Blouses With Collar: Features Of Popular Trends In 2022

On the eve of the next fashion season, fashion designers rushed to release a collection in which women’s blouses with collars take pride. The products in a romantic style of the finest silk with lace inserts are still popular. For work, you can buy a knitted model and a blouse made of satin for evening receptions.

Pay attention to the sleeves and collars, which are the main features of 2022.

In most past fashion shows, there is a desire for a romantic style. There is no shortage of ruffles, prints, ruffles and other flirty decorative elements.

  • The center of attention is a blouse with a bow collar made of light fabric with plenty of lace inserts and beads.
  • As you have already realized, stylish shirts that effectively emphasize the femininity of the figure are back in fashion. And this is not always done using standard methods. Now you can see a fragile loin under a woman’s knitted blouse with a strict man’s cut. And so that the outfit does not seem too aggressive, the overall picture is diluted with a mischievous bow of small size.
  • A blouse with a jabot collar and an elegant pencil skirt is perfect for an office worker. The colours can vary from classic white to emerald.
  • The classic blouse with a stand-up collar is still popular. During the cold season, you can wear a knitted blouse on top.
  • Asymmetry is the hit of the coming season. Adding a layered cut will make the shirt a worthy outfit for romantic meetings and formal events.
  • Designers today strive to expose the female body as much as possible. In the warm season, you can buy the most open product. Blouses with high collars decorated with lacing, translucent inserts, appliques and zippers are becoming popular.
  • Do not be afraid to combine different textures and colours. For example, on a monochrome background, effectively highlight the stand-up collar and cuffs or buckle area.
  • Geometry is a favourite ornament of modern couturiers. The hit of the season is the check and stripes. Moreover, the first can be any size – from large to microscopically small. Designers recommend paying attention to products with horizontal lines of different thicknesses.

Little Bit About Details

In winter, of course, you want to insulate yourself by wrapping up in fluffy sweaters and cardigans. Silk and cotton are replaced by mohair and dense knitwear. Blouses with collars in the upcoming autumn-winter season are an exception. The list of preferences of famous couturiers included satin, lace, silk, chiffon, mesh and lace. In the end, if you want to look impeccable and perfect, you can throw a vest of fur, a jacket or a blazer over your shoulders.

The place of honor in the closet of every lady is occupied by denim shirts. Stylists say that such updates are a good investment in your own style. Denim fabric seems to be out of time and space, as it never leaves the collections of famous brands. Trendsetters recommend wearing denim blouses with skirts, skinny pants and shorts.

Among the office outfits, the white blouse with a black collar dominates. These colours have long become a classic, so this outfit is a win-win option. In addition, this solution does not contradict the strict dress code rules. Blouses with round collars look delicate, so some fashionable women actively use them to form a business look. If you take a few bright accessories, you can not go home after work and immediately go to a meeting with girlfriends or a romantic date.

Trendy Colours

Nowadays, designers do not impose strict colour restrictions, but the preferences do not forget to mention.

  • White, black and gray are true classics of the genre. And the gray palette is presented today in a fairly wide range. Here is a refined pearl, which looks especially luxurious on satin fabrics, and strict graphite, embodied in chiffon and silk.
  • The whole range of blue and blue. Blue openwork inserts on a snow-white blouse look very feminine and coquettish. If you complement the image with shoes to match the tone and skinny pants, you will certainly become the object of desire of all the men around you. By the way, to add sexuality to the image, you can buy a monochrome blue shirt and complement the set with clothes or shoes in red.
  • Palettes such as brick, coral, pink and purple are good for spring and summer. A sleeveless blouse with a collar of spectacular lemon colour can be used in different variations with pleated skirts and short shorts. A great solution for walks in the city and trips on vacation.
  • Pastels continue to be in trend. Beige, mint, light blue, pistachio – all these shades can be used in everyday life and for celebrations. Blouses with a collar, which are now one of the most popular types of shirts, are made from delicate fabrics in pastel colours and are abundantly decorated with beads, lace, stones and rhinestones.
  • Fashion designers seek to make a woman’s image luxurious and elegant, and it must remain so, even if she is going to go shopping or read a book on a bench in the park, so in fashion, a new trend – the shades of precious stones. Turquoise, topaz, ruby, emerald – you can’t think of nobler colours. However, such solutions are good only if the product is deprived of other decorative elements. Otherwise, the shirt will look overloaded. A blouse with a collar “halter” is an ideal solution, as due to such a spectacular style, it does not need additional decoration.

When choosing the features of your appearance, guide colours. It has been proved that things should be chosen according to your natural colour.

Fashions And Cuts

The following areas will be relevant in 2022:

  • Blouses with large bows, ruffles and frills. The latter can be placed not only in the chest area. A fashionable feature – gatherings on the sleeves or waist.
  • Open shoulders or back. Just do not overdo it – everything must be in moderation. Bare only one part of the body. If it is the back, let the outfit be decorated with lace or zipper, shoulders – with frills and ruffles.
  • Long versions are good for everyday life. Tunic blouses or dress shirts are combined with jeans or tight pants.
  • The lantern sleeves – can be short or extremely long. Your choice depends only on individual preferences and the nature of the upcoming event.

Fashionable stylistic trends, as well as styles, colours, and stylish ornaments, are very much, so in all the variety of blouses for women with a collar, you can easily find something that suits you. Please emphasize the last phrase: the outfit should suit you in colour and cut, and for this, each outfit must be tried on before buying.

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