Bodysuit: How And With What To Wear?

A woman’s closet can be filled with various interesting and valuable things in addition to the usual clothes. Among them is a woman’s body, which can act as underwear and outerwear, depending on its type.


The design of the body is similar to a fused swimsuit. It successfully combines the upper part of the clothing with panties. This accessory can be combined with almost anything in your closet.

White bodysuit

History Of The Bodysuit

The first mention of bodysuits appeared in the early 20th century. Then this clothing was used mainly by athletes during gymnasts’ performances, which looked aesthetic and beautiful. The first sports bodysuits were made without fasteners at the bottom (panties), so they were not exceptionally comfortable.

Sleeveless body

Body blouse

In the 1980s, the famous designer Donna Karan suggested the original type of women’s clothing – the bodysuit – to apply in everyday life, not only during sports activities. She proved that in such things, a lady looks well-groomed and beautiful in any situation. Especially loved the women’s bodysuits of pop stars, who wore them during their concerts on stage. Today this type of clothing is available to all women, and this season it is on trend.

Fancy black bodysuit

Stylish cotton bodysuit

Such women’s clothing, such as body, perfectly fits the figure, it is pleasant to the body and easy to use. Such clothes are sewn from different materials, using cotton, wool, microfiber, lace, microgrid. Products are decorated with sequins, embroidery, beads.

Lace bodysuit

Types Of Bodysuit: Choose The Perfect Option

If you feel uncomfortable when your back is exposed, do not like to constantly adjust the T-shirt or shirt, knock out from under pants or skirts, or buy yourself a body. To choose a thing that suits you in all respects, one must understand the types of bodysuits on sale. Among them, there are:

  • A body turtleneck is the most optimal and comfortable type of clothing. Long-sleeved turtlenecks are great for the cold season, keep you warm, and combine with different kinds of clothing.
  • Bodysuits with a sports cut are necessary for girls engaged in active sports: aerobics, fitness, gymnastics, etc. The top of such a suit may be made in the form of a T-shirt, with thin shoulder straps, without sleeves or long sleeves. It is worn with sports pants and jeans.
  • Transparent bodysuits are sewn from lace, guipure or other beautiful transparent fabrics. The product turns out chic and rich in appearance. The elegant body models immediately serve as a bra, which comes as a seamless push-up, and has a design balconette, with straps or without them. This clothing is presented in different colours, the most seductive – black body. Some models are decorated with a lace bodice, lace, and bows. They are combined with skirts, shorts, and pants.
  • Body shirt – its convenience and functionality are undeniable. The bottom of such accessory (panties) is made of elastic natural fabric, and the top – is made from silk, cotton or chiffon. Wearing such a shirt, you will not worry that its edges will come out of the skirt or pants at the most inopportune moment. Wear blouses or body shirts with pencil skirts and classic pants, creating attractive office looks.
  • Body – underwear is used to correct the figure. It is ideal for those women who want to hide problem areas on the body. A corrective body will ideally form a woman’s figure. Waist underwear will help create a flat tummy and emphasize the waist. The visual effect of losing weight is guaranteed.

Body with decoration on the shoulders

Striped bodysuit

Fashionable And Stylish Bodysuits In 2022

This season, fashionable women can buy a few bodysuits to add freshness and seductive notes to their closets.

Pink bodysuit

White body shirt

Be sure to stock up on a turtleneck body with three-quarter sleeve, which perfectly emphasize the advantages of the female figure. In fashion women’s body with long sleeves.

Among the current colours – are black and white, as well as bright, cheerful shades: models of red, yellow, green, and blue colours. Lace bodysuits or products with lace inserts will also appeal to women. Choose it for a party or create a festive image.

Body with shorts

Blue bodysuit

Turtleneck-body with embroidery, open back or a beautiful neckline – consider the different options of such attractive and feminine clothing. But before buying a turtleneck, try it on and decide with what closet items you will combine.

Knitted bodysuit

Body with skirt

How To Wear A Bodysuit?

If a member of the fairer sex has decided to buy a bodysuit for the first time, she may encounter a problem with wearing it. Let’s give some tips for solving this issue:

  • First, you should pay attention to the purpose of the bodysuit. If you use it as underwear, you should not wear panties. Although in terms of hygiene, you can wear underwear of similar style and colour;
  • Tights are usually worn under the body, not on top. It looks more aesthetically pleasing. To do without pantyhose, for hygiene, stick daily pads on the gusset of tights. Although if you think it is necessary, you can wear pantyhose over the body;
  • Body parts with fasteners between the legs are more comfortable. They are made in the form of hooks, Velcro and buttons. Choose what is best for you.

Many women who first buy a bodysuit note that it is a very comfortable and practical type of clothing. First, it goes well with other things in the closet. Secondly, comfortable for the body, and thirdly, fashionable.

Body with cutout on the back

Body with the neckline on the shoulders

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