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Eye shadow is not one of the necessary components of makeup. However, it is still trendy among women of all ages because, with their help, it is possible to complete any image harmoniously. To create spectacular, expressive makeup that looks expressive, it is worth using makeup artists’ advice and paying attention to the best cosmetic products in different price categories: both luxurious and low-end brands.

Shadow: How To Choose

It’s important to approach the choice of eye shadows thoughtfully, and first, you should understand their classification. The first criterion by which we can divide the eye shadows is the texture, according to what, distinguish:

  • compacts: manufacturers produce such shadows as mono-shadows and palettes in the form of pressed powder;
  • liquid – available in small bottles, they are resistant and smooth, dense application almost does not crumble;
  • loose – these eye pigments often contain shiny particles and can shatter, requiring a primer, making them not the most popular option for everyday looks.

According to the shade, shadows are divided into cool and warm, and this principle is adhered to by manufacturers in color palettes, releasing them in one of these palettes.

Also, eye shadows can have different effects and different finishes. There are many options in the market of decorative cosmetics: satin, matte, shimmer, iridescent and other shadows. Essential in any cosmetic bag will be matte shadows as a base and satin – to highlight the inner corner of the eye. Evening makeup requires shimmering shadows that provide a luxurious glow.

It is worth noting the mineral shadows, which are ideal for girls who prefer natural cosmetics. However, the pigmentation of such products leaves much to be desired, so they are not particularly saturated. Still, they will be a great option for daytime looks, but they are challenging to find a place in the ranking of the best shadows.

Best Eyeshadow Palettes

A quality palette is an indispensable attribute of any makeup connoisseur. Among the variety, it is easy to choose both a professional eyeshadow palette and inexpensive options for creating perfect day and evening makeup. The following sets have proven to be the best, as evidenced by the many positive reviews.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry

Twelve shimmery shades in a brown and wine palette have become an absolute must-have. Their matte texture with slightly greasy shimmers doesn’t shatter and is perfectly blended with brushes. The shadows from the palette perfectly emphasize your appearance and last all day long.

Maybelline The Nudes

A more affordable alternative is the Maybelline palette, which includes 12 versatile shades with a satin and shimmer finish. Many girls choose this product because of the excellent color balance, easy shimmer, and staying power when a primer is applied.

Also, among the variety of palettes segment, it is worth highlighting the products of the brand NYX, offering in its line of bold color solutions for experimenting with makeup.

The technique of blurring several shades at once will not cause difficulties and is as follows: light tone with a brush should be applied to the mobile eyelid, and with the help of a more saturated tone to highlight the area of the bones. In the end, darken the outer corner of the eye with a suitable color.

Best Compact Monochrome Shadows

A miniature pack of your favorite shades of eye shadow will find a place in any purse, and it is the most convenient way to make up your eyelids quickly.

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow

The perfect representative of matte silky shadows. The collection contains 20 natural shades in the most delicate shades that are easy to apply without smudging.

Bell Hypoallergenic Waterproof

Its waterproof formula and supple texture make it a versatile product for all skin types. The matte shades create the perfect backing for smoky eyes. It’s also affordable.

Best Cream Shadows

Good cream shadows are distinguished by their excellent fixative properties, thanks to which they lie flat and don’t roll away. The leaders in the luxury and mass-market segments are:

Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes

The plastic consistency makes it easy to put on your finger and apply evenly on the eyelid’s surface, emphasizing the volume and providing a neat result. The luxurious shades are the best choice for festive makeup.

Kylie Jenner Birthday Editon Creme Shadow

Four shades with small shining particles of mascara into an alluring haze make the look expressive in minutes without gathering in the creases of the eyelid.

Color Tatoo, Maybelline New York

These shadows are a favorite of many girls who live in a dynamic rhythm and like to look stunning. Their main advantages are their attractive price and easy shading, which is easy to do even with a finger.

Best Powder Shadows

Using pigments, you can make stunning makeup for an evening event, and for reliable results, you should pay attention to the pollen for festive makeup from Paese. Pure Pigments are nine versatile shades, which, thanks to the unique formula enriched with vitamins, will suit even the owners of dry skin.

Best Liquid Shadows

Liquid shadows are also ideal for dry and aged skin. Thanks to the handy applicator, their application will have no difficulties, and the dense coverage is sure to fall in love with its shine. Bright representatives in their niches are:

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint Renovation

Armani liquid shadows, reminiscent of a delicate soufflé, smoothly apply to the eyelid and are easily layered. Among ten shades, it is easy to choose your perfect color.

CATRICE Liquid Shadow Waterproof

A budget-friendly everyday use alternative offers ten shades and flexibility that does not prevent layering. It is water-resistant and does not roll off.

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