Belt For The Dress: Features And Benefits

You can refresh and transform any dress with a versatile accessory like a belt. The main thing is to know how to choose the right belt for the dress, what models you should pay attention to and what nuances you should consider. Be sure to take into account the difference that exists between the belt and the belt. After all, in the first case, the accessory is equipped with a buckle, which fastens, and in the second case, it is tied.


The belt is an accessory that can complement the image and sometimes plays a significant role in setting the outfit’s tone. It is important to take into account that different models look differently at the figure, emphasizing its advantages or, on the contrary, accentuating the existing shortcomings.

It is important to know how to choose the right belt and, at the same time, choose the appropriate outfit. Even the same dress can look new every time if you match it with different straps and belts. Other features of this closet element may include:

  • It can visually increase the length of the legs and reduce the waist;
  • It perfectly combines not only dresses but also pants, shirts, skirts and tunics;
  • Some models can be worn over outerwear.

But if a woman has a complete build, she should choose the sash cautiously so as not to emphasize their volume.


There are several varieties of belts. Thanks to a wide range, every girl or woman can choose an accessory that meets all her needs.

Belts differ not only in the structure of the material from which they are made, but also in their stylistic solution, shape and width.


The soft belt has a unique ability to give some sophistication to the outfit. This accessory is often used to complement an evening gown or a neat cocktail dress.


The stiff structure accessory is most suitable for country or casual style. It has certain brutality to it. It can also be combined with suits of office style. The main thing is to choose a belt model without unnecessary details and decorating elements.


Dress belts, made by hand or bought in a store, differ in appearance and stylistic solution. A wide range of models allows each outfit to choose its appropriate and concise accessory.


The corset refers to a very wide belt. Its advantage is that it perfectly emphasizes the waistline, giving the figure a beautiful curve and visually raising the female bust.

With such an accessory the image gets a touch of sexuality and inner passion. This belt differs from the usual corset by the fact that it does not cover the chest, and ends just under the bust line.


This sash belongs to the soft models. It is not equipped with a buckle but playfully wrapped around the waist, tying it into a knot or a beautiful bow. This accessory is presented in different textures. Therefore, it can be succinctly combined with evening gowns and romantic dresses.

Wide elastic band waistband

A wide belt equipped with an elastic band remains relevant for many years. It appeared in the last century and firmly took its place in the women’s closet. Outwardly, it is a kind of thick rubber fastened with a voluminous and stylish buckle.

This accessory contrasts fashionably against the background of the main outfit. As a result, it is possible to create stylish images with knitted dresses and voluminous sweaters. This belt looks good with knitted tunics and cardigans, as well as with fur coats and feminine down jackets.

Tactical belt

The tactical strap is firmly established in the collections of fashion designers. It looks very original and instantly attracts the eyes of others. It will perfectly emphasize your waist and combine things in casual or military style.

Thin belt

A thin exquisite belt can be a stylish decoration of the whole image. Such a decorative accessory as a chain will complement the cocktail attire. It accentuates the figure, adding a refined zest to a woman.

A thin strap combines beautifully with lace and chiffon dresses, as well as with silk blouses. The main thing is not to choose too contrasting shade, so as not to break the proportions of the figure.

Middle belt

The medium width belt can be presented as a ribbon, leather weave or metal ring. This option is considered universal, as it looks good on any figure. The medium belt should not be tied or fastened too tight.


Such an accessory is made from various materials, thus helping to create original and exciting images. It can be a satin ribbon belt, metal or wooden elements, chain, leather and velvet, and volume beads.

Leather and Suede

Such materials are considered standard and frequently used. Accessories of different models are made in them. Leather sash is often presented in a rigid version, which can hold its shape. But there is also a soft leather model in the form of a belt. These accessories can be lacquered or matte.

Straps made of velvet look stylish. They stand out against the background of the outfit, giving it a highlight. They are presented in a variety of colors, allowing each girl to choose your individual option.

From velvet

The velvet belt is characterized by its soft shape. It is most suitable for creating evening and holiday images. It elegantly emphasizes the waist, not weighing it down and not overloading the image.

