Chiffon Dresses: The Most Popular Models For Holidays And Office

Chiffon is a lightweight, air permeable material, ideal for summer closet. Chiffon can be created from different types of fabric: silk, cotton, blended fabric. The most delicate and flowing dresses are made of chiffon on a silk base.

Initially, chiffon was used to sew festive, wedding dresses. However, designers have long broken stereotypes and made the fabric a part of everyday life. No longer surprised by airy outfits on the streets and in institutions, in daytime looks.

Length Of Dress

When choosing a closet, it is imperative to focus not only on age. To create a stylish and elegant image, it is necessary to take into account the type of figure, shape and length of the legs. With the right clothes, you can artfully hide the disadvantages and emphasize the advantages of your figure. Young fashionistas can safely give preference to mini-length dresses. To avoid getting into a piquant situation, it is advisable to sew a dress with a lining, as chiffon easily reacts to even the slightest breeze.

More mature ladies should pay attention to knee-length models, midi dresses or floor-length chiffon dresses. A popular trend is dresses with a shorter length on the front of the garment. Such models will help ladies who find it difficult to decide on the length of the dress.

Mini models

Ultra short dresses cannot be worn on their own. Such models have a non-standard look and are perfectly paired with leggings, tight jeans or tight skirts.

Short chiffon dresses are very relevant for summer wardrobes, as they add comfort and lightness. Such models are a practical solution for weekdays and holidays. The main styles:

  • Trapeze – dresses are suitable for any figure. Very beautiful look short dresses, made on the basis of a short knitted lining of a straight silhouette, the light chiffon will easily flow around the figure, just hinting at its outlines;
  • A straight dress may have a slightly fitted or loose form. Models with open shoulders or stylish sundresses, decorated with bright embroidery, lace are quite suitable for the evening party;
  • Double-layered chiffon dress does not look too puffy. Such a beautiful model is suitable for vacation at the sea and for work in the office;
  • Dress with an high waist looks good on different types of shapes, but we must keep in mind that the emphasis is on the legs, so this style of dress is better to choose the owners of slender, tanned legs. Grecian-type sundresses will be especially appropriate on vacation. The playful look will make the image of a fashionista fresh and dressy.

Summer chiffon dresses can be both monochrome and patterned. In the summer of 2022, floral prints will dominate summer dresses. Floral ornaments give the dresses a spectacular and sophisticated look.

Midi dresses

Models of this length are very popular, because they perfectly complement both office closet of a woman, and everyday wear. Midi dresses made of chiffon can be combined with various clothes and accessories. The models of this length are preferred by older women. To ensure that the image did not turn out ridiculous, it is worth listening to the advice of designers:

  • Lined dress looks elegant and easy. The lining will help to smooth out some body flaws, and the silhouette is refined and sophisticated;
  • For women with an hourglass figure, dresses with straight and fitted silhouettes will do. If the hands of an elderly fashionista retained a good shape, it is quite possible to choose a model without sleeves or with straps. Only in the office should not wear such clothes. Sundresses are clothes exclusively for vacation or recreation in nature;
  • Chiffon dresses for women of 50 years are better to choose with draperies. Chiffon easily looks in the folds and does not give the style excessive puffiness. Dresses with an exaggerated waistline combined with a voluminous bottom will give an image of lightness and freshness;
  • Layered chiffon tunic dresses are great to hide some figure flaws and create a stylish and fashionable look.

Chiffon dresses of this length can be called universal. It will not be hard to find a model for a working image, for a trip out of town. You get an elegant and festive appearance with smart shoes, bright accessories, and some dresses.

Floor-length dresses

Fashionistas of any age and complexion can easily find an interesting dress of this length. Original feminine images are obtained by choosing models of any style.

Fashion classics are floor-length dresses with long sleeves. An unconventional solution – a combination of different materials. As an option – a dress made of velvet or thick silk with long sleeves of chiffon. To dilute the severity of the dress, designers offer models with a deep neckline on the back. And such exquisite evening dresses are suitable for festive events as outdoors on a nice summer evening, and for indoor parties on New Year’s Eve. Whenever you wear such an outfit, it is necessary to use decorations in moderation to avoid overloading the image with luxury.

An exquisite addition to a long evening dress with a deep neckline can be a chiffon cape. In addition, lovers of high cuts should keep in mind that the dress should have one intriguing element – cleavage or a cut. There are several popular styles of long dresses:

  • Long dress made of chiffon, elegantly and tightly fitting figure up to the middle of the thighs or knees (silhouette mermaid). Just when sewing such dresses combine different materials. The most popular choices: the dense top of velour, silk, velvet and a fluffy bottom of chiffon. Choose this style for a festive event is recommended for fashionistas with ideal proportions and a thin waist;
  • The empire style has an uncomplicated cut – an elevated waistline allows for a clear highlighting of the dress’s bodice, which is often decorated with embroidery or lace. As a rule, the top of the dress is made from dense fabrics, and for the skirt use a soft, flowing chiffon. Such a dress can safely wear as girls of model forms, as well as full ladies, because the soft folds of the dress only slightly allocate forms of beautiful women and girls. The neckline may have a line of a circle, oval or heart. The peculiarities of the figure determine the choice of shape;
  • Hourglass shape implies wide skirts with a pinched silhouette or models with the bottom drawn up to the waistline in small pleats.

