Best Women’s Tunics For Evening And On The Beach

Tunics were practically the only garment worn by the ancient Greeks. Two pieces of fabric stitched together on the shoulder – a comfortable and versatile garment. Forgotten for centuries, the tunic has only recently been revived in modern fashion, immediately and firmly winning the love of women of all ages.

The popularity of the tunic lies in its democratic nature and comfort. In essence, the cut is a shortened dress. The stylish tunic is equally suitable for young girls and mature women. It highlights a slender figure and hides excessive fullness. Tunic replaces many familiar things in the closet, we can say that at the same time this piece of clothing is a:

  • dresses;
  • sweatshirts;
  • blouses;
  • shirts;
  • cardigans;
  • capes.

Tunic – a universal garment for any situation, it comes:

  • everyday;
  • Evening;
  • business;
  • beach;
  • sports.

The leading designers incorporated new models of women’s favorite clothing into their collections for Fashion 2022.

Latest Tunic Styles

This year’s fashion trend is characterized by minimalism and ethnic motifs. The most fashionable tunics of the season 2022 are characterized by a loose fit, simple silhouettes, natural fabrics.

The season’s favorites are elongated tunics. Designers have changed the usual cut to the hip, departing from the standard. Models with elongated back, similar to free dresses, are trending in 2022. The front part of the tunic-dress can have a varied length, differ from the back or coincide with it. Models with the front above the knee look especially stylish.

Openwork tunics – dresses were loved by fashionistas last season and will continue to be popular in the collections of 2022. To create openwork tunics designers suggest using natural light fabrics: silk, linen, cotton.

Fashion tunics spring-summer 2022 complemented the brand-new models: tunic shirts. Fashionable shirt style is characterized by a classic cut with a narrow neck and 3/4 length sleeves. Women’s clothes often resemble some men’s models. Adherents of a strict cut can choose shirts with male features.

Fashionable Tunic Colors 2022

Tunics echo the color scheme of all fashionable clothes for women. Classic black and white colors remain on the women’s models. They are complemented by natural, pure shades of yellow, red, green. This is a natural rainbow whose colors are organically combined with almost all other shades.

Clothing for summer is unthinkable without a nautical theme, blue and blue colors are harmoniously woven into beach tunics. Let’s not forget about peach and pink, the shades are part of the palette of trendy colors of the year, combined with trendy ethnic motifs.

Floral prints have not lost their relevance, models with geometric ornaments and checks will be fashionable. Fashionistas can choose beautiful tunics in metallic colors, pairing them with a neutral cut and color.

Stylish Casual Wear With Fashionable Tunics

Women’s outfits for every day are infinitely varied. An excellent opportunity to add variety to your everyday wardrobe with tunics. Any style is allowed: long and short, with sleeves of any length, big and fitted – tunics should look gorgeous on their mistress.

Tunics are a democratic clothing item, easy to combine with any closet item, replacing boring blouses and shirts. Short tunics are a perfect match for long skirts, and longer tunics are more suitable for jeans and shorts. Classic length models are traditionally worn with leggings and leggings.

The women’s spring-summer 2022 collections suggest combining tunics with monochrome leggings in dark or light colors as ideal combinations. Skinny jeans and a long, spacious tunic are another trend for the 2022 season.

Sporty And Beach Style Fashion Tunics

Today’s women are more focused on their health and active lifestyle, leading to a wide range of tunics and sports models being introduced to the fashion range. They do not restrict movement, resemble elongated blouses with short or long sleeves. Tunics in sports style may have a hood, be embellished with zippers, ribbons, laces and stylized with sports themes.

Clothing for the beach includes not only sundresses and light dresses. Women’s desire for comfortable clothing allowed tunics to take the lead in beach fashion confidently. How are the beach tunics of 2022 different? Compared to last season, they became less transparent but remained quite light. Breathable materials are recommended: fine chiffon, lace, or fine perforated fabric.

With fashion blouses that imitate a one-piece sleeve and have a medium-depth neckline, beach models have gained some ground. It is convenient to wear short beach tunics with short shorts, and medium-length models are suitable for women to wear alone, as a dress.

Knitted Tunics In The Fashion Trend Of 2022

Knitted tunics resemble short dresses and long sweaters at the same time. However, tunics differ from sweaters in terms of silhouette and volume. Knitted tunic widens from the hip, covering figure flaws. In the summer season knitted tunics are worn with thin natural threads, using openwork and loose knitting.

Knitted models fit perfectly into the business style with tight pants, and no less well with beach dresses. The criterion of choice is the material from which the tunic is knitted.

Fashionable Evening Tunics

Most women underestimate the capabilities of tunics, unfairly believing that this garment is not for wearing out. Wrongly so. Evening outfits for women can easily be created with a tunic. The 2022 collections of all fashion houses in Europe and America offer models for wearing out to formal events instead of a dress or blouse.

In the evening it is appropriate to wear elongated tunic models, noble dark or muted light colors. The fabric is expensive and elegant. Relevant metallic trim, embroidered with monochrome beads, accentuated the waistline. Strict decor will successfully set off a bright clutch or stylish shoes.

Fashionable Plus Size Tunics

Being overweight or large shouldn’t prevent you from wearing fashionable clothes. Tunics are ideal in creating fashionable looks for large women. In 2022, wide tunics with free cuts will be popular, as they are the original source of the original dress. Their style is the most effective way to hide unnecessary folds on the body of puffy beauties.

For years, “skinny girls” have opted for loose-fitting clothes in oversize collections, when a thin figure is enclosed in deliberately large dresses. The same idea helps to defeat women’s complexes about being overweight.

There must be several tunics in the closet of women who wear large sizes. They look more stylish on a full figure than blouses or blouses, they are the ideal clothes in the fight for visual fragility. What models should be prioritized?

Oversized tunics should hide flaws while emphasizing the advantages of the figure. Shawl collar or shirt collar, you can have no collar with a shallow narrow neckline, opening up your chest.

The volume of the tunic should allow the garment to slide along the body, slightly fitting in those areas of the figure that you want to emphasize. The pattern of the fabric is small, not bright, with a vertical print. Taboo in models for large women are large pockets, large buttons and accessories and the length above mid-thigh. Not the most effective option – knit tunics give the figure extra volume.

Ideas For Creative Fashionistas

Designers for the season 2022 have created a few pieces that are not yet widely accepted by women. But for those who love creativity, you can pay attention to the fashion proposals.

  • Layering. Understood literally, you can wear several tunics of different lengths at once, the fabric of which is combined in texture. As an option, a tunic made from several layers of fabric.
  • Transparent tunics. They can be worn as blouses, complete with swimsuits and summer boots. But the most flamboyant look transparent clothes over a naked body, as a variant of a daily outfit.

The fashion designers are not short of ideas, presenting fashion tunics for spring-summer 2022. A variety of silhouettes, shapes, materials allow each fashionista to choose a model to her liking, giving preference to her favorite style.

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