Black Jeans For Women: Styles And Fashion Trends

Black jeans are a classic. They are in almost every closet. A versatile product allows you to hide figure flaws and emphasize the advantages. Although at first glance, it seems that the range of black jeans is small, it is not. There is a huge choice of styles and decorative elements. They can be used to create a variety of fashionable images.


With a high waist

Black women’s jeans with high waist helps to veil and advantageously present full hips. The model makes the figure more elongated and hides imperfections. Particular attention to black or white jeans with high waist should pay attention to women with small tummies.

Despite the merits of the model with a high fit, it does not seem appropriate for everything. Slim ladies can safely tuck into high-waisted jeans, blouses, shirts and shirts. Those who want to hide flaws can tuck clothes only in the front.

The most harmonious combination of pants with a high waist is created with shirts of all colours and styles, ranging from strict white and ending with casual plaid. If you want to elongate the silhouette as much as possible, it is recommended to wear a cardigan or jacket on top and heeled shoes on the feet.

Shoes to jeans with a high waist chosen laconic, not with too many details. Looks great with an imitation corset and the location of metal buttons in two vertical rows.

With slits at the knees

Black and white jeans with open knees have recently become very popular. Both girls and guys eagerly wear them. Design that is both iconic and bold has won favour with young people.

Complement the casual and stylish look with a T-shirt or sweatshirt with a fashionable print. Complete the image with a bright backpack over the shoulder. It is convenient to make long walks or long shopping trips in such clothes. Black jeans with holes in the knees are only worn with shoes without heels.


Ripped jeans are ideal for the warm season. Because of the style’s popularity, there is a huge variety of models – with rare cuts, frequent cuts, vertical, horizontal, etc.

Women of any shape can choose ripped jeans according to their figure. For example, plus-sized women wear ripped jeans and sparse vertical cuts. Visually, they make the figure appear slimmer. Skinny girls choose their favourite ripped jeans. This is especially true for owners of long and slender legs.


Pants will be even more practical if you choose a skinny model. Black skinny jeans are usually devoid of any decorative elements. They can be worn with any clothing and produce a variety of images.

Black women’s skinny jeans are part of the basic closet. They can be worn on a date, a walk or a business meeting. Given that black skinnies will never fall out of fashion, choosing a high-quality product with a tightness that does not restrict movement is worth choosing.

Black Jeans: What Shoes Should I Wear?


The combination of black jeans and athletic shoes looks stylish, especially with sneakers. Today they are extremely popular, and they are worn even with dresses. Sneakers with jeans always come in handy when you want to look trendy and feel comfortable.

Shoes and sandals

For an evening trip to the movies or an outing with friends, reach for black jeans with a high waist or white jeans with shoes and sandals. An image such as this advantageously highlights the figure’s advantages and makes it visually taller and slimmer. Classic pumps are ideal for creating a business image. In the cold season, open shoes are replaced by boots with a heel or without it. The main thing is to choose the right outerwear.


In the spring-autumn season, girls change lightweight shoes for warm and comfortable boots. You can choose any style of black jeans. Sneakers, lace-up timberlands, grunge-style boots decorated with metal details – any fashionista will choose a combination to her liking.

How Do You Pair Black Jeans With Clothes And Accessories?

Black denim pants successfully replace office-style business skirts and pants. They make the image more feminine and elegant without violating the dress code. In this case, black jeans should be worn with a fitted blouse, jacket, and a large brooch. You can get a harmonious and stylish image if you wear jeans with a shortened jacket and a shirt with embroidery.

Black and white jeans are successfully used to create urban looks. They can be easily changed by changing into another top and picking up accessories. In cool weather, you can wear a simple gray or sandy sweater and complement it with a massive necklace. Combining black jeans with a black and white striped turtleneck creates a stylish look. Black flared jeans are worn with a fitted coat or jacket. In the cold season, dark pants will perfectly emphasize the beauty of the fur from which the coat or vest is made.

Black or white jeans are worn for any occasion if you add a bright satin T-shirt or blouse and classic pumps. For a party, pick ripped jeans and combine them with a top embroidered with sequins. Throwing a bright blazer or a lightweight bomber over the shoulders is better.

The combination of black jeans with leather is very popular. The image turns out bold and sexy. A leather jacket is a good match for these pants. Its colour can be anything, from classic black to bright crimson. If both products are black, it’s better to dilute them with an interesting accessory – a scarf or a bag. Jeans and a black leather top look incredibly attractive.

To always look stylish, you must regularly follow what famous clothing designers offer. Even regular women’s black jeans can be selected with fashion trends in mind.

Today there are the following trends:

  • boyfriends;
  • bananas;
  • skinny models;
  • with a high fit;
  • scuffs;
  • bright finishes;
  • unusual bottom design.

The jeans-boyfriends are still not losing relevance. The black colour will help create a casual and freestyle. The model fits snugly around the hips and is slightly tapered at the bottom. Combine it with elegant pumps and stylish pullovers.

Black women’s straight jeans bananas will appeal to lovers of comfortable and practical clothing. The fashion houses presented classic jeans with a skinny silhouette in their collections. This tight model will be a worthy replacement for jeggings.

Jeans with a high waist are a favourite. The waistband is at waist level or a bit lower. Jeans with an unusual bottom can complement a stylish and modern image. Raw edges, fringes and even ribs could be seen on the jeans in the current collections. The model is perfect for boho and hippy-chic styles.

To create a casual look, designers offer jeans with a scuffed effect. Scuffed decorative elements can vary in intensity. Black jeans with scuffs will slim down if you choose a product with narrow stripes rubbed at the hips’ center.

Black jeans can also be bright if you pick up a product with an unusual finish. Adding decor to an image will make it extravagant and memorable. It is recommended to give preference to jeans with large embroidery and the following images:

  • floral ornamentation;
  • colourful hearts;
  • butterflies;
  • stars;
  • lace, etc.

Appliques and patches look extremely fashionable. Needlewomen can create a trendy product by decorating classic black jeans with bold decorations.

Black jeans allow you to experiment when creating the image. They are suitable for women with any figure. Every lady should have at least one style of black jeans in stock, which is ideal for the figure.

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