Floral Blouse: A Classic Print In The New Season

The floral theme is present every year in the sophisticated collections of some fashion houses. The blouse with flowers gives fashionistas of all ages a fresh and original look. Any ornament (luxurious roses, exotic orchids or lush peonies) brings a note of positivity to a woman’s image.

Floral prints are very rich in the expression of stylists’ ideas. Plant ornaments and patterns of flowers are depicted in the form of individual large or small inflorescences, bouquets, and small buds. The background of the fabric elements can look contrasting or almost merge with the shade of the fabric, be delineated or have barely visible contours. It is desirable to consider all these subtleties to create a stylish image.

Choosing a print, be sure to take into account the temperament and appearance of the fashionista. Sensual, luxurious ladies will suit black blouses with patterns of bright colours (red roses, unusual poppies). Romantic persons will feel cozy in clothes of dim colours with a small floral ornament, “millefleur.” Vigorous students and young fashionistas can safely experiment and wear large abstract-coloured blouses.

How To Choose Clothes With A Floral Print

To create a harmonious image, it is important to assess the features of the figure correctly. Bright large elements of the pattern can visually add volume to the silhouette. Therefore it is recommended to choose clothes with thin flowers of small or medium size for full ladies. An excellent option – is chiffon light blouses with bows decorated with unobtrusive ornaments.

It is not necessary to overload the image with bright colours and unusual cut (puffy elements, folds). The motley texture of the fabric already serves as a decoration of a woman’s closet, so the larger and richer the pattern, the simpler should be the style of a woman’s blouse.

It is traditionally believed that it is desirable to complement the image with a flowery blouse with monochrome things. And the skirt/pants can match the background and be of contrasting shades. A similar image variant is pertinent in the institution: a dark gray pencil skirt and a feminine silk blouse of pearly-silver shade in a small rose. The variant of the overall look became a real trend. Effectively looks like a set consisting of a blouse and skirt/pants with the same print in a small flower.

For extravagant fashionistas, stylists suggest boldly mixing prints (flora and pop art). To create a spectacular image, combine no more than two prints in the closet. However, famous designers offer fashionable blouses in patchwork technique, where several floral patterns are combined.

How To Wear A Floral Blouse

The win-win variant is a summer set of pants/skirts in neutral shades and a thin blouse with a floral print. For work in the office, I will suit a silk beige blouse with flowers and a thin belt, combined with narrow linen pants. Young fashionable women can dilute the austerity of the image with a small handbag with the same floral print.

A great outfit for a festive summer party would be a white chiffon blouse with flowers in all kinds of colours and a white or black mini-skirt. A cotton blouse with a large floral ornament is well combined with a denim skirt and ballet flats or sandals on a wedge. A shirt with a floral print tucked into the skinny jeans will create a beautiful image, complemented by boots and a bag with a long strap.

Clothing with floral ornaments gives room for boundless imagination in creating stylish images. Bright images of flowers on textiles always occupy the top positions in the rating of fashionable prints.

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