Burgundy Lipstick: The Best Option For Your Appearance Type

The burgundy lipstick is traditionally one of the boldest “weapons” a woman can use. Despite its widespread use, you need to know a lot of subtleties to make makeup with dark lipstick look luxurious and noble.

Who Should Wear Burgundy Lipstick?

This colour cannot be called a universal one – its application requires certain conditions. The image of a lipstick with saturated shades is not common, so it should be reserved for solemn and evening occasions. However, there is a danger of crossing the line – in this case, the face can look rude and unnatural. To know exactly to whom dark lipstick suits, it is enough to study the following points:

  • Cracked, dry lips with cracks, it is better not to paint brightly: the red is most visible flaws. If you decide to conduct such an experiment, first you need to get the skin of your lips in order;
  • Full and medium lips are perfectly combined with burgundy shades – it emphasizes their beautiful contour;
  • Pale skin and the contrast of dark scarlet lips looks charming, but the whole look in this case should be spectacular;
  • This colour suits dark-haired beauties most of all, emphasizing the bright image;
  • You can highlight a white smile with a dark lipstick, but it will make even a slight yellowing more noticeable.

You should not be afraid to use such a makeup item – today it is a fashionable way to draw attention to yourself and stand out from the crowd in a jiffy.

Shades And Types Of Burgundy Lipsticks

The assortment of lip products today is incredibly wide, so it is not easy to choose the right one: you have to experiment, and this is an unnecessary expense. Therefore, you should classify the burgundy shade of lipstick into several categories.

By Hue

To choose a cosmetic product according to this parameter is very simple: the darker the skin of the face, the darker the lipstick. Exceptions to this rule are possible – “femme fatale” makeup, which should have only one accent. Bright lips and a clean, concise image combined with a rich lip colour will look stylish and in no way vulgar.

Dark maroon

Ideal for brown eyes and full lips. In combination with the evening gown, dark cherry lipstick will make its owner look stunning. Suitable even for thin lips – the volume is created due to the depth of colour.

Bordeaux Red

A real find for red-haired girls whose tresses have a slight copper colour. This type of lipstick adds volume to the lips and makes the face look more open.

Combined with soft wave styling, this is wonderful. Eye colour plays a role for this shade: it creates a striking contrast with the gray-green eyes.

Light maroon

This shade is very close to red, suitable for blue-eyed women. It shifts the emphasis in the makeup on the lips, so it is imperative not to overload the image. It is also suitable for blondes, especially blended with platinum blondes.

By Texture

Lipstick consistency is divided into three categories: creamy, matte and glossy. Each has its own peculiarities in application and selection. Also, they require proper lip care – only then will the products look flawless.


The most versatile texture, because this lipstick allows you to make several accents on the face at once: lush eyelashes, graphic arrows. Matte consistency looks especially effective in combination with dark eye makeup.

A simple makeup artifice: matte lipstick creates a velvety effect, so the skin around the mouth should match it. Using concealer and a brush, you can achieve the desired evenness.

Matte products have the ability to dry the skin of the lips, so you need to take care of their moisturizing. This problem is especially acute in winter, when the cold can simply dry out this kind of lipstick.


It is best suited for winter makeup because it combines hydration and even colour. In addition, these lipsticks often contain beneficial oils that make your lips look better. A few minutes after application, they can be matte, but there is a disadvantage: creamy formulas wear off more quickly and need frequent touch-ups.

The creamy texture requires a well-defined lip contour; otherwise the lipstick will look blurry and absurd. It also adds femininity and softness to your look.


Dark lipstick of this texture is not suitable for everyone – such a volume on the lips may look too noticeable, which will result in a ridiculous image. Such a variety is suitable only for creating the main accent in the evening makeup created on full lips.

Determining Your Colour Type

As part of the process of understanding what cosmetics suit a particular appearance, the definition of its colour type was developed – the pairing of parameters with one of the seasons. This classification is also convenient to use when choosing burgundy lipstick.



  • eyes of light shades: blue, gray-blue;
  • hair in warm shades of brown or russet;
  • light skin of a “cool” shade.

This colour type is also called Slavic, and matte lipstick of a light burgundy shade is suitable for it. You can also consider shades of juicy cherry.


A common type of appearance in Europe. Characteristic features:

  • eye colour – brown, hazel, and green with a brown tint;
  • hair – red or warm variations of auburn;
  • skin can be very light, often with freckles.

For women of this colour type, ripe cherry and sangria wine shades of lipstick are ideal. All red and burgundy colours are also suitable.


It is rightly considered the most common colour type. Characteristics:

  • the eyes are characterized by cool variations of blue, green, and dark brown. Anthracite is also found;
  • the shade of hair is closer to black, rarely is it blond;
  • The skin is pale, especially contrasting with the eye area, eyelashes.

