Bell Bottom Jeans

Bell bottom jeans are back on the fashion podiums. And that’s good; these models remain among the most attractive styles for the female figure 😍. The question of what to wear with a pair of bell-bottom jeans has again become weighty. Find out what to pair them with. 👇

Who Should Wear Bell Bottom Jeans

They make the figure more elegant and emphasize femininity. Flared cut visually increases the length of the legs. They suit girls with expressive hips – pants widening to the bottom equalize the proportions.

Flares suit everyone; they make the legs infinitely longer.
In cold weather, they can be combined with a long black coat, black turtleneck, or t-shirt.
For warmer days, a white cropped top and jacket.
High fit will emphasize the thighs and buttocks.
With a shortened sweater of oversized knit
Leather raincoat, square-toe boots, and a T-shirt.
Bright blouse with an oversize print.
With a shortened jacket.
White wide-flared jeans are an excellent option for summer.

Will look good on women:

  • Medium height with high heels.
  • Short combined with a high heel.
  • Slim
  • With a little extra weight.
  • With a solid top.

It is better to give up this style:

  • Girls X size.
  • If you have narrow hips.
  • If the upper torso is too narrow – pear shape.

How To Style Bell Bottom Jeans

Jeans can go with every type of shape. The main thing here is to choose the right style.

Straight from the hip

A model with a placket from the hip is not a standard model, but they should pay attention to girls with wide hips.

A white T-shirt or top is a great companion to the wide blue jeans.

Models sewn with the addition of stretch fabric will sit on the figure and visually reduce the problem area. When combined with a heel, it is worth paying attention to the right choice of length.

Knee-length bell bottom jeans

This model differs from the previous one because the expansion starts at the knee. The pants are tight around the hips.

Therefore, they should not be chosen by girls who consider this area to be problematic. A flare from the knee will sit on a slender figure and average height.

With a high waist

Girls slightly overweight in the abdominal area should pay attention to models with high waist.

джинсы клеш с высокой талией
A high waistline and a crop top – a favorable combination.

The high waist will help distract attention from the massive top.


Wide jeans are equally suitable for slim build and full girls. The narrow bottom, thanks to the jeans, will get the volume. Disadvantages of wide hips, on the contrary, will be hidden.

Rectangle” or “triangle” shapes should include such pants in the closet.

A big plus – they do not constrain movement thanks to a spacious cut.

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For cropped flares works, the rule – the width of the bottom of the jeans should not be wider than the width of the hips. Otherwise, the image will be disharmonious and “heavy.”

Wear these models with caution to girls with a type of figure “pear.” These jeans visually shorten the legs. To avoid this, you can combine jeans with heels and an open toe.

With cuts

Jeans with slits can try on bold girls. This model will add extravagance to the image. Therefore it is necessary to choose the appropriate accessories. Vertex, on the contrary, is better to make a calm. Otherwise, it will be too pretentious.

The fashion trend for 2022 is slit at the bottom of the pants.

The Fashion Color of 2022

The most fashionable colors this year will be options in pastel shades. Do not forget about the classics. Fashion designers preferred traditional shades for the new season.

Black bell-bottom jeans – with what to combine

Black jeans are a classic; go with:

  • Leather jacket or bomber.
  • Coat in pastel or bright shades.
  • An original top, such as a brightly colored T-shirt with prints.
  • Calm tops like shirts in blue or blue tones.
  • Fashionable blouses with long sleeves in soft fabrics, such as silk.
  • Tops in different shapes.


Blue – with what to combine

Blue jeans can easily fit into most images. Combine with this model will:

  • Classic white, light pastel shades shirt.
  • Black tops with open shoulders.
  • Black leather jacket or cropped coat.
  • Long cardigans or coats in calm gray tones.
  • Double-breasted jackets in classic cuts.
  • Maxi coats in brown colors.
  • Turtlenecks and sweaters.

White – with what to combine

White bell-bottom jeans will fit into a casual look.

They can be combined with:

  • White sweaters with short sleeves.
  • Gray or beige medium-length coats.
  • Classic jackets in a light color scheme.
  • Straight-cut denim shirts.
  • White or black tops.
  • Knitted cardigans.

Blue – with what to combine

This classic can also be worn with a variety of closet items

. Harmonize with blue bell-bottom jeans:

  • White t-shirts with short sleeves.
  • Coats with geometric patterns.
  • Bombers in nude and pastel colors.
  • Fine or coarse knitted oversize sweaters.
  • Blouses with long sleeves.
  • Cardigans in gray and beige tones.
  • Open-shoulder tops in both bright and inviting shades.

Shoes To Wear With Bell Bottom Jeans

Correctly selected models of plaid visually lengthen the legs. When combined with high-heeled shoes, you can achieve stunning results. However, some jeans can also be combined with a flat move.

In winter

In the winter, jeans can be combined with various models of shoes, as the pants cover them. Jeans can be worn:

  1. With fashionable cowboy boots.
  2. With stiletto boots. Ankle-length models look great with cropped jeans.
  3. With solid flat shoes. But the pant legs should not be too wide.

Autumn and Spring

In the fall and spring, bell-bottom jeans can be combined with :

  1. Cossack boots.
  2. Heeled boots. Harmonious look bright models and prints.
  3. Ankle-length stiletto boots.
  4. Platform boots.
  5. Knee-length boots.


Bell bottom jeans combined with high-heeled shoes lengthen the legs. In summer, they can be worn:

  1. With sandals on a thin stiletto heel.
  2. With sandals. However, in this case, the width of the pant leg should not be too great.
  3. With bright shoes like sabots with a heel or a wedge heel. Models with an increased width will suit them.
  4. With platform sandals.
  5. With shoes and sandals without a heel. With them, it is better to combine the length 7/8.

Cute Outfits With Bell Bottom Jeans

Fashionable images with bell-bottom jeans are helpful in everyday life and on the way out.

Simple bows with flared models can be composed of:

  • Blouses and shirts. T-shirts will complement the casual look on a hot day.
  • Jacket. A jacket of a classic cut, calm black, gray or blue colors will suit jeans. The length of the coat should reach the thigh. Shoes with stiletto heels or loafers will help to complete the image.
  • Sweaters. Classic or oversize models will look like crisscross. It is better to give preference to calm and monochrome variants. Both heeled and flat-soled shoes will suit this image.
  • Jackets or bomber jackets. The models should look voluminous. Even sneakers will be suitable for this image.
  • Coat. This is an option for a business look. A classic straight cut, midi or maxi length, calm beige, brown or gray shades, and fashionable shoes with heels will be combined with flared jeans.

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