Blue In Woman’s Clothing: Heavenly Lightness

The color blue in clothes is a new trend this year, in fact, blue is the new red. It is quite understandable: subtle, graceful, elegant, this color will complete any image! And also the blue color wonderfully combines with other shades, which makes things of this color irreplaceable in the closets of today’s fashionable women.

Even psychology explains the choice of one color or another. According to psychologists, the color blue is preferred by people with a balanced nervous system. This is because they managed to find a balance between the internal and external, confident in themselves and believing in themselves. This color is beautiful because of its amazing relevance, and it can be used to create an image that is suitable for any situation.

Blue’s elegance and grace will never seem provocative, so it will easily fit into any dress code, even one that is very strict. Sky blue suits both blondes and brunettes equally well.

Tips For Harmonious Color Combinations

Blue belongs to the pastel colors, which can be combined with bright, saturated colors. It is advisable to create images in which clothes of blue color will be combined with such colors as:

  • red;
  • white;
  • all shades of pink;
  • all shades of green;
  • gray;
  • brown;
  • black;
  • blue;

The combination of white and blue colors will help you create a light, fresh and soft look. This is the right way for the summer, as it will advantageously highlight the tanned skin.

A set of things in pink and blue shades. Perhaps such a bright combination will not fit into a strict dress code. However, it is just necessary for photo walks and wearing on a date or to the movies. Such marshmallow splendor, by the way, will be perfect for brunettes, softening their appearance.

Many people are unjustly oblivious to the color gray, and in vain! If gray is used tastefully, it will be the right option for business style, emphasizing elegance and severity at the same time. To combine gray and blue, choose not light-colored things, but things of steel or asphalt color.

You don’t like the color brown? You just don’t know how to wear it! Brown is known for its variety, just imagine: shades of beige, camel, chocolate or terracotta combined with sky blue. With its sophistication, your image will be remembered for a long time by those around you!

Black combines well with any other color, blue is no exception. Thus, light-colored clothes will perfectly dilute a strict black suit, so for the dress code this combination is more than appropriate.

If you choose a combination of light blue and, for example, a classic shade of denim, deep navy blue, you will not fail! The image will look complete and refined.

Do you think that red and blue won’t go together in any way, and even if it does, you’ll look like a clown? It all depends on the shade you prefer. So, if you try to combine sky blue with burgundy, wine or a shade of cherry, the image will be fresh and bright. This combination is suitable for brunettes.

Blue: 2022 Fashionable Images

Sky blue is the trend of the year. You can expand your closet with coats, jackets, dresses, blouses, pants and even shoes in this shade.

If you like dresses, you can complement the blue dress with low-heeled shoes in white or milky shades. Do you like wedges? Wonderful! Denim sundress with light blue hue and white sabots on cork soles – a stylish combination for a summer day in the city. Do you like a sporty style in your clothes? That doesn’t mean you have to give up dresses. A sky-blue shirt dress and white textile espadrilles or beige powder-colored slip-ons are the stylish combination for a picnic trip or a boat ride on a hot day. A light blue evening dress can be safely complemented with high-heeled shoes of light beige or even dark cherry color, and you can choose a clutch that matches the color of the shoes as well.

The medium length flared skirt in light blue will be more than appropriate with a pink or lemon blouse, and you can complement the classic pencil skirt with a navy blue jacket and high-heeled shoes in dark maroon or light beige. You can combine a short skirt of forget-me-nots shade with a sweatshirt or a shirt, and you can choose a sweatshirt with a print of your choice. A flying skirt of maximum length will look very fresh with a fitted jacket in a lemon or white color.

Do you like classic black pants? Adding a light blouse of sky-blue color and high-heeled shoes of marsala color will complete the image and make it elegant. If you like belts, you can complement the image with a belt in the shade of your shoes. Jeans or pants of light blue color are perfectly combined with slip-ons or textile espadrilles of beige or sandy shades, and also you can combine narrow pants of non-vanilla color with a sweatshirt of bright scarlet color.

Shoes navy color are more suitable for spring and summer, because they will be perfectly combined with light fabrics and summer cut. Shoes of this color will be a gorgeous addition to the evening image. Thus, if you have chosen a summer cocktail dress of pink or soft lemon color, light navy shoes will be more than suitable. And in cool weather the navy shoes will be suitable with denim or white linen or cotton clothes. As a side note, if you like brightly colored bags, spend some time replenishing your closet with a bag or a clutch of sky-navy color, because if you wear all white, the sky-navy color clutch will add brightness to your look.

Be sure to enrich your closet with items that have this incredible and gentle shade, whatever the weather outside and whatever the latest color trend is, you can always complement it with serenely gentle and calm things in blue.

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