Black Sneakers Always A Right Decision

For many years, black sneakers have not lost popularity among men and women. Buyers love them because they are very comfortable and perfectly combined with clothing and accessories of different styles. Demand, as you know, gives rise to supply, which is why today’s famous brands produce a variety of sneakers in black, which differ in model and material.

Sneakers: What Kinds Are There?

Sneakers for men have been practically unchanged for many years, but black women’s sneakers have undergone some changes over the years, and today their variety is really striking.

Modern sneakers for women can vary:

  • type of sole;
  • the height of the upper part;
  • material;
  • design.

Black sneakers in height can be high and low. The latter end below the ankle and the former rise above it or even reach the middle of the calf. Black low sneakers are a classic option. They are well suited for sports-style images but can be combined with classic tight pants and cropped jackets.

High black sneakers fit more into the casual style. Girls wear them with long skirts and voluminous sweaters, dresses below the knees, free parkas. Out of fashion will never leave the combination “jeans and sneakers”: you can wear these shoes with jeans of any length and model absolutely no problem.

Strictly black sneakers can be made from:

  • suede;
  • textiles;
  • skin;
  • eco-leather.

The choice of material depends mainly on personal preferences and the weather in which the sneakers will be worn. It is better to take sneakers made of textiles for summer and warm spring. If the fabric is of high quality, your feet will not be hot in them. Textile sneakers can be worn with short denim shorts and large bags with a long handles. For cold weather, you can buy black suede sneakers, and for the rain – leather ones. Sneakers made of these materials are worn with wool tights, tighter pants and jeans, sweaters, coats and hats. If they are of good quality, they will keep you warm just as well as leather half-shoes.

Choosing Sneaker Sole And Design

Classic black sneakers are very laconic. Some designers offer more feminine options: black sneakers decorated with embroidery, rhinestones or rivets. These models look interesting, but they cannot always be combined with clothing and do not fit well in all images. It is important to remember that if you wear such sneakers, you should choose discreet clothing.

Sneakers also differ in the type of sole. They can be:

  • on a wedge heel;
  • on the platform;
  • on a flat sole.

Black sneakers with a white sole of low height will fit into any image. They perfectly fit any jeans, skirts and dresses. Sneakers on a wedge visually elongate and slim legs, so they are better to wear with skirts above the knee and tight jeans or pants.

Platform sneakers are worn with short flared skirts or mini shorts. These sneakers visually elongate the legs, but also attract more attention to them, so girls with excess weight such a shoe is unlikely to suit.

Black Sneakers: What To Wear?

You can combine sneakers today with any clothing, but here is important – your image must be appropriate and not look too bold. For a meeting with friends or going to the movies, you can wear short black leather sneakers, ripped blue jeans, a top or t-shirt with bright prints, and a monochrome button-down cardigan on top. Always look perfect in sneakers in a set with jeans, a plaid shirt and a leather leather leather jacket or a thick hoodie. Backpacks or roomy bags better complement these images.

In the office, where there is no strict dress code, you can wear narrow short pants, a fitted jacket and a white shirt or chiffon blouse. Sneakers will look good with a small black bag on a short handle. Always ideal to combine high sneakers, long knitted dresses, and tight-fitting figures.

Sneakers can be worn to a nightclub. They are worn with brightly coloured tops and denim shorts over black fishnet tights. Perfectly black sneakers are combined with popular today chiffon skirts of powder shades.

Black sneakers have long become an obligatory item in women’s closets as a classic skirt or pumps. For those who do not have them yet, you should consider buying them, because they are very comfortable and versatile shoes that go well with clothes of different styles and colours.

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