Blouses In Red Are A Bold Choice For Confident Women

Who Should Wear A Red Blouse?

The colour red has many shades, each suitable for a particular type of woman. Bright and saturated tones are suitable for young girls, as the flashy colour symbolizes lightness. Middle-aged women should prefer products in warm red shades.

A dark red blouse is suitable for ladies over the age of thirty-five. Such a blouse makes a woman confident and speaks of her wisdom. The shade adds respectability and prestige to the image.

Blouse Models

In polka dots.

Polka-dot blouses allow you to create a playful and stylish image. Red fabric with white polka dots looks cute and provocative. Polka dot blouses are used to create various casual and trendy images. Pea blouses are combined with denim shorts, jumpsuits or pants from a light fabric.


The lace blouse is more often chosen for solemn occasions. Then the image is emphasized with red lipstick. The most successful looks are an openwork blouse and white bottom. Lace emphasizes the fragility of the owner of the image.


The translucent red women’s blouse looks passionate and provocative. It can not be combined with products that emphasize sexuality. The bra should not be white. It is recommended to choose a bodice in the tone of the blouse. In the extreme case, black or beige will do.


The silk blouse looks expensive and stylish. It can be worn for an evening out or a celebration.

Shiny dark red blouse is not combined with all elements of the closet. Silk items are worn with satin skirts and things made of jeans or dense cotton.


The material adds airiness and lightness to the image. Red chiffon blouses are perfectly combined with a corset or bustier dress. Many ladies love chiffon blouses because they emphasize femininity and allow a sense of comfort.

With basque

A red blouse with a basque makes a woman slim and sexy. The bottom is selected only narrowed cut – pencil skirt, skinny pants or jeggings. The colour of the products should be black.


The white stripe on the red blouse can be vertical or horizontal. Fashion designers have combined the two directions and got an extravagant product in stripes. This allows you to use a striped blouse not only for office style but also for every day. Striped blouses in vertical stripes visually lengthen the silhouette.


Black and white plaid on a red background is no less popular than the usual white blouse. The red blouse successfully harmonizes with jeans and leather skirts. A plaid blouse is suitable for creating casual images.


A red blouse with a fitted cut will become an indispensable element of your closet. It sits well on the figure and is to the taste of even conservative fashionistas. A true fashionista would wear it both at work and on holiday.

With flounces

A blouse with flounces makes the image smart and festive. The element can be located on the shoulders, collars, or sides. Products with flounces located asymmetrically look interesting.

With collars

The collar of the red blouse can be anything – stand-up, semicircular, classic, with a bow, etc. Sometimes the cuff is made in another colour – black or white. Contrasting combinations look very stylish.


A red sleeveless blouse will help in hot summer weather. The main purpose of this model is to emphasize the beauty of the hands. Ladies with full arms are better suited to a red blouse with long sleeves.

Red Blouse: What To Wear


A white knit sweater can be worn over a red blouse with a collar. The sweater size should be chosen, so the shirt looks out from under it. Blue skinny jeans and warm boots will complete the image.


A red or white blouse looks good in the company of a black or bright pink miniskirt. Such an image is suitable for a meeting with friends. No less effective looks a skirt-sun. The image is complemented by tight tights and leather boots for the cold season.


An office red blouse is appropriate for going to work or a business meeting, so you can throw a black and white or black jacket over your shoulders. The bottom should be pants or skinny jeans.

Ripped jeans

Dark red blouse and ripped jeans – the choice of daring ladies. The image emphasizes individuality. It is appropriate for outings with friends or shopping. On the feet, you can wear both sophisticated sandals and a comfortable slip-on.


The combination of a red blouse and denim shorts is suitable for dynamic girls who are not afraid to be in the spotlight. The most daring fashionistas wear black or beige high-heeled sandals on their feet for an everyday image, giving preference to shorts in stripes.


On cold spring or fall days, wear a red, blue or black coat on top of a red blouse. Here organically look suede or leather boots and jeans.

Leather Jacket

Girls who appreciate the comfort and functionality of clothes wear a red blouse, leather jacket, jeggings under the leather and lace-up boots. The jacket can be pure black, purple or brown.


What to wear a red shoe blouse depends on the image, time of year and weather. With a red blouse you can wear:

  • slip-ons;
  • boots;
  • wedge heels;
  • boats;
  • booties;
  • sandals;
  • sabots;
  • booties;
  • oxfords.

The most advantageous red blouse looks with leather and suede shoes. For dynamic walks and business trips choose slip-ons and sabots. For romantic and provocative images fit pumps, wedge shoes and sandals. The other options are more appropriate for demi-seasonal looks.

How To Choose Accessories?

Details must match the overall colour scheme of the image to create a classic look. Contrasting accessories look spectacular. When combining a red blouse with a black bottom, it is allowed to use a black hat and earrings as an addition.

If there are gray and beige things together with red, the elements are chosen in the same colour scheme. The clutch or bag should be in light shades. You can use red nail polish or lipstick to complement the image.

Do not be afraid to make the image vulgar by applying rhinestones. They will fit harmoniously into any look. With what to wear a blouse to calm the saturation of red – burgundy or black scarf, scarf or bracelet.

Is There Anything You Can’T Wear It With?

Red is a colour that attracts attention and is an accent of the image. Some products with it are completely incompatible. Regarding what to wear, a blouse is not recommended:

  • bright prints;
  • an abundance of jewelry;
  • things in green;
  • tights and fishnet stockings;
  • Shiny platform sandals;
  • frank miniskirts;
  • red bottom.

The red colour combines well with green, but in the image would look ridiculous and reminiscent of the New Year. Also, decent girls do not wear revealing items with bright blouses. The total red image is allowed only when wearing a suit sustained in the same shade of colour.

Despite the bright colour, red blouses allow you to create extravagant and modest looks. The image will depend on the rest of the clothes, shoes and accessories.

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