Blue Manicure: How To Attract The Spring Mood

Blue manicure is becoming more and more popular every day. The cooler shades of the celestial palette have already supplanted the main colors – beige and scarlet tones. The radical change in material preferences has also had a big impact. No ordinary nail polish is as capable of unlocking the full potential of blue shades as a high quality gel polish.

Secrets Of Popularity

The secret to why the blue manicure has become so popular lies on the surface. Here are just a few of the most obvious reasons:

  • The variety of shades allows you to create any most creative and unusual nail art;
  • Nails with a celestial shade are suitable for any girl or woman. They will look appropriate both at an informal party and at a business meeting;
  • The celestial palette is well complemented by different colors. Almost any combination of shades looks organic and stylish.

The blue background is universal in terms of seasonality. In winter, light blue is used as a base for creating a “snowy” nail art. Spring compositions are complemented with floral designs. You can experiment with blue manicures with a nautical theme during the summer.

Monomanicure: Simplicity Is The Basis Of Elegance

Manicures with design are always made for a particular image or event, guided by a momentary desire or mood. A monochrome finish, on the other hand, is universal. Matte or glossy nails, covered with a spectacular color, always captivate with their elegant simplicity and sophistication.

It is a beautiful deep color will emphasize the beauty of the hands, the tenderness of women’s fingers, it gives a touch of elegance to the whole image. Pastel-soft tones will make the image more girlish, dreamy, and romantic. A matte manicure with a rich turquoise, aquamarine color will look flashy, but very stylish.

This is just the case when a mono manicure or monochrome coating will attract attention and emphasize the grooming of the hands. Screaming nail art most often draws attention to the elements of the decor, but the nails themselves and the beauty of women’s hands become of secondary importance.

For fans of creative solutions who are eager to try novel things, stylists recommend decorating the nails with a single-color coating of several shades. Simply put, each nail is painted blue, but the shades on each finger will be different. This is a gradient in a way, but still very far from the classic vision of this technique in nail art.

Talk about nail art in blue tones can be very long. The light and airy color is an excellent base for creating a huge variety of variations. Because it does not visually burden the nail plates, it allows you to present even the most complex jewelry designs advantageously.

Not forgetting that a beautiful design on a blue background can also be overdone is imperative. An a priori combination of celestial shades and sequins, bright patterns or complex designs is over the top and flashy. Selecting a particular design option, it is imperative to realize that it clearly will not look restrained and modest.

The main trends and innovations in modern nail art suggest such ways of decorating a monochrome coating of blue:

  1. Glitter;
  2. Rubbing;
  3. Rhinestones;
  4. Painting;
  5. Geometry (strict and abstract);
  6. Venzellas;
  7. Velvet manicure;
  8. The “broken glass” effect;
  9. French manicure with accent finger.

Among the best options, you can always find something that suits you. The main thing is not to forget the basic rule of harmonious nail art. The more complex the design or decorative elements, the longer and neater the nail plate should be. However, the manicure should be as restrained on short nails as possible. Decor, of course, can be present, but in moderation. It is best to use 1 – 2 accent nails.

Short Nails And Blue Manicure

Short nails have become a real fashion trend for 2022. It turns out that being fashionable is much easier than it seems. In place of the ultra-long, aggressive nail extensions came neat short versions. They look as natural as possible, fully complying with the latest trends in fashion.

On short nails, there will be too large patterns or small, but catchy, thus creating unaesthetic chaos. In addition, do not forget that a manicure with blue gel polish will enhance the effect of any drawing on the plates.

Accents On The Nails

Choosing accent fingers’ reception, the nails’ drawing should also be selected with special diligence. A gentle blue manicure can complement such light and airy drawings of flowers, butterflies, birds.
Imitation lace, delicate curls, and delicate shining monograms look great. The main rule is that they really must be delicate and refined. It is better if the drawing will take up too much space. It is enough to decorate the edge of the nail plate or a separate fragment of it.

Color Combinations

A gentle manicure in blue tones on short nails will look most natural with white, gray, silver, gold, black. A suitable option for short nails is a blue French.

You can use glitter accents for a completely festive and creative look. For example, a manicure with a waxed-in manicure. The accent can be on the small finger and ring finger. In this case, the other nails can be styled as French or covered with monochrome gel-lacquer. As for the wax, it is better to choose options that match the mood – pearl, mirror, diamond, but the “May bug” is likely to be inappropriate.

Lunar Manicure Variations

Moon manicures on short nails do not always look right. This applies when the nails are extremely short. In that case, the colored moon will only shorten the plate, and colorless elements will not be able to help.

However, there is a way out in this situation as well. Experts recommend trying a reverse moon manicure – when the moon is not convex, but concave in the opposite direction. Thus, the nail bed is emphasized in an unusual way, and the nail itself looks a bit longer than it actually is. Pink and blue manicures or combinations of turquoise and gray are very effective in this format. Also quite effective when painted in silver and gold tones.

Blue Matte Manicure

A blue manicure with sequins on a matte canvas is an original option to decorate your nails. The spectacular interweaving of cardinally opposite textures looks truly stylish and original. Even the most laconic and restrained nail art in this case acquires a special dynamic, style and complex aesthetic concept.

Use a special matte coating to give glossy turquoise tones the desired matte texture. There is another way – it is enough to apply a transparent matte top on a glossy surface.

A matte texture will perfectly complement a blue manicure with sequins. For this, it is better to give preference to saturated shades – the blue of the autumn sky, the freshness of the sea wave, the intensity of mountain lakes. The velvety base can be supplemented with metallized elements of neu-art, scotch tape of gold or silver, sequins, rhinestones.

Another fresh idea is a matte manicure with a pattern of glossy monograms. It can even be done in one color. The picture in this case will be very dynamic and thoughtful.

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