Burgundy Manicure: The Most Luxurious Ideas For 2022

The burgundy manicure has already become a true classic. The rich, luxurious tones suit almost everyone without exception. Burgundy in all its forms can be both an exclusive addition to a certain design and a creative base for innovative experiments.

Colors Of Fall All Year Round

With the help of intense colour and embellishments, successful, confident girls emphasize their distinct individuality and charm with the burgundy manicure. In 2022, nail art in wine tones should be tried by every girl without exception.

Bordeaux is an autumn colour. Warm tones go well with it. A special extravagance is the burgundy manicure with gold. It can be done solemnly, emphasizing the beauty of a burgundy evening dress. If a lot of shades and decorative elements sparkle on the nails, then such nail art automatically becomes universal and will suit any stylish image.

The most popular shades of 2022:

  • Garnet;
  • Classic Bordeaux;
  • Plum;
  • Deep carmine;
  • Ripe Cherry;
  • Rubin;
  • Young wine.

Dark burgundy manicure on long nails is sure to attract the attention of others. The wine palette was created by fusing brown and red colours. That is why Bordeaux can both excite with fiery accents and soothe with chocolate shimmers.

Simple And Tasteful Monochrome Burgundy Manicure 2022

A monochrome manicure in burgundy tones is a gorgeous option for every girl. Even without any decorative elements, it will decorate the nails and complement the image. This is elegance in its purest form.

This option is usually chosen by ladies of a certain age who prefer a calm and balanced design. However, even very young girls can complement their image with notes of respectability and solidity.

The Undeniable Merits Of The Restraint Trend

The burgundy manicure 2022 trend and the general world trend are moving towards simplicity, sophisticated elegance. It is grooming and understated minimalism that can emphasize true beauty, enhance the charisma of each particular detail in the image.

The benefits of a monochrome nail coat in burgundy shades:

  • It’s fashionable;
  • It’s universal;
  • This is a great option for home manicures (does not require much time, effort and auxiliary elements);
  • Suitable for owners of both short and long nails.

A burgundy monochrome manicure looks both appropriate for everyday looks and for the solemn exit. In addition, there has long been an unspoken war between the matte finish and gloss in nail art. This can also be taken into consideration. A glossy manicure in burgundy and a matte finish will look completely different. By the way, these two radically different textures can be safely combined with each other.

Patterns On Burgundy Canvas 2022

A variety of burgundy manicure ideas are often characterized by the presence of exclusive patterns. Modern nail art is full of such an incredible number of the most diverse techniques, techniques, methods of creating original textures and effects, but, despite this, many still prefer the good old-fashioned painting.

To create an exclusive drawing on the nail plates can be used the following materials and improvised means:

  • Color varnishes, paints, pigment in dry or liquid form;
  • A set of brushes of different shapes and sizes;
  • Decorative elements in the form of rhinestones, pebbles, pearls;
  • Shiny accents – foil, sequins, sequins.

Another interesting technique by which you can create original patterns involves colored threads. They are often combined with stickers. To make a stunning burgundy manicure with a pattern, it is imperative to combine the right colours, shades, textures. It is not worth it to abuse the arsenal of decorative elements. If you are going to do a burgundy manicure with sequins, do not decorate it with rhinestones or pearls. But it will be much more effective if you use it as an accent to collect miniature pebbles in a certain pattern.

Main Motifs Of The Patterns

A luxurious burgundy manicure, complemented by artful monograms, looks sophisticated and exclusive. The most win-win variants of drawings are lace motifs and butterflies. In addition, such motifs are topical:

  • Celtic Patterns;
  • Hieroglyphics;
  • Abstraction;
  • Surrealistic geometry;
  • Floral motifs;
  • Animalistics;
  • Ethnic monograms;
  • Minimalism (rims, painted wells with minimal decorations).

Patterns can also include the currently fashionable marble texture. Usually, lines are drawn on a black or white canvas to imitate the texture of a natural stone. Such a method will look good as an accent on the ring finger and the small finger. As a background, you can choose the colour pink or beige. No imitation is made of the bordeaux itself.

French Burgundy – Original Vision Of The Classic French

French manicure is always rich, attractive and sophisticated. Bordeaux tones can be easily introduced into a traditional French manicure. There are several options on how to diversify the standard white and pink palette of the French manicure:

  • The ring finger and/or pinky finger can be painted in the gentle tones of the burgundy palette. The rest of the nails will be decorated in the traditional colours;
  • For French nails, choose colours that are initially non-standard. In the tones of the burgundy palette is painted either the base, or the tips of the nail plates. The most winning combinations are white and ruby, black tone and a bright wine shade, beige and saturated shades of marsala;
  • All kinds of ornaments are drawn on the classic pink and white base with the help of bright colours. Often, ideas for a manicure of this format are based on the play of textures. For example, a matte French is decorated with matte or fluffy monograms. Relevant look transparent rhinestones (in small quantities). Glossy trendy burgundy manicure is complemented by sequins. They are placed locally – at the base of the root or at the tips of the nail plates.

The French concept in 2022 will feature the combination of tweed and burgundy base. Any variation of a burgundy manicure has a right to life if all the details in a single composition look organic and appropriate.

Burgundy Nails With Rhinestones

Rhinestone manicures captivate with their festivity. Bright accents can decorate any nail design. Such a combination will always look spectacular when using marsala and other shades.

The upcoming trends for 2022 allow you to use rhinestones in a variety of ways:

  • Large rhinestones separate the borders of the two colours on the same nail plate;
  • Small rhinestones or pearls line the nail bed. This moon manicure looks good on a monochrome burgundy finish;
  • Stones of different colours and calibers are used to make different patterns on the ring finger. They can fill most of the plate. One particularly dressy option is the so-called ring.

