Brush For Eyelashes And Eyebrows: A Tool For Perfect Makeup

Beautiful thick eyelashes – the pride of girls and women. Many of the fair sex build them up, choosing mascara with a special composition, but all the efforts will be in vain if the image is spoiled by tangled eyelashes or crumbled paint. A mascara brush is considered the main care accessory in the cosmetic bag, but choosing a proper product cannot be easy. In cosmetic stores, there is a huge range. Let’s try to understand why you need an eyelash brush, what kinds of accessories exist and how to choose the right tool.

Why Do You Need

The brush comes in handy for girls both before and after makeup. Before you apply mascara, you need to make a few movements with the accessory. They will get rid of unnecessary, loose hairs. This will allow the mascara to lay more neatly and evenly. After removing makeup, the brush will remove excess makeup, creating space for the lashes to get air. These actions will increase the speed of blood flow, and with time the hairs will look healthy and strong. The brush is convenient for applying castor oil and other care products, distributing them evenly over the entire hair length.

Eyebrows And Lashes: Why Comb Them

It is necessary to brush your eyelashes from two points of view: aesthetic and health-improving ones. In the first case, a brush will help to make the look more open and voluminous, lashes won’t stick together, and extra mascara will be removed in time. If to look from the side of health, the brush improves blood circulation by evenly massaging the hair, helping to apply care products. Due to such actions, the formations will be strengthened. The growth will be enhanced. With regular brushing, you can get rid of clumps and loss of hairs of eyelashes and eyebrows to preserve beauty and youthfulness. As a result of using the brush, you can achieve the following:

  • of lush eyelash volume;
  • strengthening of the formations;
  • beautiful makeup without any extra crumbs of mascara, paint, or lumps;
  • of evenly distributing the mascara;
  • Even neatly shaped eyebrows;
  • Reducing the number of fallen out, broken eyelashes and getting them in your eyes;
  • the necessary bending of the hairs.

For you to be pleased with the results, you need to use the eyelash brush on a regular basis.

What Are The Features And Purposes Of Brushes

Neat makeup with beautifully groomed eyelashes is impossible to achieve without the use of special accessories. You will need different brushes to comb and care for natural, false, sparse, or thick hair owners.

It can be difficult for a professional makeup artist to choose a truly suitable accessory among the many options in cosmetics stores. To make the right choice, it is important to know the features and differences of each model. The types of brushes are different:

  • The number of bristles (frequent, rare, medium);
  • The type of material from which the hairs are made (silicone, metal, plastic, bristles);
  • tassel shape (flat, heart-shaped, spiral, classic, and others).

There is also a distinction in the number of times of use (disposable, reusable).

What Materials Are Used To Make Combs For Eyelashes And Eyebrows

The beautiful sex wants to create perfect makeup every day. Brush for eyebrows and eyelashes will help to achieve the result that everyone dreams of, but only if the choice is made correctly. Depending on the quality of the product, shape and material will change the purpose when used at the time of creating the image. Before combing your eyelashes with the purchased accessory, it is important to understand its properties.


Beauticians and makeup artists often choose a metal brush for lashes to create professional makeup. Such an accessory will not disturb the applied mascara but will gently remove excess lumps and straighten eyelashes. Brushes made of metal are plastic but tough so that they will cope with the most difficult, tangled situations. They gently smooth out the clumped hairs of the eyelash row and form a neat eyebrow shape thanks to the convenient working area.


The plastic brush is suitable for any eyelashes, including false eyelashes. It helps to cope with very sticky hairs and removes excess mascara. The hard structure will remove lumps and dye. After using it, the hairs will lie in even rows, and layers of mascara will be distributed more evenly. Plastic may not always be a good option when combing (if it captures the extra amount of paint, it will ruin the makeup).


Many mascaras are produced with a bristle base. Classic comb made of this material is soft and hard at the same time. Hence, it can separate the hairs of the eyelashes and eyebrows without damaging their structure to create lightness and additional volume. Such products are suitable for women naturally endowed with lush hair and do not seek to achieve additional effects other than separation and curling. The brush does not scratch the surface of the eye and skin.

Curved brush

The curved tool can create a spectacular seductive look, curl and separate lashes. Such a model consists of different lengths from the base to the tip. The curve of the brush can be small or substantial (depending on the effect to be obtained). A small bend is suitable for daytime and morning makeup, and a deep bend will be an opportunity to create a more sensual look for the evening look. The brush perfectly brushes the most distant lashes in the corners of the eyes, smoothing them. Curved models, which have hairbrushes located in different directions, cope with this especially effectively.

How To Use And Comb Your Eyelashes Properly

It’s easy to get a better effect from using an eyelash brush when creating makeup. It is enough to perform additional actions:

  1. Wash or wipe your face thoroughly with a cleanser.
  2. From the base to the tips of the hairs, apply facial cream.
  3. Brush the hairs with a lash brush, helping the cream to distribute.
  4. Apply mascara.
  5. Before the applied paint dries, brush the hairs, spreading the lashes to create extra volume.

