Blue Ballet Flats: Beautiful Models And Combinations

The blue colour in clothes and shoes emphasizes the majesty and richness. Therefore, ballet flats of this shade are perfectly combined with evening dresses and festive images. However, fashion experts advise wearing blue ballet flats in everyday life: at work, school, for a walk and on a date. Let’s find out what is the best to combine such shoes and what elements of clothing should be abandoned.

How To Wear Ballet Flats – A Choice Of Dress

Blue ballet flats are not so easy to combine with other outfits. Such a bright and saturated colour does not like ” arguing” with other shades. Therefore, stylists recommend wearing only a blue dress under such shoes. However, you can experiment with the shades of the outfit. Try to wear a blue, aquamarine and translucent turquoise dress.

A yellow dress for blue ballet shoes is acceptable. It is important that the outfit is completely monochrome, without coloured inserts. The dress can be decorated with sequins, rhinestones or stones. However, they must be transparent or silver.

Blue ballet flats and a wedding dress

It must be strange to see such a combination of shoes and wedding attire. After all, everyone is used to the fact that the bride can only wear white ballet flats. However, fashion does not stand still; at many weddings, girls wear shoes that contrast with the dress.

This is especially appropriate if you have a blue-and-white celebration. This is a popular combination that newlyweds often choose. Therefore, blue ballet flats will perfectly harmonize with the dress on such a background. Fashion experts advise putting a wide blue belt on the waist. Then the image will turn out bold, harmonious and original.

Choosing A Look For The Office

To look irresistible but at the same time restrained, you can add blue suede ballet flats to your work image. They look smart and expensive and are perfect under strict office clothes.

  1. You should not wear the classic version – a white top, black bottom. Then the ballet flats will be silly and out of harmony with this image. Try wearing a blue or blue blouse with long sleeves. Underneath wear fitted black pants. A small handbag will be perfect for this look. Best of all, it should also be suede and blue.
  2. If there is no strict dress code in the office, you can combine dark blue ballet flats with jeans of the same shade. In this case, the white blouse will be appropriate and contrasting.
  3. The perfect solution is a blue plaid shirt and suede ballet flats. On the bottom, you can wear light classic pants. White, cream or beige shades will do.
  4. If you want to wear a white blouse, add contrast and use a blue tie. This is a fashionable solution that will cause rapturous glances from your colleagues at work. Such an image will suit perfectly bright blue ballet flats.

Creating A Look For A Romantic Date

To look feminine and stylish at the first meeting with a guy, use fashionable ballet flats and create a unique image.

  • A stylish blue one-shoulder T-shirt and light jeans are perfect for fashionable ballet flats, for such an image will suit combed hair and bright makeup.
  • A tender sundress of white colour will emphasize a feminine image. To tie this piece of clothing with ballet flats, it is enough to put a thin blue sash on the waist. The handbag in tone will perfectly harmonize with the overall image.
  • Try wearing a long tunic with a print and tight leggings with shiny inserts. Such an image will suit ballet flats with rhinestones or stones.

Images: Casual Options

Blue ballet flats can diversify any casual image and help you always look on top.

  1. Wear a light blue T-shirt and white ripped jeans. Under such a bold and unconventional image, bright blue ballet flats will suit you perfectly. Take with you a small handbag with different inserts.
  2. A denim jumpsuit and blue ballet flats are a good solution. The length of the outfit mustn’t be too short. Try to take a jumpsuit that will tighten the waist and emphasize the figure. If it is decorated with rhinestones or drawings – it’s only a plus to your image.
  3. Bright leggings with various prints will suit perfectly under the blue ballet flats. It is important that the shoes also have drawings or patterns and the colour scheme is combined with the bottom. Wear a shortened jersey of light yellow colour. You can add to the image a bold accessory – a fashionable cap with rhinestones and similar patterns.

Choosing The Perfect Accessories

To get a harmonious image, all the accessories should be combined with shoes and clothing as much as possible.

  • A purse of almost any size will do for an everyday look. For a festive evening, the look needs to take a small clutch. But for a date, buy a purse on a thin chain of small size. The accessory can be blue or black. Tasteless will look green, orange and red handbags. Be careful with accessories in pink.
  • Choose sunglasses with black frames. If the shoes are light blue, go with yellow frames.
  • Headwear. Hats with wide brims and scarves do not go well with blue ballet flats. You can experiment and add a denim cap to the image.
  • You must have blue shades in your makeup. But do not overdo it, so those around you do not have the impression that your eyes are puffy. You can use gray eyeshadow with glitter.

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