Blue Hat Is A Bold And Stylish Look

Buying a winter hat in blue is something most girls and women consider too daring and unwise. This is because warm outerwear is often black or gray, and a blue hat will hardly go well with it. However, for several seasons in a row designers call to abandon the boring, inconspicuous hats, dilute the winter closet with bright colours and begin to experiment.

Types Of Winter Hats

If you want a blue hat in your closet, it is important not to make a mistake with its style. Today in stores there is a huge assortment. Do not go out of fashion and remain popular for several seasons:

  • earflaps;
  • beret;
  • bini hat;
  • hat with a pompom;
  • helmet hat;
  • snood;
  • knit, imitating a hat.

The choice of a hat directly depends on the shape of your face. A girl with a round face should wear a voluminous blue hat with a large knitting, leaving the forehead open. In such a hat the face will visually seem narrower and elongated, because the emphasis will be placed on the top of the head. Women with narrow faces look great in hats with ears, voluminous snoods, and hats that fit closely to the head and cover the forehead.

Girls with a triangular face shape this fall and winter should wear blue berets and miniature hats. Knitted hats can be coquettishly shifted to the side, then the image will be truly romantic. Ladies with this face shape will not suit headdresses with a pompom – in them the face will seem disproportional.

For a rectangular face, wear voluminous blue berets, earflaps, hats-pipes, caps. The main thing is that the hat should not fit tightly and should not have large decorative elements.

In addition to making a mistake with the style, the right material must also be selected. Today hats are made from:

  • natural wool;
  • knitwear;
  • Fur;
  • synthetics;
  • waterproof material.

The blue knitted hat will become an indispensable part of your wardrobe. It appears as though knitwear “adjusts” to the ambient temperature, so this hat will keep you warm in cold weather and not get too hot during the thaw. Knitted hats are worn in early autumn and do not take off until late spring. For winter you will need a woman’s hat made of fur or natural woolen threads. Such hats are worn during severe frosts and winds. If it rains in your region in winter, you should buy a hat made of waterproof material or synthetic.

How To Wear A Blue Hat?

Before you buy a hat in such a difficult colour, you need to decide what you plan to wear it with. The hardest thing is for women who choose a business style of dress. They need a dark navy hat – bright colours in the office are not always appropriate. Such a hat will go well with a black coat or sheepskin coat. In this case, shoes, gloves and bag should also be black. A dark navy hat with a miniature shape with a small bow will be perfectly combined with a fitted coat in the same navy colour. A navy beret or snood will go well with business suits, strict pants and pencil skirts. For a strict winter image, a rough knit hat with dark navy colors, embellished with large stones, rhinestones, interesting embroidery, and pieces of fur would be perfect.

Wearing a bright blue hat is part of the sports style that many young girls are choosing today. Hats tightly fitting the head, ridiculous binis, blue hats with pompoms are popular. They are worn with voluminous down jackets and sporty rough boots.

Hats of the same style are also popular in casual style. The fashion of the city streets does not put any obstacles. Denim clothes look great with blue hats of all shades and models. In early autumn you can wear skinny jeans, a sweater, denim jacket, sneakers and a blue bini hat.

Blue pairs well with shades of green, so a turquoise or dark blue hat will look stylish with an olive, mint, grass coat, or cape. It’s bold, but you’ll definitely get noticed on the street in such a backdrop. For an even more extravagant look, young girls wear blue hats with a yellow scarf – it’s a win-win combination of two bright colours.

A navy hat will go well with a gray, black or checkered loose-fitting coat, skinny jeans and suede boots with a stable heel. Shoes can be navy, olive or burgundy. In the warm autumn or spring designers generally advise against outerwear. A very stylish outfit would include navy jeans, insulated sneakers, a white wool sweater, a voluminous checkered scarf, a bag with a long handle, and a navy cap with a pompon.

A lightweight knitted hat can be worn even indoors. In the office you are unlikely to be allowed to leave it. However, you can wear such a hat in a cafe or cinema to meet with friends. It will look stylish with comfortable jeans and a Norwegian sweater with pictures of reindeer and different winter ornaments. The fashionable blue hat is also perfectly combined with a leather jacket and round sunglasses.

Modern fashion does not impose strict prohibitions on what and how you can wear a navy hat. For work you can buy a laconic dark navy beret. For more informal meetings you can buy a turquoise or navy hat with original style and not be afraid to wear it with bright things. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice of style and shade, and then the navy hat will not just become an original accessory – it can become a real decoration of a boring winter or autumn look.

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