Black Lacquered Shoes

Black lacquered shoes – are an excellent choice for almost all occasions. For many girls, this model has become the main among the variety of modern footwear. Such popularity is due to the style and elegance of these shoes. In addition, black is an eternal classic. Whatever fashion trends reign, lacquered black shoes will always be relevant.

After all, it is versatile: pertinent at work and on the way out. In black shoes, with a low heel or without it, you can walk around the city, and black patent leather ballet flats to wear to a meeting with a friend.

Black patent leather shoes

Black patent shoes with a pointed toe

Black patent leather shoes – is synonymous with grace, as well as a kind of sexual fetish. Many girls know this and often wear these shoes to accompany their loved ones to a restaurant or romantic date. But if you wear black patent leather shoes, it is very important to pick up the other details of the image so that the whole outfit looks harmonious.

Black patent ballet flats

Recently, patent leather shoes were represented in women’s closets only as boring pumps. But now every woman can buy a pair of black patent leather shoes, even if she prefers only a low heel. Loafers, moccasins, ballet flats, and other types of shoes are often found in a stylish black and varnished version – you can wear them even to those girls who are against heels in principle.

What To Wear With Black Lacquered Shoes

With these clothing options, black patent leather shoes will look stylish and appropriate.

Black patent shoes with different outfits

Evening attire

In this case, the choice of patent shoes on stilettoes will be fully justified. But it is important not to wear too shiny an evening dress. It is better to play on the contrast, choosing a modest dress with minimal decorations and wearing luxurious lacquered shoes to it.

This advice is justified by the fact that black patent “stilettos” in combination with any outfit play a leading role. And if you also wear a provocative dress to them, it will be an apparent overkill – such a combination looks very vulgar. Bright accessories, especially large and noticeable, should not be used in this case.

Business version

You can also wear black pumps to work in the daytime, combining them with a classic suit. It will be fabulous and stylish if you also have a clutch or a small flat black, lacquered bag. In its absence, some other elements on the suit should be shiny, perhaps satin. Only these details should be tiny to support the lacquered pumps.

Black patent leather shoes

Just do not wear lacquered shoes to the office in America – in some states, it is illegal to wear these shoes to work. Because it turns out that this circumstance distracts men from work – because the mirror-like surface of shiny shoes can reflect the mistress’s underwear.

Walking and casual looks

Lacquered flat shoes or pumps with a small heel may be appropriate for creating everyday images and for informal leisure. In this case, they can be combined with jeans and shorts. Exceptionally stylish would look lacquered black pumps with narrow skinnies and a loose cardigan on top. Or with a stylish jacket. Don’t forget to support the patent shoes by complementing your outfit with a shiny brooch or a patent belt.

Black patent leather shoes

Some stylists advised against wearing black patent leather shoes in the daytime, reasoning that such shoes for both men and women are a weekend parade variant. And it is not appropriate during the day. However, times have changed. And now, such combinations are perceived quite organically, especially if the rest of the outfit is chosen correctly.

Be careful when choosing an outfit with black patent leather shoes. It is very easy, in this case, to overdo it and make the image not graceful and stylish but vulgar and tasteless. Do not forget that patent shoes become the “winding” and the main “star” of your outfit, so all other elements of the image should be calm, shade the shoes, and not compete with them in luxury and visibility.

More Looks

Black patent shoes can organically fit into entirely different images, making wonderful sets that can be worn in different life situations. Here are two examples.

Retro Image

For the past year, vintage swooping ’50-the the ’60s and stylish retro on the catwalks has been invaded. Black lacquered shoes for such an image will be suitable in the best way. You can combine them, for example, with a fluffy skirt in large polka dots. This outfit will ideally suit a small lacquered box bag or a handbag.

Retro look with black patent leather shoes

Retro look with black patent leather shoes

Summer ensemble

To create a summer look, it is better to use patent leather shoes with a small heel or a platform. Wear them with jeans and simple shirts or T-shirts.

Black patent shoes with a dress

The Appropriate Places To Wear It

It is important to understand if you choose black patent leather shoes, not a mind-blowing stiletto. Still, a quiet heel, moreover, if it is a model without decorations, elegant and strict, then you can wear them almost everywhere and everywhere except, perhaps, sporting events and the beach. Especially well such pumps look good at parties, celebrations, and various festive events.

Black patent leather boots

Such shoes will always cause increased attention from others, especially men. If a girl is wearing black patent leather pumps, she probably will not be bored at the party without a gentleman. After all, these shoes themselves are a sexual challenge.

Black patent leather shoes

Black patent leather shoes with strap

Black patent leather pumps

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