Black Boots Are A Classic Favorite

Every girl’s closet must have at least one pair of black boots, or even a few, because properly selected black leather or suede boots adorn any image, making it more feminine and attractive. The most challenging task that each of us has to solve in a shoe store is to find black boots of the perfect style.

Advantages Of Black Shoes

Black women’s boots have been a favourite of fashionistas for many decades and do not leave the world’s catwalks. This shoe is always popular because it has several advantages:

  • combines with any clothing;
  • easy to combine with different bags and accessories;
  • hides the imperfections of the legs;
  • the dirt remains unnoticeable on it;
  • comfortable to wear.

Black is a universal colour, so these boots are worn with all colours and prints. Black boots of different models can be worn with the following:

  • jeans;
  • pants;
  • skirts of any length;
  • leggings;
  • capri;
  • coat;
  • coats;
  • sheepskins.

It’s perfect for fall slush and wet snow. Even after a full day, the black surface of the boot hardly shows any dirt. For heavy rains, black rubber boots should be in your closet.

The undoubted advantage of any black boots is their ability to hide flaws. They make your legs look slimmer, and thus the whole image looks more spectacular.

Choosing The Material

For the cold season, you can buy boots from:

  • skin;
  • synthetic leather;
  • suede;
  • rubber.

Rubber boots are suitable for warm rainy autumn. Even in the presence of warm insoles, they are not warm, so they cannot be worn in cold weather, but in rainy weather, they are indispensable. Gone are the days when coarse rubber boots were worn only for fishing. Today you can find boots with heels and without, often decorated with original prints.

Suede boots, on the contrary, are not suitable for wet weather. Even with good processing, this material can begin to leak water, so if your area is rainy in the fall or winter, temperatures are often plus, it is worth refusing to buy suede boots.

This is a versatile option for boots made of leather and leatherette. If the materials are well treated and cared for properly, these boots will survive the snow, rain and frost and will last you for several seasons. Previously, shoes made of leatherette were cheaper and considered of lower quality. Today, good eco leather can be superior to genuine leather in many ways.

Types Of Boots

Boots can be classified according to different indicators, but most often, they are divided by the type of sole and the height of the cuff. For example, boots can be:

  • on a heel;
  • on a flat sole;
  • up to the middle of the calf;
  • up to the knee;
  • booties;
  • stockings.

Designers recommend wearing black boots with heels for girls who want to look taller and slimmer. You can choose a heel:

  • pin;
  • trapeze;
  • wide steady.

Black stiletto boots are perfect for the image of a confident businesswoman. You can wear them to business negotiations, the office, or gala receptions. In black leather boots with a stiletto, the heels look very elegant. However, stiletto heels are not always comfortable to wear, and the foot quickly gets tired from them, so if you spend the whole day on your feet and get to work on public transport, it is worth buying classic black boots with a stable heel and leave the stiletto for special occasions.

Wide-heeled boots don’t look as elegant, but they don’t make your feet tired or slip. These boots can also look feminine and elegant if you wear the right clothes.

An alternative to heels can be a wedge heel. These boots also look feminine, can adorn various images, and, most importantly – are comfortable and suitable for girls with full calves.

Beauty requires sacrifice, but sometimes you need to give your feet a rest and walk in low-soled boots. These boots are ideal for winter ice. A trend in recent years has become black patent boots on a flat sole. No need to think that boots without heels can be worn only with sports or urban clothing styles. Designers do not set strict restrictions. Flat-soled boots can be worn with classic pants, knitted dresses, chiffon skirts, fitted coats and fur coats. You need not make a mistake with the choice of shoes.

Choosing The Length Of The Boots

When choosing the length of the boots, you need to consider your height, your figure and the place where you will wear them. For many years in a row have not gone out of black fashion boots – high boots with laces. Over the years, they have not become a part of the business closet, so you should not wear these boots in the office. They are pertinent with clothes in casual style. In these shoes, you can go for a walk, party, or to the movies, but they are allowed to wear only by slender girls. Full legs botforts drag and visually shorten, from which the whole image will look vulgar. Short girls should not wear high black boots – the figure in such shoes will seem square.

Black stocking boots always look advantageous. They come in different varieties: fully leather, or leather only in the foot area – and above fabric or suede. Girls can wear these boots with perfect slender legs. Ironically, if the leg is large, in contrast to other models, stocking boots do not hide their flaws but rather emphasize them. These boots are worn with short dresses, shorts, leggings, miniskirts, and elongated sweaters. They have, as with the boots, the top edge should remain free and, in no case, overstretched the leg.

