Blue Pants For Women – Indispensable Element Of The Closet

Blue women’s pants will be a worthy replacement for tired jeans of indigo colour. The daily closet would be incomplete without such a comfortable and practical product. In addition, it would seem that classic and even ordinary clothing can be bright and unusual.


The bright blue colour is eye-catching. Buying pants of such a “lively” shade, it is important to understand that some difficulties may accompany the formation of a spectacular image. A dark blue tone can be overly gloomy. If, in the case of bright shades, you need to look for more neutral “companions,” then the dark blue bottom should be complemented by accessories of saturated tones.

Curiously, the blue colour can manifest itself in different ways in combination with different shades. For example, a white blouse will look with blue pants, a little flirty naivety and romanticism.

A suit of blue and green accessories will give the image of elegance and balance the colour balance.

The combination of blue pants and black clothing elements will make the look strict and formal, but the yellow elements will give a playfulness, lightness and youthful carelessness.

A Win-Win Option

Dark blue women’s pants are one of the key attributes of the basic closet. A blue palette and a good cut can turn pants into a “universal soldier.” The ideal style is pants, narrowed to the bottom, straight cut. The fit is medium or slightly elevated. The colour is not too dark but devoid of bright shimmer or glitter.

Such pants will look good on any figure. Blue classic pants should be in the closet and a very young beauty, and adult solid lady. “Classic” is good because the blue restrained bottom can be combined both with traditional elements, and with informal clothes.

All blouses, bodysuits, socks, and tops with strict jackets can be worn with pants. Organically the look will look shorter jacket or lengthened cardigan, a strict vest or a leather jacket.

It is also worth noting that pants in a similar colour and such a favourable style are well combined with almost any outerwear. The only exceptions are bombers, sports-type jackets, and overly voluminous and extravagant clothes, which do not tolerate light and classic “partners.”

Of course, “classics” are immutable and always beautiful. However, many styles are still worthy of modern fashionistas’ attention. Moreover, the blue palette allows each type of pants to “reveal” a new way.


Dark blue pants are especially good with wide pants and a high waist. The most boring colour looks royally smart and quite solemn in such a format. The only question that remains is what to wear fashionable clothes.

A fitted top is ideal. In some cases, the image can be made feminine and sophisticated, as a top light blouses of romantic colours. The combination of colours and styles largely determines the type of shape.

Rough pants on the type of boyfriends look good on girls with a fragile build. Straight cut with an extension will hide figure flaws, preserving the “smart” look. An overstitch looks amazing on tall girls with an hourglass figures. Obligatorily pick up a close-fitting top to the pants to emphasize the flawless form.

Narrow models

The question of what to wear narrow models of blue pants is also no less relevant. Tight skinnies slim not only women’s legs but also visually improve the silhouette, pulling it out.

Blue cropped pants allow you to create understated elegant looks. To do this, you just need to pick up the same neat minimalistic top. For example, a body shirt, sweatshirt or blouse of neutral colours. You can diversify the look with the right choice of bijouterie.

Owners of the figure “pear” can create looks with a voluminous top. To do this, it is recommended to combine narrow pants with a cardigan (large knit or massive decorations are welcome), chiffon blouses with an abundance of decorative details or sweaters of “oversize” format.

An elongated jacket 1 -2 tones lighter than the pants look good. Under it, it is better to wear a dark blouse without patterns and ornaments. Such a look will look interesting with a classic hat and an elongated tweed coat.

Ultra short models

Short blue pants are a trendy thing, which is only becoming more in demand from season to season. Interestingly, the standard length can be shortened at any time by casually tucking the pants. This will create a lightweight casual look. The same lightweight informal shirt or a sweater with asymmetry will go perfectly with the pants.

Shortened models, more like breeches in the classic style, are recommended to wear with jackets and blazers of shortened type. Not a bad look in openwork miniature bolero is worn over a strict blouse without decorations. To make the look elegant and feminine, you must pick light-coloured pumps shoes with a small heel.

The blue palette is rich in a variety of shades. Moreover, each tone will look different on popular fabrics. For example, classic indigo looks completely different on denim, suits, knit fabrics, and leather lacquered bases.

Dark blue options

Perhaps the most versatile colour is navy blue. It looks winningly on any texture. Problems about how and with what to wear dark pants should not arise. This is an unshakable base for creating various looks in terms of style. Along with the classic black pants, strict blue pants may well enter the closet of a woman who observes a strict office dress code.

However, the dark blue bottom should not always be complemented by strict details. It is enough to pick up a light feminine blouse. Such a “duo” is combined with bright jackets. Such an image will turn out to be light, quite strict, but not boring.

The most winning colours:

  • Lemon;
  • Light Terracotta;
  • Coral;
  • Coffee with milk;
  • Emerald tone;
  • Mint;
  • Turquoise;
  • All shades of sky blue.

Romantic look powder and pearl tones. For a more austere look, you can choose accessories in a rich chocolate colour.

Light blue models

The lighter the tone, the greater the likelihood that the pants of this style will look fat, so the owners of large hips or too disproportionate figures should refuse such an item in the closet.

Fragile girls can safely add bright blue pants to their fashion arsenal. The light blue bottom perfectly combines with the top in pastel colours. At the same time, you can experiment to your heart’s content with textures.

Suede, satin, silk, tapestry: each fabric is beautiful in its way in blue, and delicate pastel tones will only emphasize the richness of textures and give an image of expensive elegance. Even a combination of simple light blue pants in casual style and a plain white T-shirt will look interesting and stylish.


To always look flawless, it is enough to know about some secrets and always listen to your inner sense of style. Also, many fashionable women can benefit from the following recommendations:

  • Short girls who want to wear blue pants of a saturated shade should pick up high-heeled shoes for the look. The optimal tone is neutral beige;
  • Bright pants are perfectly combined with contrasting patterns. Very effectively look a combination of blue pants and a strict blouse in a check;
  • For an evening out, blue pants and a feminine pastel blouse are enough to complement the stylish, expensive jewelry.

Despite all the versatility of blue pants, it is better not to abuse the colour combinations. The main rule is as follows: combining more than four shades with the blue base is strictly forbidden. Especially if the two of them are too bright and contrast each other. There are very few restrictions and taboos, so it is quite easy to create fashionable looks with blue pants.

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