Bootcut Jeans Are Always A Classic

The rapid changes in fashion are sometimes difficult to keep track of. Basic closet items become a real lifesaver. Bootcut jeans remain popular for many seasons and are in the closet of almost every fashionista.

What Are Bootcut Jeans

The pant cut is straight for men and tight for women (from the belt to the knee level). And below the knees the trousers are slightly wider. This makes the jeans suitable for wearing with boots. An ideal fit for every closet. A versatile style suitable for lovers of ethnic and informal styles.

What’S The Difference Between Bootcut Jeans And Plaid?

Bootcut jeans and pants cut plackets should not be confused. The models have a difference in cut and a few other features:

  • Women’s products, like men’s bootcut jeans, do not extend very far downward. Therefore, the trousers can be tucked into the boots, but you can’t do that with a crimp.
  • Expansion in flared jeans can start from the thigh line, and the bootcut – only from knee level.
  • At first glance the bootcut seems straight, whereas the flared leg pants flare quite a bit.
  • Sometimes they form a longitudinal arrow on things in the puffer style. Bootcut jeans never have arrows.

Thanks to the laconic design, butkats resemble classic pants. Therefore, this model is worn by women and girls of all ages.

Who Can Wear Bootcut Jeans

Every fashionable woman knows that bootcut jeans are a smart way to visually correct your figure. Optimal cut of pants allows girls with any type of figure to look spectacular. Levis brand Curve takes into consideration the different curves of a woman’s figure from the waist to the hip.

Tight fitting top and a slight expansion downwards visually equalize the proportions of the silhouette, which is especially appreciated by owners of puffed forms. Girls with large calves also manage to camouflage this feature of the figure.

What are bootcut jeans today? Modern products are made from fabrics that have elastane in their composition. This additive allows denim to stretch softly and easily fit a woman’s figure.

Bootcut Jeans Women

The right pair of jeans is not easy to find. There are many factors to consider when choosing clothes. In addition to the size of the product, special attention is paid to the “fit” of the pants, which comes in several varieties.

High Rise Bootcut Jeans

Recently, high rise pairs have become a fashion trend. The pants cut is quite complicated: the belt is above the waistline and may even have a corset look. This is an excellent pair of jeans for slim fashionistas. This style emphasizes the waist, visually elongates the legs. Advantages of jeans are not limited to this:

  • The high positioning of the waistband provides a slight tightening effect;
  • A variety of braided belts and stylish leather belts highlight the waist line.

Cropped tops and sweaters will elegantly complement the bowtie pants. Such a closet is a great opportunity to demonstrate a slim figure. Of course, you can wear shirts, golf sweaters, T-shirts tucked into pants. In combination with platform shoes images of street style are created.

Low Rise Bootcut Jeans

Very feminine Low rise models give fashionable women a sexy look. The waistband is about 10-15 cm below the waistline. Looks a bit extreme – a very low-rise model (“Brazilian” version), when the waistband is 20 cm below the waistline. Thanks to the cut of the jeans the elegant smooth lines of the female figure are emphasized.

Such a model looks attractive on young slender girls who do not have extra pounds in the waist or hips. Demonstrate slim body in order to trim cropped tops. However, bootcut jeans for women are quite organically paired with shirts, spacious sweaters. To make the product more comfortable, manufacturers began to sew pants, in which the back is a bit higher than the front.

Bootcut Jeans With Scuffs

Denim clothes have a somewhat hooligan look due to scuffs. Such clothes are inappropriate in the office or at a business meeting. However, on vacation or on a walk you can pay tribute to fashion.

As a rule, scuffs are most often created on the face of the pants. Small holes may be present on the backs of pants or pockets. This peculiar decoration draws attention to specific areas of the figure. Therefore, when choosing clothing, it is imperative to take into account the peculiarities of the physique and choose appropriate things:

  • If the pelvis is quite wide, it is undesirable to wear jeans with scuffed back pockets;
  • Owners of large legs (from thigh to knee) is not recommended to try on jeans with scuffs in these areas, so as not to highlight and not visually increase the legs, far from perfect.

Fashionable pants, in which scuffs cover the entire length of the pant leg, look harmonious on girls with straight slender legs.

Stretch Bootcut Jeans

Denim clothes with an addition of elastane are a salvation for puffy fashionistas. Products bootcut fits perfectly on the figure. To get a really stylish result, when choosing clothes pay attention to some points:

  • Softly fit your legs bootcut jeans should only in the upper thighs;
  • When buying things, you should take into account that clothes made of regular denim are more durable and hardwearing.