Black knee-high boots should be worn by girls with full legs, but they should not be tucked into jeans and wear with them leggings and short jackets. To such shoes fit skirts to mid-calf, elongated sheepskin coats. These boots fit loosely around the calf and neatly hide all the flaws. On such boots should not be unnecessary decorative elements – it is not necessary once again to draw the attention of others to the legs.

Boot Decor

Black boots can not only differ in models but also be decorated differently. As decorations are used:

  • mech;
  • embroidery;
  • rhinestones;
  • lacing;
  • rivets;
  • buttons.

However, the choice of decor should be treated carefully. For example, black patent leather boots already look complicated and sophisticated, and additional details are more likely to spoil than decorate them. It is better to refuse such shoes, which will cost a lot, but look provocative.

Look stylish in leather jockey boots without heels, adorned with a metal rivet on the back. This slight detail will highlight your look, which everyone will notice.

Long black boots are usually decorated with lacing. First of all, it is convenient. With the lacing, the boots can be well fixed on your feet so that the cold air does not penetrate inside and you do not freeze.

Look original black suede boots without a heel or with a stiletto heel with fur, large stones, embroidery. Such shoes need to know how to wear and combine. If you have boots with decoration, then the outerwear and accessories should be as concise as possible. Sometimes under the bright embroidery on the boots you can pick up a bag or gloves in then, but it may not always look beautiful.

Creating Fashionable Looks

Any black boots can enhance the image, but you can do it only if you choose the right clothes. If you go to the office, your closet should include a pair of classic boots that are mid-calf length. You can wear these boots on stiletto heels, straight pants with arrows, a silk blouse and a fitted jacket. They would also look good with a long pencil skirt with a wide leather belt, flesh tights and a blouse with a small print. Under black boots, ideally suits clothes in black, white, and sandy gray tones.

If the office does not have such a strict dress code, you can wear black high boots without a heel, a skirt of thick fabric below the knee, a knitted top and a cardigan. Look original with such boots with a tartan plaid skirt. In this look, the top should be combined with one of the shades of “tartan.”

A mandatory attribute of the casual style is black boots with a flat sole or low heel. Girls with slender legs are recommended to tuck jeans into high jockey boots and wear a rough-knit sweater with a wide collar or a knitted turtleneck with a bright print on top. Over the turtleneck or t-shirt, you can wear a fitted jacket or a short denim jacket. In this look, jeans can be replaced with leggings, shorts or breeches.

Such boots will also suit girls with full calves, but opt for a denim or corduroy skirt below the knee. This image will complement the knitted cardigan, fine knit sweater, and monochrome turtleneck.

Black boots are often worn with leather pants and skirts, and put on top of a white shirt, T-shirt with a bright print, turtleneck. Stocking boots look perfect with warm shorts or a miniskirt worn over light colored tights. On top put on a shirt and an elongated vest or cardigan. With stockings lately more and more often wear wide-brimmed monochrome hats. This accessory does not suit everyone, but it is necessary to try it on.

There are no bans on what to wear in black boots with heels, but this is not the case. Even stiletto boots will not look good with an evening dress of thin fabric. If you are going to a gala event, taking a pair of shoes with you for a change is better. Also, classic black boots do not fit into a sporty style. They cannot be worn with sports pants and blown short jackets. Sometimes the sporty style includes boots with flat white soles, but they are more compatible with jeans and laconic leggings.

Classic black boots of different models look great with all kinds of outerwear. Boots with stiletto heels and heels are worn with fur coats, fur coats, fitted coats, and light coats. Such images can complement a roomy leather bag and a small clutch.

Boots without heels look good with loose coats, sheepskin coats without decorative elements, and leather jackets. These stylish looks can be complemented by bags with a long handle, worn over the shoulder, wide stoles and bright scarves. Rubber black boots are recommended to wear with coats extending from the waist and umbrellas in the form of a cane.

Black boots – one of the few types of women’s shoes that will never go out of style. Their style may change, the shape of the nose, increase or decrease the length of the cuff, but still, at least one pair of black boots will be in every girl’s arsenal. There are many in stores today, but each fair sex needs to find just the pair that will suit her type of shape, hide flaws and combine with clothes from the closet.

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