For such women there are no restrictions in the choice of the colour in question. Suitable for images with dark lipstick. The most important condition is to match the fullness of the lips and the condition of the skin.


In this case, the burgundy shade in the lipstick is contraindicated. This rare appearance is described as follows:

  • eyes in fresh shades of all the above;
  • hair of lighter shades;
  • The skin is light, but with a natural blush.

They are suitable shades of coral and terracotta, which will emphasize the delicate beauty of the woman in spring.

Bordeaux Lipstick And Public Opinion

Not all girls dare to use burgundy lipstick, afraid of censure from others: somewhere there is a stereotype that this particular shade looks vulgar. However, fashion says the opposite: it is a fashionable lip colour that can emphasize confidence and individuality.

You should use the color only when it is suitable for a particular appearance and you are comfortable with it. So you can safely apply a lipstick of this shade, which, as many women have noted, gives confidence.

Do You Need An Excuse For Burgundy Lipstick?

Including dark lipstick in your daily makeup is a questionable idea. For this you need to look bright and festive every day, which is not always appropriate. On the other hand, this colour is very useful for evening events: it is enough to apply a matching shade of lipstick, so that the image is solemn, but not monotonous.

If the complexion appears cold, dark shades of lipstick can be used in a business look. This technique works if the rest of the makeup is minimal and used only to hide skin flaws.

Lipstick Application Tips For Brunettes And Blondes

The most flattering burgundy colour lips look in brunettes with plump lips and bright eye colour, and you can choose both creamy and glossy structure. Do not forget about the contour in this case – the lips should have clear borders.

Blondes are also given the “green light” in the application of such lipstick, but in this case it is necessary to highlight the eyes, but carefully, otherwise the skin of the face will be too pale. The matte consistency is ideal.

Top 5 Matte Burgundy Lipsticks

In the medium price segment the range of this product is huge. Therefore, it is better to know a few proven and reliable options so as not to make a wrong choice. The matte lipsticks presented below have been selected on the basis of numerous reviews. After reading the composition, you can be sure that they will not let you down.

Maybelline Color Sensational Matte

“Matte Temptation,” as this line of lipsticks is called, has established itself as the perfect way to look irresistible. Its shades are saturated, imperceptibly distorting in bright light. It doesn’t wear off right away, staying on for hours. The burgundy shades look especially chic because of the homogeneous structure – this is the manufacturer’s quality control.

L’oreal Color Riche Matte

The lipstick colors are varied; the ones that are the most intense and darkest look mind-blowing, especially when contrasting with light skin. At the same time, the matte finish remains, so no vulgarity is possible. Usually women like the product so much that they buy several shades for their collection, because the palette allows choosing.

NYX Matte Lipstick Alabama, Perfect Red

This lipstick has received mixed reviews: they praise the lighter shades and scold the darker ones. The problem is the somewhat blurred consistency, which makes your lips look unkempt. And it is the burgundy colour that emphasizes all its imperfections. It is not recommended to use copies of dark colours.

Artdeco Perfect Matte

This line has received rave reviews even regarding dark cherry colours. It is noted for its even application – a comfortable cut, matte but not faded coverage and no flaking. Does not dry the skin, does not create the effect of folds on the lips. Perfectly combined with a pencil of the same colour – it creates a flawless tone and contour. The choice of burgundy is definitely recommended.

Miss pupa velvet matt

Without a pronounced matte finish, but with good staying power: this brand lives up to its name. The colour looks good after application, there is no accumulation of excess in the corners of the mouth. The colour palette of dark shades is presented in several variants, allowing you to match the product to your colour type.

The Perfect Makeup Look With Burgundy Lipstick

This colour is expressive on its own, so to combine it with expressive shades on the eyes, for example, makes no sense (if it is not a tuxedo-ace). Therefore, it is better to stick to the following tips:

  • It is better to choose light, pastel shades and not to apply a lot of mascara. It doesn’t work with dark brown eyes;
  • A matte lipstick works best with brown or white shadows, and a glossy lipstick allows you to apply a little glitter;
  • Avoid combining cherry shades with silver, pearly eyeshadows. You’ll get an overpowering ice queen look;
  • Your lips are not full enough for burgundy? You can apply a drop of gloss in the middle to visually enlarge them.

As for age, this colour is best suited for young girls. If there are a lot of wrinkles, it will highlight the décolleté, neck and chin, drawing attention to the flaws. Therefore it is better in this case to choose light matte shades.

Bordeaux lipstick is ideal for self-confident girls who like to attract attention with a luxurious look. Its variability allows you to choose the right one to suit your particular appearance, but you can’t create a chic look without following the rules above.

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