Black Manicure 2022: The Most Trendy Options For Modern Women

Whether you like it or not, it will not leave anyone indifferent. In the current fashion world, there are so many trendy techniques, decorative elements, and original combinations that a woman only needs to choose the one that suits her mood, style, and lifestyle.

Features Of The Black Manicure

Modern black manicure ideas allow you to apply dark designs in any technique and style. Even the most minimalistic and uncomplicated nail art in dark colour looks rich and respectable. It cannot be called boring or banal.

The black manicure of 2022 will adorn both short nails and extremely long nail plates. To make the dark nail art look flawless, it is imperative to consider the following recommendations:

  • The most appropriate nail shape is an oval or a softened square. Sharp triangles or rough squares look too aggressive in black;
  • Dark colours have the ability to emphasize defects in the surface of the nail plate. This can damage the entire manicure. Before applying gel nail polish, the nail surface must be properly prepared;
  • Nail plates must be treated with a base coat. It will allow you to level the nail as far as possible. It is also a quality base that will protect the tissue from unwanted staining: some black lacquers are literally digging into the nail.

Black manicure on long nails is suitable to complement the different colour accents. The dark base is versatile in terms of such combinations. However, the most winning combination is black and white.

Black Matte Nail Art – The Absolute Favorite Of 2022

Matte textures are incredibly popular. A manicure in black colours and with such a spectacular textured base is the most fashionable solution. It is worth noting that glossy and matte manicures look completely different in the same design.

One of the latest innovations is black lace in one colour. If earlier masters combined decorative elements on the contrast, now the matte black background is decorated with glossy monograms in a similar colour. The resulting lace effect looks elegant, voluminous and incredibly stylish.

Playing With The Gloss

Another original and restrained version of the manicure is to apply a black matte base and a shiny smile over the entire nail plate. Previously, a similar manicure was already popular: black with gold or dark matte base with silver. Now the shiny smile has been replaced by shiny attributes.

The accentuation on the middle finger has already become a classic. The elegant evening manicure looks like this – matte black nails, a nude nail plate and a pattern of shiny rhinestones on the ring finger.

Patterns, Ornaments, Prints

In fact, this is just one idea, a helpful base for creating fresh, more complex compositions. Many masters like to create wells of miniature pebbles. It is the black base that is suitable for experimenting with pebbles, rhinestones, pearls. Making a stylish design too glamorous, bright or screaming is difficult. Black balances out overly flamboyant decor. The result is a harmonious, complex, rich composition.

If you use this texture, experiment with pleasure and to the maximum. Matte black canvas is the perfect backdrop for a creative floral design. The combination of matte black nails and red rose patterns deserves special attention.

In this case, you can also play with more accents, highlighting the colours of one or more nails. However, it would be best if you did not decorate all of your nails with flowers. Such a variant will be too pretentious and tasteless, and even a black matte texture will not save the situation.

Black French 2022: Stylish And Bold

French manicure is the most versatile option. Not surprisingly, masters play with the palette of shades, different combinations of decorative elements, shape, proportions, ratios. A non-standard drawing on a classic French base allows you to create truly unique nail art.

Black French will not give up its positions in 2022. It is a traditional winter manicure, which looks magical in everyday life, and at formal evening events. Here are a few fashionable ideas for the new season:

  • Experiments with textures are relevant in the case of French. The glossy black surface is decorated with matte elements on the tips of the nails. A beautiful manicure is also obtained in reverse combination;
  • Black stripes of different lengths and configurations can be performed on a classic beige or pale pink base. In this case, the festivity of nail art is given with the help of various decorative elements. This can be gold patterns, waxing, installation with the help of various rhinestones and sequins;
  • Black-and-white or black-and-red French is more like a complex game of geometry than a classic version of the manicure. A trendy black manicure doesn’t have to look natural at all.

Hypertrophic, irregularly shaped lines are combined with extravagant, massive wells in this case. Apart from light chaos and deliberately rough geometry, there should be nothing else in such nail art.