Denim with additives makes it easy to choose jeans with the right fit for slim fashionistas and women with a slim figure. A special advantage is that the fabric stretches when tightly fitting the figure, but does not sag over time.

What To Wear With Bootcut Jeans

Drawing up images takes into account features, seasonality, and closet preferences of fashionistas. There are no special questions regarding what to wear with bootcut jeans, however.

On warm summer days or on vacation skinny tops and lightweight cropped hoodies will be indispensable additions to bootcut jeans with a high fit. Look at original images when the clothes are worn outside. Fashionable options – sweatshots, straight tunics with high side cuts, blouses with asymmetric bottom line. During the cold season jeans are combined with knitted cardigans and over-size sweaters.

Shoes To Wear With Bootcut Jeans

Stylists do not impose any requirements for the choice of shoes. Moreover, bootknights are organically combined with any shoe or boot model. Of course, the weather conditions play a decisive role. But in the season it is possible to be irrational or to experiment:

  • Jeans bootcut easily tucked into the bootcut cuffs. Fashionable models of shoes are “Cossacks” or products with straight wide cuffs. Shoes with low heels are the best solution for winter, when there is a high probability of ice.
  • Laconic image on warm autumn or summer days will give a combination of classic dark blue jeans and wedge heeled boots. A cropped jacket and a briefcase will confirm a business-like attitude of a fashionista.

During the summer, shortened pants or traditional lengths are organically worn with lightweight wedges or ballet flats. Ripped blue jeans look great complemented by stiletto sandals or open shoes.

Images With Bootcut Jeans

The cut of jeans is close to the classic straight pants, so there are no difficulties in compiling images. When choosing clothing, consider the season and closet style. Coziest feel the jeans in casual and ethno direction. Relaxed everyday images:

  • Jeans bootcut and tucked in shirt. Black jacket with ¾ length sleeves and a voluminous knitted scarf will add a touch of sternness to the image. Bring a note of livening up the image is possible with a bright brick-orange bag.
  • To give a stylish sloppy look, you can unbutton the buttons on the shirt and roll up the sleeves. Sandals on a wedge heel will be comfortable for long walks.
  • For cool autumn weather the perfect solution would be to tuck dark gray bootcut pants into black boots with a high boot heel. Cozy look a short coat made of thin drape of a mouse shade, black sweater worn outside and a scarf with white and blue ornaments, tied over the coat.
  • Thanks to the understated cut of the pants perfectly combined with coats, trenchcoats.

In the winter season it is warm and comfortable to combine boot cut jeans with shortened sheepskin coats, fur coats made of eco fur. Look sporty with a blue down jacket, black jeans, and boots with thick ribbed soles.

Unexpected and bright ideas are seen in the set of delicate pink shade with a long light cardigan to match the tone of the corset, blue jeans with high landing and original sand-coloured suede boots.

Cropped jeans with a raw edge are a trend of the season. Elegant maroon wide-heeled half-boots and loose coffee-coloured skirted blouse decorated with original maroon-golden embroidery will add a stylish look.


Accessories can be chosen according to personal preferences. In the warm season, wide multi-row or narrow gold/silver bracelets will emphasize the beauty of delicate wrists. Draw attention to the graceful line of the waist with wide belts, which can be chosen in the tone of shoes.

Thin textile scarves or shawls are always relevant. For the cold weather, wear the voluminous knitted snoods. Fashionable colors are muted pastel palette.

Complement the images with jeans and bags of different sizes. Convenient for walking around the city and spacious for shopping. Knitted handbags, which perfectly fit into the ethno directions, are a fashionable trend. Comfortable cross body remains topical.

How To Choose High-Quality Jeans

To buy jeans do not become a disappointment, stylists recommend to pay attention not only to size, style, product, but also on its quality:

  • The density of the fabric determines the durability of the pants. Jean is the cheapest material, things do not hold their shape. The highest quality and sturdiest textile is considered twill weave.
  • Real jeans are made of 100% cotton. Such things have almost no wear and tear, but they are on sale less and less often. Common fabric composition necessarily contains 2-7% elastane. Stretchy products fit better on the figure.
  • The label at quality jeans manufacturers is made of metal or leather and always contains a label. The locks, buttons and rivets must also be made of metal.

Naturally, even seams, no protruding threads – these are basic requirements that are not even discussed. The bottom edge of the pants is stitched with a tambour stitch.

Jeans are democratic clothes with a definite cut. To create a unique image, designers suggest experimenting with the length of the pants, combining denim with fabrics of different textures, and choosing original things-companions.

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