Brow Tattooing: Features, Pros And Cons Of The Procedure

Eyebrow tattooing is a popular procedure today. There are several techniques for its performance, and the most modern of them involves shadow shadowing. It gives the effect of attractive and natural eyebrows, thanks to which many girls prefer this type of permanent makeup.

What Is Shadowing

Brow stitching is a cosmetological procedure that involves the introduction of a stable colour pigment under the skin. As a result of its performance, eyebrows acquire a neat appearance, and a representative of the fair sex avoids the necessity to paint them every morning. With the help of tattooing, correcting some minor defects in the appearance is possible. Permanent makeup lasts for several years, and then it is necessary to repeat it.

The difference of the eyebrows from the standard tattoo is that in this case the master makes a smooth transition from a darker tone to a lighter one. As a result, “watercolour” eyebrows are obtained. Several pigment tones can be used simultaneously while performing the tattoo by this method. Shadow shading is attractive because it creates a natural effect by evenly applying paint.

The Features Of The Ombre Brows

In what cases the shadowing of eyebrows is relevant:

  • If you want to make sparse and light eyebrows denser visually;
  • if you want to give your hair a shade different from the natural one;
  • in cases where there are no eyebrow hairs;
  • when it is necessary to camouflage scars or other defects;
  • if it is necessary to correct the natural shape of the eyebrows;
  • If a girl wants a new form of eyebrows.

Eyebrow stitching requires a certain skill from a specialist. Therefore, it is better to entrust it to salon masters than to beginners working at home.


The advantages of the shadow technique:

  • Long-lasting effect. Like other types of permanent makeup, shadowing lasts from 1 to 5 years;
  • Permanence. The tattoo is preserved on the eyebrows in any weather in the same form, and the girl gets rid of the need to correct the makeup;
  • No painful sensations. Permanent eyebrow makeup and shading are as easy as possible with the introduction of an anesthetic;
  • Speed. The tattoo procedure takes no more than 2-3 hours, and recovery takes about a week.

As a result of the shadow technique, the eyebrows look slightly tinted and give the face a cute look.


Disadvantages of the shadow technique:

  • The effect on the eyebrows. As a consequence of tinting, the skin pores become clogged, which can cause your hair to fall out.
  • Risk of getting sick. If you use non-sterile instruments, you can get an infection in the blood.
  • High cost. Unlike simple tinting, brow stroking is a rather expensive procedure in beauty salons.
  • Probability of error. A novice tattoo artist can ruin the right shape of the eyebrows due to inexperience.

If a woman is not satisfied with the result of shadowing, she can ask another beauty salon to redo it. In today’s realities, this is quite possible.

Main Types

Today’s master eyebrow artists use several techniques for shading. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Every girl should get acquainted with them before the permanent makeup procedure.

Soft shading

This type of tattoo involves highlighting the contour of the eyebrow and filling it inside with a light tone. Soft eyebrow tattooing is recommended for pale-faced girls with light eyebrows.

Shading (dense shading)

The brow stitching is characterized by a rather strong drawing with clear lines. This procedure is performed when there is a complete absence of eyebrow hairs or when you have sparse eyebrows.

3D effect

This procedure combines elements of the feathering and the hairline method. It is used if a clear contour of the eyebrows and a feeling of their denseness are needed. This type of tattoo has nuances, which is why novice master eyebrow artists often do not take it on.

Tools And Materials

A standard set of tools and materials for tattooing involves:

  • needle kit;
  • pigments of various shades;
  • tattoo machine.

More master tattoo uses supplies – gloves, anesthetic and anesthetic, as well as stencils for the eyebrows.

Preparing For The Procedure

Two weeks before the tattoo, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • Try to observe the daily routine, take vitamins and eat right.
  • Do not take any thinning blood medication. Otherwise, heavy bleeding may occur during the tattoo.
  • Similarly, alcohol should not be consumed because it also makes the blood thinner.
  • These simple rules will help your body to take the permanent makeup as easily as possible.

