Beautiful Leg Bracelets

History Of Leg Bracelets

A graceful ankle chain will draw attention to its wearer. Wearing bracelets on foot goes back to the Sumerian traditions, where financially wealthy women emphasized their wealth and societal position. In ancient Egypt, any woman could afford to wear jewelry on her leg. They were divided by their financial status: wealthy Egyptian women wore beautiful bracelets made of noble metals, and the poor made do with jewelry made of iron and beads. Bracelets were worn as amulets.

There were also nuances: what leg bracelet was worn depended on the position of the lady in society. Only wealthy women could wear chains on the right leg, and girls of easy virtue decorated the left. Over time, this rule has lost its meaning. Now girls and women worldwide wear to emphasize the elegance of slender tanned legs in a creative and quite feminine way.

Of course, imagining an Asian woman without jewelry on her ankles is impossible. When belly dancing, bracelets could be on both legs, and the chain could be decorated with pendants.

Western teenage fashionistas already in the 50-60s of the last century began to wear braided bracelets of braid, glass beads. Later they began to put initials or name, their own or chosen one.

The variety of types of bracelets and chains on foot causes a variety of styles and materials from which they are made.

It is impossible to imagine a woman without fashionable jewelry on her foot in India. Women wore Indian bracelets at wedding ceremonies, and married ladies wore a chain fixed on the finger with a ring. Unmarried free girls wore chains of filigree weave.

American women brought the fashion for anklets (the American version of the name of Indian leg bracelets) into the modern world. Changes have affected the tradition of wearing a bracelet and the materials used to make them. Modern bracelets can satisfy the whims of the most sophisticated fashionistas: gold, and silver chains, bracelets made of wood with intricate carvings, beads, bead shells, and decorated with stones and rhinestones. While in India, bracelets were made of silver.

Types Of Bracelets

  • A thin or wide flexible chain of links. A gold leg bracelet can be with a fancy openwork weave. It can be made of both yellow and white gold. The chain can be decorated with pendants, pendants, and so-called charms. Romantic nature should look at charms in the form of a heart, a key. The pendant elements do not have to symbolize anything.
  • A solid, unbent band. The solid metal bracelet is often decorated with carvings or gemstone inlays.

For girls who prefer silver, stores offer a silver leg bracelet. A trip to the beach or a summer walk can diversify a leg bracelet made of rubber bands and different shapes and colours of beads.

What To Wear With Leg Bracelets

The choice of jewelry on the leg should be approached individually, it should take into account not only the girl’s taste preferences, but also the constitution of the leg. If the ankle is large, it is better to choose a bracelet or a chain of medium thickness, which will not get lost on the general background, and will give elegance.

The selection of the accessory depends on the style of clothing. A gold bracelet on the strict leg design is acceptable to see and business style – with heeled shoes, a skirt suit and a white shirt. Women’s bracelets with white gold look stylish, and if the office dress code allows some liberties in wearing accessories, you can complement the image of such a chain of links. A miniature pendant on a chain will also not be superfluous.

Anklets are most often worn with summer dresses, light skirts, and denim short shorts, as well as with pants in the casual style or cropped jeans in white. If you prefer the “military style,” completing the image with a massive metal chain is appropriate. Popular is to wear a ring on your finger, connected with a chain to the bracelet on your leg. Beach attire is well combined with a bracelet made of fancy beads. Originality and style will add and own handmade bracelet made of beads in the form and colour that reflects your inner world.

You can also bring a touch of flirtation and sexuality in the evening dress, wearing a bracelet under a cocktail or evening dress in white gold or silver. Ideally, the rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings will be made in the same style.

How To Choose Correctly

The bracelet should be chosen based on the size of the ankle. The bracelet should not squeeze the leg, not fall off, and freely “sit” on the leg. It is practical to buy a chain on the clasp, with which you can find the right size for you. Leather bracelets can sit tightly on the leg. If the choice is made in favour of bracelets with rings, the rings on the fingers should also be sized.

Colourful Bracelets

The colour range of bracelets is so diverse that you can easily find them for any image. A black leather bracelet is appropriate for jeans and a man’s shirt. Rings, in this case, can be made of metal. Bracelets made of multicoloured beads are popular among active young people.

The main thing when choosing an accessory of different materials (leather, metal, glass beads) – relevance, as well as comfort and fun to wear.


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