Openwork Ribbons

Ribbon belt weaving is considered a certain kind of art, so such products look luxurious and exclusive. Ribbons can be used in the same color scheme and in different shades. Additionally, they can be decorated with rhinestones or beads. Such an accessory looks delicate and romantic.

And the rep belt is suitable for clothes in a country or casual style. It becomes especially relevant in the summer season, when it can be combined with tunics or shirt dresses.


A wide size range allows women with any figure to find their ideal option. If a girl buys a wide belt, it is important to pay attention to its length. It should be medium. Otherwise, the accessory will look sloppy.

Before buying a belt, you should try it on. If it is presented in the form of a corset or equipped with an elastic band, then it is logical that such an accessory will be tightening. But it should not be cramped either.

If we are talking about a classic leather or suede belt, its end should not be long or very short. You can start from the usual size range when choosing such an accessory.


The color of such an accessory can also be varied. You can choose a classic version in black or white. Or you can add a bright touch to the image and buy a red, yellow, green or blue sash.

Elegant and expensive look with silver or gold belts, combined with a black dress. Choosing the color of the belt, the whole outfit as a whole, should guide you. It should not create disproportion and strongly stand out against the clothing background.

Wide belts remain relevant for a long time. This season, the most popular are such models made of metal. The shape of the elements used can be varied. And the playful shine created through such an accessory attracts attention to the female figure.

Corset belts decorated with lacing are considered fashionable. Such an accessory may be fabric, velvet or leather. Any dress will be instantly transformed by such a belt, it allows you to create a unique image.

Wedding belts have been gaining in popularity lately. They are often decorated with pearl beads, shimmering rhinestones or weightless lace. They fit perfectly into the image if the outfit itself is simple and laconic.


You can make a belt for a dress out of fabric, coming up with your original accessory. You can try to make a pincushion belt. For this, you need the following:

  • Prepare a pattern of fabric, velvet or leather, which will have the widest part in the front. And in the back area, the pattern will be narrower.
  • The allowance should be left for about 50 millimeters on both sides of the product.
  • The edges of the accessory must be worked with a countersunk stitch to make the belt look neat.
  • Cut out the side parts that act as ties. It is better to sew them to the belt with a sewing machine.
  • Finally, decorative tassels can be sewn onto the ends of the ties.

And you can try to make a belt on a dress in the technique of kanzashi. In this case, the main material is satin ribbons of different colors.

How To Fit

When buying a belt or strap, it is important to try the product on. It should emphasize the figure and not accentuate the existing shortcomings. The accessory should not dig into the body, firmly squeezing it. But it should not also hang like a foreign detail. Otherwise, the figure will lose its feminine proportions.

How To Combine

The belt, made in the form of a ribbon, chain or wide leather strip, can be combined with different variants of clothing. The main thing is that all the parts look harmonious, not standing out from the overall image. Here it is important to keep a balance, choosing the appropriate accessories that will resonate with the belt.

The belt is the same color as the dress.

A strap with a color that fully corresponds to the outfit will help to create a stylish office or business look. Such a variant looks simple and laconic but dignified at the same time. And the figure looks integral, not broken into proportions. Thus, you can pick up a milky satin belt to a beige dress.

Belt contrast with the dress

If you want to make an image original and attract attention to yourself, you should pick up a contrasting strap to the outfit. It can be made in the kanzashi technique, as their brightness and various colors distinguish these products.

Monochrome belt with a mottled dress

For a variegated dress, it is better to choose a monochrome belt. Then the silhouette will be filled with harmony. The shoes and the handbag should also match the stylistics of the belt. For a flared cocktail outfit with a geometric pattern, you can wear a white or yellow belt with a bow for such a dress.

Brighter Belts Go Better With Laconic Dresses

The rule in which a laconic and simple dress picked up a bright and noticeable accessory works only for options when it is planned to go out in the world, walk with friends or visit a social event.

But if you want to create an austere, office or romantic style, the belt should not stand out strongly from the overall outfit. It is better if its color will be a tone or two different from the dress or blouse.

The belt is a perfect and versatile accessory that can significantly transform or change the usual version of the outfit in just one minute. Even the simplest dress will play with new colors if supplemented with a fashionable belt. The main thing is to choose the model of the belt correctly so that the product can beautifully frame the figure emphasizing its advantages.

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