Blouse With Frills: Stylish And Feminine

Blouse Models

There are many models of blouses with ruffles. The wide range allows you to choose a product that corrects the figure, but if you take the purchase lightly, you can add volume in problem areas.

With frills on the shoulders

A decorative ruffle can be used in any part of the blouse. One of the most popular designs is ruffles on the shoulders. The upper part of the product is decorated with separate parts or one-piece elements. Visually, such models look romantic and attractive, earning their popularity. Very fashionable blouses are made with an elastic band and without a collar. They are worn in different ways. For example, you can pull down the blouse, erotically exposing the shoulder.

With open shoulders and flounces

In this variant, the wavy detail is also located along the shoulder line. In this case, it is not necessary to have a dropped fit. There are models of summer blouses with a closed cut with slits on the shoulders. Often the blouse with open shoulders and flounces are with thin or wide straps. Often you can find models with long sleeves or ¾ length. Such products are sewed most often from thin cotton or chiffon.

“Carmen” or “Peasant Woman” is the model’s name that completely opens the shoulders. It became popular in the ’70s. Representatives of hot countries appreciated the beauty of a large frill, suitable for both slender girls and ladies with magnificent forms. Now, this style is relevant for creating images in a retro style.

With a ruffle at the bottom

A blouse with a ruffle at the bottom edge will not suit every girl, as the single-layered ruffle will visually expand the silhouette. So, if you have even a little extra weight, this cut will add unnecessary volume to the figure’s proportions, but this original style will be just right for tall and thin girls.

The trim is called a basque when the ruffles are made at the bottom. These shirts look strict, which is why they are often found in the closets of businesswomen. Stylish and unusual look female blouses, shortened in front and lengthened in back. These asymmetrical models will be a decoration of the office attire. They will suit ankle-length pants, skinny or straight cut as a companion.

With a ruffle at the waist

Blouses with ruffles at the waist have been in fashion for more than one season. The wide ruffle can correct the figure, emphasizing the advantages and hiding imperfections. So girls with a “rectangular” figure have a flounce to create the appearance of a thin waist. It will also help to hide a small belly. This feature will be useful for women in a situation who do not want to flaunt it. Or ladies who gained a couple of extra pounds.

Blouses with a flounce at the waist can be tight or loose. Also they may differ in fit – it may be understated or overstated. For this style it is not uncommon to have a contrast insertion, which is a dividing line between the base of the thing and its decorative part. Also this border can be emphasized by a removable belt.

With ruffles on the sleeves

The blouse with ruffles on the sleeves looks interesting. Designers often experiment with this style, bringing to life incredible fantasies. The ruffles decorated the cuffs of long sleeves. Also, the ruffles decorate the models of shirts with ¾ sleeves.

Unusually look at summer styles, in which the frills completely replace the sleeves. Products of such design will especially well sit on women with narrow shoulders. The voluminous top will balance the bottom and improve the figure’s proportions. Universal is considered a white blouse with ruffles instead of sleeves. They are suitable for both everyday wear and for evening out.

Blouse with a ruffle on the chest

If a busty bust is not your virtue, do not get upset. By choosing the right clothes, you can correct this deficiency. The easiest solution to this problem is a blouse with a trim on the chest. A wide horizontal ruffle stretching along the chest line adds volume to this area.

If you have a large chest, then look at models with vertical flounces. For girls with a well-proportioned figure this style will also suit you, but it is important to choose a product with the right fabric. A light chiffon blouse with a V-shaped neckline will beautifully emphasize the neckline without adding extra volume.

With a ruffle on the neck

The jabot is a part of the collar located in the neck area. It looks like a cluster of flounces, different in length and volume. Such blouses are suitable for everyone, but with some reservations. For example, women with magnificent forms will suit vertically oriented small ruffles-flounces. They will give an image of elegance and visually make the figure thinner.

Wide ruffles are not acceptable for plus-size women because they will enlarge the silhouette even more, but this is what thin women can use. A jabot along the line of the chest will visually make it puffier. Remember that jabots do not combine well with flounces in other parts of the blouse. In this case, the less decor, the better. Otherwise, there is a risk of looking like a “tea babe.”

How To Wear A Blouse With Frills

What to wear a blouse with ruffles to look attractive. First, it should be said that things with ruffles often look voluminous. This means that you should wear them with a tight bottom.

The best fit is:

  • tapered or classic cut pants;
  • skinny jeans;
  • Pencil skirts or miniskirts;
  • shorts.

In addition to the already listed options, you can combine a blouse with ruffles on the shoulders or sleeves with a flared skirt to the floor. Suitable and skirt with a high waist if tucked inside the blouse, and with a close-fitting shirt, wear wide pants or a bell skirt.

Do not forget that the ruffles and frills look bright, so when choosing accessories, be careful. There is a risk of overdoing it with jewelry.

Pay attention to colour combinations. If the top is multicoloured, then the bottom must be monochrome, and the colour must repeat one of the shades of the blouse. If the shirt is monochrome, the pants can be both monochrome and mottled.

For work suit a black blouse in tandem with a white bottom. On the contrary, such a set would also look great. Black and white can be diluted with gray, blue, brown, burgundy or dark green. Wear a pink blouse (or any other delicate colour) and a light skirt for a romantic walk.

There are many blouses with ruffles, which means you can find a variation suitable for everyday looks, office attire, and even a holiday. Try on a few models to see which one suits you.

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