The brush will become your indispensable assistant. Now you won’t have any problems combing your false eyelashes and coping with the lamination procedure’s aftermath. The accessory helps living and artificial hairs to straighten. For the first time, the procedure should be carried out one day after visiting the masters. The upper eyelid is closed to perform it, putting a finger under the lashes. Then the brush combed through the hairs, distributing each in its direction. The process should be carried out carefully, not damaging the base of the hairs and not tearing them out.

Brush Care

All hygiene items and cosmetic accessories intended for the eyes must be treated carefully so as not to get infected. You can use disposable eyelash care brushes or take care of the cleanliness of reusable options. The following tips may come in handy in brush care:

  • Lumps of paint removed from the lashes can be removed from the brush with tissues or a clean cloth;
  • If simple methods do not help get rid of the stuck paint, and dirt, then the combing area should be placed in water so that the extra elements become softer and lend themselves to cleaning;
  • Used toothbrushes can help to clean the particles stuck between the teeth;
  • To prevent bacteria from accumulating on the accessory, a storage case should be provided;
  • It is possible to disinfect the instrument systematically, for example, with an ultraviolet lamp to disinfect its surface completely.

Incorrect care of the brush can lead to ruined makeup and eye diseases. In addition to protection from bacteria, comfortable use, timely cleaning of the accessory will prolong the “life” of the tool.

Helpful Tips

With such a tool, it is possible to comb the false eyelashes. Specialists advise taking care of the purchase of a quality brush.

The following tips can help:

  • For volume-deprived long eyelashes, an accessory with sparse bristles is suitable. The hairs will be evenly distributed and create additional volume. It is suitable for both natural and false eyelashes.
  • The curved brush will give volume to short and deprived lush lashes.
  • Brush with frequently arranged bristles is suitable for any natural hair, especially for the owners of short, lush lash rows.
  • Rare lashes can be transformed with a brush that has fine bristles.

The right brush will make your eyes look more open and your lashes more voluminous and well-groomed. The best effect can be achieved by brushing the hairs before applying mascara.

Rating Top 7 Best Eyelash Combs

According to buyers and experts who have tested the products, rating the best models of accessories will help make choosing a brush easier. Tools can be disposable and reusable. The first is more suitable for a beauty salon or professional craftsman working at home. Reusable versions will be optimal for home use.

The brand offers a large selection of products, among which every representative of the fair sex can find a suitable accessory for herself. The most interesting brush version is a retractable design, which is convenient to keep in your cosmetic bag at home or carry in your purse. The item becomes versatile with the individual setting of the teeth. The brand offers a special version of the accessory in a set with curved scissors, which repeat the eyebrow shape at the moment of modelling and do not let you cut unnecessarily.


The MAC double-sided brush solves the problem of grooming different types of eyebrows and lashes at the same time. The foldable model consists of two parts. The first has frequent metal teeth. It is designed specifically for the hairs of the eyebrow area. This arrangement separates and helps to create additional volume. The other side is softer, has rare voluminous bristles and helps to give the lashes volume and a suitable shape.


The double long-stem brush has two parts. One side has soft bristles and separates well both natural and built-up hairs. Frequently placed brushes help eliminate excess mascara and evenly apply caring products to the hair. The second part, the micro-brush, is solid and will help give the right shape to your eyebrows. The elongated handle helps to hold the brush comfortably in your hand and store it in your home cosmetic bag.

Dream Minerals

The black long-stemmed brush has a head with two bristles in different directions. The first part is for the lash area. The bristles, consisting of frequent hairs, clearly separate the lash line and are good for removing excess cosmetics applied before combing. On the second side, the frequent teeth help to comb the eyebrows to form neat lines. The manufacturer offers several variants of brushes, differing in the size of teeth and bristles. Brushes are represented in the assortment under different numbers.

Mary Kay

This neat long-handled brush from Mary Kay has three functional areas. The first one, hard with private plastic teeth, will help comb lashes to create volume, remove unnecessary cream, and apply mascara. The second area mirroring the first one will neatly shape eyebrows and distribute hairs. The other end of the handle has a brush for shading and tinting eyebrows.


The double long-handled lash and eyebrow brush are suitable for use at home. One part with frequent bristles made of plastic will help brush eyebrows, and the other, softer, will separate your lashes and create fluffy volume. The brush is made of nylon bristles that are completely hypoallergenic, so suitable even for sensitive people with allergy tendencies. Brush gently cares about the hair, helping to create a natural open look and a natural curve of the eyebrows.


The miniature brush with nylon bristles is safe for the eyes thanks to its natural material. The small handle lets you comfortably use the accessory, take it with you on a trip or store it at home. The bristles gently smooth out your lashes, separate them and make them look fuller. The tender pink colour distinguishes the product from the accessories of other brands.

A brush for combing eyebrows and eyelashes is essential in any girl’s cosmetic bag. Without it, it is difficult to create perfect makeup and expect that the care products will be evenly distributed on the hair and the mascara is guaranteed not to fall off after application. A wide range of accessories for eyelashes and eyebrows will allow you to choose the right model.

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