Burgundy Eye Makeup With Examples

Burgundy is the color of the season. It is increasingly common in closet items, manicures, hair coloring, and makeup. However, the creation of burgundy makeup should be done responsibly if you want the image to be elegant and feminine at the same time.

Accents Of Burgundy Makeup

Makeup in burgundy tones requires a careful selection of colors. Experienced makeup artists advise setting accents in the image in advance, and when using, for example, burgundy shadows, prefer a neutral lipstick or gloss.

If you immediately paint your lips and eyes in burgundy colors, the image will turn vulgar and will be deprived of a mysterious “zest. The peculiarity of this color scheme is that it can play a cruel joke if used incorrectly. It is better to think about the future image and prepare the necessary colors for makeup to avoid such troubles.

Black trim

To dilute the burgundy makeup and to complete the image, you should use a black border, which can be mascara or an eye pencil. Such a solution will help to avoid painful makeup and make the look more expressive.

Burgundy Makeup For Brown Eyes

Makeup in rich wine colors suits brown-eyed beauties perfectly, especially when creating Smoky eyes look. Those who have brown eyes can:

  • experiment with color combinations;
  • combine different techniques;
  • add arrows.

To dilute the burgundy makeup will help a fine shimmer in the shadows, making the image softer and emphasizing the golden glow of brown eyes. Recommendations for choosing makeup:

  1. For an evening date or a festive event, makeup in a warm burgundy-cherry color scheme is suitable.
  2. Bold owners of brown eyes can experiment with brick-colored arrows diluted with small black strokes.
  3. If a girl with brown eyes has fair skin, she should choose lips as an accent. Bright wine lipstick will look good with thin arrows, and delicate pink shadows will make the image sublime.

Before applying burgundy makeup, you should also think about a base that will prevent the mascara from rolling and shattering.

Burgundy Makeup For Blue Eyes

Owners of clear blue eyes attract the eye, so it is important to approach the color scheme of the makeup carefully. When choosing burgundy makeup, you should pick shades that will not extinguish the natural blue of your eyes but, on the contrary, will favorably emphasize them.

Makeup artists point out that the choice of reddish pigments to be used in the makeup for blue eyes is quite tricky, requiring a professional artistic flair. At home, such makeup is better to give up and use more familiar colors that go well with the blue.

If you still want to make a bright image using burgundy makeup, it is better to entrust the work to professionals. Experienced makeup artists recommend using a delicate red pigment with a hint of orange shades, with which you can create a beautiful image and emphasize the girl’s virtues.

Burgundy Makeup For Green Eyes

The peculiarity of green eyes is that they change their shade depending on:

  • clothes;
  • moods;
  • the weather;
  • other factors.

Therefore, the owners of green eyes can use shades of purple, chocolate-gold, and even burgundy in the makeup, with which you can create a unique makeup. Recommendations of the makeup artists:

  • A marvelous makeup look can be achieved by combining the four primary colors;
  • The burgundy should be diluted with pearl or light milk colors;
  • It is better to apply a soft coral tone on the upper eyelid and to color the lower eyelid with a grayish blue color to achieve a harmonious combination;
  • In creating makeup, passing a soft black pencil between eyelashes is necessary.

When choosing cosmetics in burgundy shades, it is better to prefer popular brands’ products, which are resistant to external influences and cannot spoil the image. In addition, you should think about buying special brushes that will help you to distribute the shadow or lipstick evenly.

When To Say No

Bordeaux is a color that will not suit everyone. It is better to give preference to calmer shades or to refuse makeup with the use of wine colors altogether, if:

  • The skin, hair, and eyebrows are very light;
  • eyelashes are short;
  • eyes gray or light blue.

Also, makeup artists recommend refusing burgundy makeup if you cannot carefully prepare the skin and think through the image. It is not necessary to apply burgundy hastily so that the image does not turn out glaring or tired.

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