Procedure Technology

Agreeing to the procedure of shading, it is worth having an idea of what it is in advance:

  1. The eyebrow master gives a mini-instruction and talks about the main stages of work. He also inquires about the client’s health and gives her further recommendations on skin care.
  2. Next, the master, together with the client, selects the optimal shape of the eyebrows. Special stencils can be used for this purpose. After determining the necessary shape, the eyebrow specialist draws the contour of the eyebrows. The hairs left outside the contour are removed.
  3. The master performs anesthesia and prepares pigments and instruments. Opening the needles in front of the client will be an additional guarantee of sterility.
  4. A tattoo is performed. The amount of time it takes to shade depends on the volume and complexity of the work.

As a rule, during shadowing, the tinting pigment is injected no more than 1 mm under the skin. Therefore, the procedure is painless.


The tattoo of the eyebrows by the method of stippling cannot be done in these cases:

  • in the presence of venereal diseases, epilepsy, tuberculosis or positive HIV status;
  • in case of hemophilia or high blood sugar levels;
  • in the presence of inflammatory infections, the manifestations of which are present on the skin;
  • in case of exacerbation of chronic diseases or case of a painful condition of the body;
  • for allergic dermatitis;
  • It is also desirable to refuse permanent makeup during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or menstruation.

In all of the above cases, tattooing can cause significant damage to your health. It is also recommended that permanent makeup should not be done before 4 weeks after the end of the injections. Such procedures include, for example, hyaluronic acid injections and Botox.

What To Choose, Tattooing Or Microblading

Girls who want permanent makeup often can’t choose between tattooing and microblading. Each of these procedures has its nuances:

  • Microblading involves making micro incisions with a special tool in the area of the eyebrows and filling them with pigment. As a result of this procedure, the eyebrow looks as natural as possible since it consists of individual “hairs.”
  • Tattooing involves the application of a solid tone. Such permanent makeup looks natural only from a distance, but when you look at it up close, you can understand that it is a drawing.

Tattooing is simpler than microblading, so its cost is much lower. At the same time, the price should not be the deciding factor in favour of this or that technique.

When choosing between tattooing and microblading should be guided primarily by your initial data. So, girls with dense eyebrows non-ideal shape are recommended to do tattooing. The hair method is suitable for the owners of thin and light natural eyebrows.

Further Care

It is worth understanding that the result of the shadowing will not appear immediately after the procedure. After the tattoo, there is a slight redness or swelling – these phenomena usually go away the next day.

During the following days, lymph may be secreted in the area of the eyebrows. If desired, it can be removed and treated with Miramistin. The lymph will eventually turn into a crust. It can be itchy and you should never scratch the eyebrows. If the crusts are forcibly removed, the eyebrows can be scarred. If the crusts become very itchy, you can dab the crusts with baby cream.

Until the crusts come off, it is not recommended to rub or wet them. They usually fall off on their own a week after the end of the procedure. At this stage, you can already see the result of the tattoo.

What To Do If The Result Is Unsuccessful

Do not get too upset if the shadow eyebrow tattoo technique is unsuccessful. There is always a possibility to reduce the result of the procedure or go for correction.

The following options are possible:

  • Colour correction. It is advisable to perform it in case of small defects – it is too painful to correct too large areas in this way. Colour correction implies injecting a special substance under the skin that causes the rejection of permanent makeup paint. As a result, it can be erased from the skin.
  • Remover. This technique is similar to colour correction but involves the reduction of pigment along the entire length of the eyebrows. Usually, colour removal in this way is carried out in several procedures.
  • Laser. It is painless and safe but a time-consuming method of correction. It is necessary to visit about ten procedures to burn off the pigment for the tone to disappear. At the same time, the intervals between laser exposures should be at least one month.

In order not to choose between options for the correction of tattooing, it is worth initially signing up for the procedure of shading to an experienced master.

Helpful Tips From Professionals

Tips from professionals about eyebrow tattooing:

  • Tattooing is a good opportunity to let yourself sleep longer in the morning and save time on eyebrow tinting. But if you have good natural eyebrows, it doesn’t make much sense to do it.
  • The pigment tends to fade, so girls should not forget about correcting the tattoo and not walk around with orange or blue eyebrows.
  • To do quality shadowing, the master-brower must have the necessary skills and good taste. To assess the specialist’s work level, you can ask for his portfolio.

Tattooing in the technique of shadow shading is a great way to get spectacular eyebrows for a long time.

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