Long chiffon dresses are usually associated with festive clothing. However, now sundresses have now become a full-fledged element of the everyday closet. Of course, at work such an outfit looks inappropriate. However, it is quite appropriate to wear a now dress for a walk in the city or at the seaside. And look exquisite as a model without sleeves, and with sleeves.

Current Colour Scheme

The shade of the dress can be very diverse and is determined by personal taste of the fashionista, fashion trends, but there is a popular set of shades that will look original and sophisticated in dresses of all styles:

  • White chiffon dresses look luxurious, light and airy. Summer chiffon sundress of any length is a win-win closet option for leisure and daily life. White chiffon dresses in the Greek style, decorated with gold decorations (embroidery, beads), look luxurious and suitable for any festive event;
  • The black colour will give the chiffon evening dress of any style of solemnity and splendor. Black dress with chiffon for large women will definitely be ideal, as the cut of the long dress visually draws the silhouette and gives a slender figure. Black evening dresses made of chiffon add mystery and elegance. Excellent complement the image bright ornaments and accessories. Direct black dress made of chiffon with a dense lining is suitable for the office;
  • A bright red dress will undoubtedly attract the attention to its owner. Bright and energetic women feel confident in this colour, but lovers of pastel shades should not be upset – you can choose a chiffon fabric of a muted tone (vermilion, rust). Choosing a red dress, you should not overuse makeup, otherwise the image can become vulgar;
  • Blue dresses are always associated with perfection. The rich shades of deep blue colour give the image a noble and gorgeous look. Choosing a chiffon dress of blue shade is not difficult for any type of figure. Bright and vibrant colours will suit young girls and young women, and fashionable older women will look great in dresses of muted shades.

In the season of 2022 designers give preference to powdery shades: dark turquoise, deep pink, pale gray-green, coffee, cream, red-brown. The favorite of the season is undisputed ultraviolet.

However, it is important to remember that the main rule of colour work in clothing is that dark shades visually slim the figure, while lighter shades give the silhouette volume. An excellent solution to the problem of choosing the palette offer designers – the dresses are made from two contrasting shades. As an option – for a “pear” type figure a model with a dark bottom and a light top is chosen.

How To Choose The Shade Of The Dress?

To create a stylish look, choosing a clothing colour that matches the shade of your skin is imperative.

  • Light-skin owners should pay attention to dresses in dark colours: deep blue, emerald green, chocolate. Also an exquisite image will turn out if you pick up a fashionable dress of pure bright colours: red, orange, green. Fans of the black colour are recommended to complement the image with bright accessories (clutch in red, blue or green).
  • It is not recommended to wear dresses in light pastel colours (beige, cream, peach, pale blue), which visually make the skin even paler. Some ladies of mature age do not like a bright closet. Designers advise them to look at the models of chiffon dresses in cold pastel shades – turquoise, mint, ultramarine.
  • Dark-haired fairer sex will definitely suit white colour and any of its shades (champagne, alabaster, pearl). Especially in the summer, a white chiffon sundress will create a great refreshing contrast with the tanned skin. So that the image with a black dress does not get a gloomy look, it is recommended to choose styles with a light top (decolletage, open shoulders, straps). The ideal option would be a dress of any light shades: soft pink, light blue, soft green, lemon. Ladies in age are advised to opt for noble shades of burgundy, dark blue or navy.

It is a fact that the creation of a stylish image takes into account many other factors, such as hair and eye colour, complexion, and personality of the fashionista. Sometimes it is difficult to harmonize all the components, so it is recommended to follow the advice of experts.

What To Wear?

Correctly selected accessories will give the image a complete look. When choosing, it is advisable to listen to the wishes of stylists:

  • With lightweight chiffon dresses look absurdly heavy jewelry and rigid frame bags;
  • It is better to belt chiffon dresses with thin belts. And the belt can be monochromatic in relation to the clothes or contrasting;
  • An exquisite clutch is the perfect addition to the evening chiffon dresses of any length. To a monochrome dress of simple cut will suit an elegant clutch, decorated with stones, beads, embroidery. For a magnificent dress with folds it is desirable to choose a more austere model of clutch (it can be lacquered, satin);
  • dresses with prints look great with small low-bright bags. Do not wear large bright ornaments. But wide-brimmed hats and woven or canvas bags will perfectly emphasize the carefree beach holiday;
  • On summer evenings, an openwork shawl or silk scarf will enliven a chiffon dress or sundress;
  • On cooler days, a dress with chiffon sleeves will elegantly complement a cashmere jacket or a lengthened cardigan;
  • Long chiffon tunic dresses look exquisite with skinny pants and knit tops;
  • In everyday life to the chiffon dress is recommended to choose shoes with a low heel or a low wedge. In a set with sundresses look appropriate sandals or sandals on a high platform;
  • For an evening or holiday attire is quite suitable high-heeled shoes. And with chiffon dresses look elegant both shoes and sandals;
  • You can choose dresses for large women every day with a scoop or small folds. They will visually help to hide the volume. For summer holidays, look at the elongated colourful dresses with straps or shortened sleeves. It is recommended to choose models with a lining.

Dresses made of chiffon are worthy of the closet of fashionable women of any age and figure. Choosing the right style and colour will give the fair sex a charming and feminine appearance.

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