Black Hats: How To Choose One And What To Wear It With

It should be noted immediately that the black hat is not suitable for everyone. Figure characteristics, natural skin colour, and even facial features and degree of completeness can all act as counteracting factors. When creating a stylish image, you should pay attention not only to the style, cut and material, but also to the decorative elements.

Focus more on the shape of your face and build. Overweight women should not buy a hat that covers their heads tightly. Such an accent draws attention to the massive body.

Black women’s hat, which thanks to its colouring has long moved into the category of classics, despite its status and position. However, it is also subject to the vagaries of capricious fashion. Today the following trends are applicable to these products:

  • Most of the modern models adopted the jewelry from the collections of past years.
  • Retro style is the real bomb of the fall fashion season.
  • Asymmetry is a chic addition that can fundamentally change the perception of a classic cut.
  • Fur hats thanks to their trimmings will never stay behind the scenes of the fashion podiums. The noble fur hats will not only keep you warm in cold winter, but also make the layered image with sheepskin coats, down jackets and jackets more sophisticated and fragile.
  • Tall hats are the hit of spring 2022. These options always look very extravagant, so they often become the choice of ambitious individuals with a rebellious disposition.

Fashionable Black Hats

Perhaps no fashionista is not familiar with the trends of past years. In the seventies of the last century girls’ hearts were conquered by fur hats. Today at the peak of popularity are models with a thin visor.

  • The black hat with earflaps is perfect for those who have a warm feeling for the perestroika era of the 90s. In those years it was considered a proof of wealth and status. Now hats with ears are chosen by girls seeking to create bright unconventional images with a touch of mischief.
  • Knitted hat in charcoal black version continues to confidently hold a leading position in the top of the most fashionable accessories of the cold seasons. Today in trend are gray, red, white and yellow horizontal stripes of different sizes and textures. The volume of the product is determined based on the styles of outerwear. Under the “oversize” models perfectly fit hats with large knitting, with fitted variants are good light knitted solutions.
  • For several years in the collections of both famous designers and little-known brands there is a desire for minimalism. A striking representative of this trend is considered to be black hats with inscriptions, as well as with ornaments in the form of drawings and appliques. Such inscriptions can not only beautify your image, but also become an expression of active lifestyle and attitude towards other people. Also at the peak of popularity are still the names of famous brands. Labels are usually embroidered in white threads, which makes others pay attention to the black hat, and, accordingly, to its owner. However, remember one golden rule: such a black and white hat does not fit the image of a mature lady.
  • Rhinestone hats are a unique opportunity to make your image stylish and sophisticated. On the black colour, the decorations look flashy and elegant simultaneously. Please don’t overdo the decorations, everything must be in moderation.
  • Another interesting way to decorate a warm hat with pompoms are beads of different sizes and sequins. Interesting ornaments created with such materials turn a modest black model into a real modern art masterpiece.
  • The sophisticated transparent veil does not lose its popularity. Designers no longer consider it as an addition to the coat, offering to add to the image of stylish leather jackets, long down jackets and coats. Veil today harmoniously complements even the most extravagant variant (for example, a black beanie hat) made of fine knitwear or natural wool.
  • The anthracite palette adds chic and nobility to any piece of jewelry. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a red skull or a large diamond. The shine of the stones becomes more attractive against a dark background.

How To Wear Black Hats?

It is no secret that the products we are discussing today come in an enormous variety, so fashionistas are faced with an almost impossible choice – which option will perfectly complement their image.

  • A hat with a pompom is a simple solution for leather jackets, quilted down jackets and sports style coats.
  • Knit models with a hard visor look beautiful against the blown clothing.
  • When choosing a hat for a fur coat, engaging all your abilities as a novice stylist is necessary. It is important that the former does not look faded against the background of expensive furs and does not cheapen the appearance of a beautiful fur coat.
  • If you prefer dark colours, black jacket and hat of the same palette should be combined with bright accessories. It can be a bright scarf, gloves or eye-catching jewelry.
  • It is extremely important to maintain a balance. The balance between the body and head can be achieved if you buy a modest cap to a voluminous outfit, and to a fitted style jacket or coat – a textured product with a large knitting.

Black hats are versatile enough to be worn by women of all ages and nationalities. It could only be a natural colour type, so before you buy the model you like, try it on and assess your reflection from all angles.

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