It’s also worth mentioning an anti-trend. It is absolutely irrelevant to decorate the entire nail plate with rhinestones, even if only on one finger. Such a generous scattering of stones was abandoned for two reasons. First, such a garish decoration is uncomfortable to wear and not always appropriate. In addition, there are a lot more worthy alternatives to this decorative item today. For example, foil or diamond wax.

Moonlight Manicure In Burgundy Tones

The lunar manicure on long and short nails remains one of the top design options in lists of top design ideas. Experts recommend that the noble Bordeaux be accented with gold or silver accents.

The rich wine palette can be emphasized with light pink accents. A combination of black and ruby shades looks elegant. In this case, the black elements on the plates are decorated with a matte finish or give them a velvety feel.

It is better to avoid the combination of burgundy cloth with these shades:

  • Green;
  • Blue;
  • Gray.

Lunulae in some cases can be left unpainted at all. There is some inexplicable charm in the combination of a delicate pink (natural) colour and a rich burgundy coating. The classic shape of wells should be abandoned by the new year 2022, according to experts. Instead, it is worth experimenting with shapes such as wave, zigzag, inverted moon.

In fact, any non-standard shape of the hole is welcome, but all manicure ideas should be implemented from the perspective of aesthetics and elegance.

Cat’S Eye Manicure 2022: Rich Shimmer And Stylish Design

The traditional Cat’s Eye manicure is designed horizontally or vertically in the middle segment of the nail plate. In this case, burgundy shades as a base will be perfect. They will be able to enhance the cat’s eyes, showing all their fiery beauty.

Design goes beyond just cat-eye play. On the ring finger and pinky finger, it is acceptable to wear jewelry you like. These can be installations of stones, painting with various techniques, experiments with wax or foil. The main thing is not to overdo it, turning a spectacular manicure into a vulgar and tasteless canvas.

The ombré effect combined with cat’s eye looks very effective. Combining matte and pearlescent textures in one nail art will help you balance all the details, making a harmonious composition. However, the wet effect deserves special attention. There is a relief pattern on the nails that mimics raindrops. Such a decoration will not overload the nacre base, it will only make the shimmers more intense, and the composition itself – deeper and richer.

How To Decorate A Delicate Design With Burgundy Accents

It was mentioned earlier about the winning combination of delicate shades of pink and wine. In 2022, the combination of these two foundations has only strengthened its position. In addition, to emphasize all the beauty, tenderness and sophistication of the nude manicure, only minimalistic wine accents are used.

For nail art in this case, you need a high-quality translucent base. As such, some masters refuse the decorative coating. Instead, special compositions are used to strengthen nail plates. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, and also look quite organic and natural on the nails.

Following the creation of the subtle and subtle coating, proceed to the creation of the wine décor. A burgundy manicure with a drawing looks as restrained as possible. Minimalism is the key motif of the composition. It can be a thin strip dividing the pink nail plate in half, a subtle drawing (for example, a subtle flower), an imitation of marble on the ring and / or middle finger.

Instead of the traditional soft pink, you can safely use other nude shades from the palette. We are talking about such tones as lavender, ecru, peach, coffee with milk, pink pearl. Matte neutral beige with a warm undertone also looks effective.

Negative Space Is The New Trend Of 2022

Interest in the negative space is only beginning to increase. The peak of popularity is expected to occur in the year 2022. The perfect combination is a burgundy manicure with sequins on a wine background and neat negative space accents.

A recently developed nail art technique involves painting certain areas of the nail plate with transparent gels. Thus, the impression is that part of the nail is not painted at all. Experts advise to move away from the usual frameworks and experiment with the recently developed trend to the full. The only advice worth heeding – the negative space should be at least 25% less than the coloured base.

The negative space as a whole can take any shape, size (within limits), and configuration. These include classic unpainted wells, translucent bands in the middle of the nail, and abstract geometric designs on the canvas, complemented by other unusual accents.

This type of progressive nail art can be purchased with the introduction of patterns in silver and gold shades combined with a small amount of stones. In this case, wax, foil, and fluffy coating are inappropriate, even in the form of minimalist accents.

Wax Is The Undoubted Trend Of Recent Seasons

Wax is a spectacular glitter coating that craftsmen are happy to use to create spectacular jewelry. A pleasure to wear, and also incredibly easy to use, the pigment is available in a wide range. It is affordable in terms of price and allows you to put really many original ideas into practice.

A burgundy manicure with wax is always smart and appropriate in any situation. Additionally, the wax can be used at home to create the desired design. And the manicurist will not spend a lot of time and effort creating another masterpiece of nail art on the nails of his client.

The delicate, translucent wine and ruby tones work wonderfully with the pearl wax. One of the most expensive and luxurious waxes produces the diamond effect. From a distance, it really seems as if hundreds of small diamonds filled the space on the nail plate. This kind of wax can be used to make various patterns, including fashionable horizontal and vertical bands. It complements dark, saturated wine shades well.

Another type of wax that deserves special attention is the May Beetle. Combined with warm burgundy tones close to the chocolate palette, the rich shimmers look extraordinarily spectacular.

Broken Glass – The Last Days Of Fashionable Decor

The bit glass effect is slowly losing its dominance in nail art. Velvet, marble manicures, all kinds of waxes, installations of stones and experiments with geometry on the nails are replacing this bright trend.

Experts predict that 2022 will be the last year when broken glass can still be used as decoration on nail plates. Glass nails will look spectacular with a wine base. It is better not to cover all nail plates with shards.

A natural taste for beauty and naturalness, impeccable taste and a sense of proportion is enough to exploit any fashion trends successfully. Bordeaux is a bright and non-trivial ally in this instance.

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