Beautiful Makeup For Brunettes

If a woman is lucky enough to be born brunette, then at least one problem is solved – the girl is born bright enough and will never look pale in the company of her friends. And she can do brighter makeup than her blonde counterpart. The blonde girl will appear vulgar, while the lucky girl with dark hair will look quite organic. But it is also crucial to consider the shade of a woman’s eyes: for example, brunettes with light eyes should choose cool shades of makeup, and if the eyes are dark – warmer shades. Learn how to make a beautiful makeup for brunettes in this article.

Brown Eyes

If you are a real swarthy girl with dark eyes, then you can choose this nude makeup for every day:

  • First, cleanse your skin and apply a day moisturizer.
  • You can use foundation, or you can do without it – depending on the time of year and the condition of your skin. If you decide to use foundation, it should not be light, because your skin is naturally dark complexion. In addition, the nude makeup involves the use of natural shades, as close as possible to your own skin tone.
  • Be sure to apply powder over the cream – it will give a complete and matte skin surface. The powder should not be light either – a beige tone or a bronzer with light-reflecting particles will do.
  • After the age of 30 it is advisable to use blush, as the natural blush, alas, dims and grows pale with age. Coral and reddish-brick shades are suitable for this purpose – only warm colours. The daytime makeup for brunettes can include quite intense shades of blush, especially if you want to make up for the lack of natural tan in wintertime.
  • For eye makeup, you can use quite saturated shades. But the choice of shadows and eyeliner will vary greatly depending on what shade of brown eyes you have. For example, for dark chocolate eyes will suit pink and greenish shadows, and for the shade of transparent amber you can use yellow and violet colours.

Shadows in chocolate and brown colours will look amazing. If you want to give the image a rocky hint, look at the bright shades of turquoise and ultramarine.

  • Mascara for the owners of brown eyes is better to use black.
  • Make sure to use eyeliner – it looks the best on brunettes – and evening makeup is almost “nowhere” without it.
  • You can also accentuate your lips with bright lipsticks and glosses with dense textures. Use a lip pencil – it will emphasize the beautiful curve. In the daytime, a lipstick with quiet, nude tones will do.

Green Eyes

In this case, the makeup for brunettes will be in lighter shades than in the previous variant – you can use a peach tone as a basis. Generally, the makeup should not be too bright, but rather muted and pale, closer to a nude appearance. Techniques:

  • The cheekbones should not stand out clearly on the face, so they can only be lightly emphasized with a soft peach blush.
  • Shadows are suitable in shades of gray-green, and brown shades will also look good to emphasize the outside of the eye.
  • Mascara is also better to use brown, which is visually perceived softer.
  • Evening makeup for green-eyed brunettes involves shiny shades of metallic shades – gold, silver, copper, etc.
  • Daytime makeup for brunettes with green eyes implies the use of a very gentle shade of lipstick and light texture. Ideal shades of caramel and peach with a slight addition of pink. In the evening, you can use quite bright colours – bright red, glossy, berry, wine – they are great to emphasize the depth and aristocratism of green eyes.

Blue Eyes

This combination is very rare in nature. Usually, blue-eyed girls become brunettes at a mature age by dyeing their hair. But this combination is very beautiful and especially appreciated by the opposite sex because of its rarity and uncommonness. What kind of makeup techniques are suitable for birds of paradise with blue eyes:

  • Use shades of gray-gold, greenish-brown. They are the most suitable for your appearance. Use light colours – nothing should distract the attention of interested people from the natural beautiful colour of your eyes.
  • Daytime lipstick is better suited in pinkish and peach tones, closer to the nude style. In the evening, you can accentuate the beauty of your lips with a brighter version of lipstick: a rich plum shade, bright pink, fuchsia, burgundy and classic red. It is desirable to use over the lipstick gloss, which will give radiance and sensual fullness to your lips.
  • Shades of powder are suitable light bronze or dark peach. The foundation is in the same shades. Wedding makeup for brunettes includes almost all the same recommendations.
  • It is better to use light, light texture blushes – for example, in dry, powdered form or in the form of balls. Girls of this type of appearance should definitely use blush, because, as a rule, they have a very beautiful cheekbone line, which should be emphasized and highlighted – even in a nude makeup style.
  • Choose mascara depending on the colour of your hair. The mascara should be black if you are a bright sultry brunette. If your hair colour is brown or chocolate – in that case, it is better to prefer a brown shade, so that your makeup doesn’t look harsh. Wedding makeup for brunettes should also take into account all these nuances.

Gray Eyes

It is a rare combination, so makeup for brunettes is very interesting in this case, too. You can’t just make up by yourself; you have to be more careful when choosing colours and textures than you would be in an ordinary makeup case. In order to maximize the natural beauty of the girl’s features it is necessary to choose soft, natural colours. Techniques:

  • Use shadows in calm gray, natural-golden, brown, bronze shades.
  • Mascara is only black in this case.
  • But a pencil for eyebrows and eyes is better suited brown.
  • If your skin is fair, and your type of appearance is more suitable for winter, you can use blue and light gray, “cool” shades of shadows. This will maximally emphasize the natural dignity. Do not use shadows with a glossy sheen – they do not look soft and gentle enough, so they do not suit a grey-eyed brunette – even if the makeup is evening.
  • In your makeup, it is important to put the main emphasis on the eyes. And so that your lips do not clog them with their brightness, accentuate them with a little light lipstick and natural gloss.

Universal Makeup For Brunettes

Consider a makeup option that will work for brunettes with any eye shade. These are general basics, so before you start the procedure, you need to define – what kind of makeup you are doing clearly. If the daytime is dull – use light, soft colours, if it’s evening, take a darker and brighter tone. A bridal makeup for brunettes requires tenderness, sophistication, and clean lines. The general procedure is as follows:

  • Thoroughly clean the skin with a special product.
  • Apply moisturizer, not forgetting the neck.
  • Apply your foundation. In the daytime you can use light versions, and in the evening more dense texture is suitable.
  • Use a transparent powder of the desired shade to complete your skin makeup.
  • Draw a line along the upper lashes with a brown or black pencil and smooth it out slightly with your finger. You can do the same in the evening along the lower lash line.
  • Apply shadow, smoothing the transition from lighter shades to darker ones.
  • Apply a suitable mascara to your lashes. You can use curling tongs if you are going to an evening event.
  • Emphasize the lip contour with a soft pencil. Apply lipstick and gloss on top.

On brunettes, too, makeup in the style of tuxedo-ice looks great in the evening. When making it, it is especially critical to shade the dark tones in the eye region so as not to look like a comic book character. In general, there are a lot of makeup options for brunettes, and you can find the most suitable look that will compliment your appearance, and please yourself and others.

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