight. Almost everyone looks good in blue, which is not the case with red. The shade of red wine suits redheads and brunettes, but the shade of coral suits girls with blonde hair.

Stylish Blouses For Large Women

A certain category of women finds it difficult to choose a fashionable thing. Clothing should not only decorate and match the fashion trends but also hide flaws, emphasizing the advantages. It is not necessary to find out what can be the most daring choices. It is enough that the clothes should be free, appropriate large size. The fitted blouse should be neutral colours that will not emphasize extra pounds.

It is important that clothing for large women is not tight and is not short. The fabric should lie freely, preferably if the blouse has long sleeves, a small collar and a belt on the hips. Another interesting and stylish detail is the cuffs. They cannot only give a full lady’s image a show but also hide a couple of extra kilos.

Stylish Blouses With Long Sleeves

The sleeve can be straight or with a cuff. If the sleeve is in the form of a ruffle, then you can safely wear it to any event – in such a blouse is always possible to look stylish and smart. The sleeve to the elbow is suitable for the summer and spring. Such blouses are always graceful and look good on girls with thin wrists. Blouses with short sleeves and no collar are suitable for the summer heat. They are best combined with shorts, denim skirts or breeches.

Fashionable Vintage Blouses For Women

Retro style has always walked side by side with classic trends. Often these blouses can be recognized by the high-standing collar decorated with a bow at the neck. The colouring may also give away the retro style if it is a polka dot or striped blouse. Sometimes such clothes may be made of fabric in floral or monochrome black. The decoration of vintage models’ blouses has always been distinguished by elegance. Ruffles, jabot, bass, transparent sleeves, frills and lantern shoulders – all these prominent decorations have always distinguished clothing in a retro style.

Another feature of the vintage style is luxurious fabrics. Among them are silk, lace, tracery, guipure, satin, organza, chiffon. Often among the clothes “under the old style” there are transparent fabrics. These include guipure, mesh and lace. Lace models are leaders of spring-summer season fashion trends, they are ideal for a romantic or festive evening. Knitted blouses may have transparent lace inserts. Rather effective look black lace blouses.

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