Another interesting technique worth mentioning. On a completely black nail, a horizontal silver stripe is drawn. It should cross the line of the outer edge of the plate, ostensibly cutting the nail. It looks very sophisticated, in full compliance with the minimalist trends of 2022.

Black Manicure With Drawings: The Most Elegant Ideas

The basic nuances of decorating nail plates on a matte base have already been stipulated. Gloss is just as much in demand. No less original patterns and ornaments can be created on a glossy surface.

The most spectacular options for how to decorate dark nails:

  • Black manicure on short nails can be decorated with modern techniques – picturesque and pictorial ways of applying complex designs on the ring and/or middle finger;
  • Long nails are decorated through symbolism, complex abstraction, unusual elements of geometry;
  • Black manicure with rhinestones, laid out in a certain pattern, looks especially extravagant. Preference is given to the tiniest rhinestones. A special extravagance is the combination of a glossy black fabric and delicate patterns of small pearls;
  • Black manicure with flowers is also relevant in the glossy version. However, in this case, the traditional red roses can be successfully replaced by gently pink buds;
  • The most elite manicure is still considered marble nail art. Girls have the right to choose for themselves – a dark or light glossy canvas. Obligatory condition only one – a skilful imitation of a natural stone pattern.

Snake and animal prints also worked well on the black canvas. Animalistics are not as widely represented as other manicure trends, but lovers of exotics will still have plenty to choose from. You can try to replicate the specific colour of a zebra on a white background with a purely black nail design format. Patterns with the texture of reptiles are best formed on the middle and ring nails.

Fashionable Colour Combinations

As previously mentioned, black works well with a variety of colours and shades. In the new season there are no restrictions in terms of combining different tones. Black can make friends with absolutely any colour partners.

It is worth noting the popularity of such duos:

  • Black and White;
  • Black and lemon;
  • Red and white on a dark background;
  • Black and beige colours;
  • Black background and gold motifs.

Gradient ideas also owe much of their popularity to the unconditional versatility of black. The most common colors used in black ombré manicures are red, pink, aquamarine, caramel, and burgundy. However, these are just a few of the best examples. No one limits fashionistas in their colour preferences.

Manicure With Wax: How To Decorate A Black Base

Many craftsmen and their clients liked the wax. This type of coating is easy to apply and quite comfortable to wear. The incredibly rich texture and limitless stylistic possibilities allow you to experiment to your heart’s content on the black background.

There are many types of wax. How to use it in each case is determined by the client and his master. Among the latest fashion trends are the following combinations:

  • Black manicure with sequins on the middle finger additionally decorated with silver or gold wax on the ring finger;
  • A black marbled manicure with waxing is perfect for long, medium-length nails. The pinky and index finger remain black. A marbled texture (white or pink background) is made on the ring finger. An intense silver pigment is applied to the nail plate of the middle finger;
  • Pearl wax can be applied to all nails except the plate on the ring finger. It is also painted black. The texture in this case can only be glossy;
  • Black moon manicure, where the wells are painted with gold wax, additionally decorated with gold monograms.

The most win-win option combines glossy black nail art and the original May Beetle wax. The decorating material applied to the surface of the nail imitates the colouring of the wings of the May beetle. Usually the wax is rubbed on a dark background and remains quite dark. However, it is impossible to take your eyes away from the richness of the shimmers that appear on the canvas. It is enough to use the May Beetle wax on just one nail (two nails at most).

Long Nails And Black Manicure

Many people perceive black on long nails rather negatively. Indeed, too extreme a length combined with sharp angles can give black nail art an unnecessarily gloomy and harsh look.

In the new year, experts recommend avoiding too long nails. If a girl still wants to lengthen her own nails artificially, it is better to do it without much fanaticism. The optimal length is medium. Aggressive shapes should also be avoided – an oval or soft square will look very organic.

In general, it is worth noting that a woman with impeccable taste can adapt any trend to her taste preferences. Black nail art will look magical on the well-groomed nails of a girl who has lovingly and happily developed an exclusive design for herself.

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