Beautiful Diamond Rings For Women And Men

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This statement is hard to argue because women are very fond of beautiful jewelry. There are different kinds of beautiful jewelry, but ladies especially love a gold ring with a diamond. Such a piece with a stone glitters and sparkles with different colours of the rainbow, delighting the girl and making a woman’s heartbeat by order of magnitude. No other mineral is comparable to a cut diamond in its ability to reflect and refract light beams, creating a spectacular fireworks display of sparkling sparks.

Beautiful jewelry in the form of a ring with a stone is worn by show business stars, royalty, socialites, famous bohemians, famous politicians and simply beautiful women. Every gold ring with a diamond attracts admiring looks but not every ring can emphasize the charm and beauty of its owner. That is why it is so important to choose the perfect one-diamond ring.

What You Should Know About A Diamond Ring

Nothing like a classic diamond ring to transform a woman. Such jewelry embodies femininity, high status in society and good taste. At the same time, you can find feminine types of diamond, ruby or topaz rings, and masculine ring with one diamond. The men’s ring has some differences from the women’s version. Men’s jewelry can be of four basic types:

  1. Engagement;
  2. rings;
  3. seals;
  4. on the little finger.

Engagement rings are the most common. They have often paired pieces of jewelry that symbolize the unity between the wife and husband. However, female rings with various white stones, ruby or topaz are highly prioritized for jewellers. Jewellers are constantly improving and competing in craftsmanship, due to which the market presents a variety of diamond designs: men’s ceramic rings with one diamond, paired rings with topaz and white stones, women’s kinds of rings with flowers from diamonds and the like. This variety of designs makes it possible to choose the best option based on lifestyle, age, upcoming events, taste, etc.

A diamond can come in many shades and colours, but it is just a diamond that has been given a certain cut form. Some of the most current pieces include a platinum diamond ring, a pink diamond ring, and a yellowish or colourless stone.

In addition, diamonds are classified by weight:

  1. Up to 0.29 carats are used for jewelry with numerous white stones, i.e. “placer;
  2. 0.3-0.99 carats are used to create rings with white and other diamonds;
  3. One carat and larger are used for very expensive jewelry. Only aristocrats and the very wealthy can afford a one-carat diamond ring.

A ring with large diamonds will look great on a fragile and delicate woman’s hand. Different kinds of diamonds make it possible to choose women’s jewelry with a ruby or topaz, a ring with a black diamond and the like.

How To Choose A Diamond Ring

When you want to buy a white gold diamond ring, a yellow diamond ring or a black diamond ring, you need to know the requirements for a particular jewelry piece.

  1. To begin with, it is necessary to determine how often a diamond ring will be worn, whether for formal occasions or as an everyday piece of jewelry. Diamonds are considered an evening gem, but rings with them are often worn all the time. For example, it can be an everyday ceramic or diamond engagement ring. Engagement rings, especially those that are paired, are usually rarely removed. In this case, choosing a ring with a small stone with a classic shape is recommended.
  2. If you are selecting a piece for celebrations, then, in this case, you can be imaginative and consider the most spectacular models. For example, you can choose a ring with a 1-carat diamond, a platinum ring with diamonds, topaz and ruby.
  3. When buying, you should pay attention to the certificate, which should specify all the characteristics of a diamond, topaz or ruby ring. This includes the weight of the stone, its purity, origin, and the weight of the yellow or white gold with which it is set.
  4. When it comes to transparency, it is advisable to look for a completely transparent diamond, as a gold setting will enhance its beauty. In addition, a completely transparent diamond will cost more.
  5. It is necessary to choose the right type of tack. In most cases, it would seem that a setting in the form of cylinders or balls, called a corner setting, will be more reliable than a speckled setting. The reality, however, is somewhat different, as the first kind of setting increases the chance of losing a stone. Krappe setting is considered the most reliable. In addition, the ring with a diamond, topaz or ruby will shine from all sides, giving the product uniqueness. A ring with three diamonds or a platinum ring with diamonds will look beautiful if arranged, so the frame is not visible.
  6. If you want to buy an engagement ring, you should not buy a platinum ring with diamonds all around the diameter of the setting. In years to come, you will need to enlarge or reduce the ring, which will cause some difficulty.
  7. Very small diamonds will look better in a group. These diamonds can support a large coloured stone well – it could be a topaz, ruby or emerald ring.

Men Diamond Ring

Today, there is not only women’s stylish jewelry but also men’s. A man’s ring with diamonds, topaz or rubies can help create the image of a single-minded man who can make the necessary decisions. Men’s gold rings with diamonds, topaz or rubies will emphasize maturity and confidence in one’s abilities and strength. Their inimitable and imposing design with large elements of a diamond, topaz or ruby ring will emphasize a man’s solvency.

  1. A man’s wedding ring is the most common type of men’s jewelry, symbolizing the unity between wife and husband. Therefore, it is recommended that such a piece of jewelry should be elegant but not too provocative.
  2. The signets have a unique composition of stones and an original drawing. In the past, such jewelry was used for stamps, but today it is a common men’s jewelry.
  3. Ring stones differ from similar jewelry in size and shape. They are often up to 20 mm thick, making them graceful and massive. In addition to diamonds, such men’s jewelry is often engraved or patterned.
  4. Men’s ring on the little finger is rare, but it goes well with the wedding ring. This men’s jewelry, as a rule, is chosen strictly individually.

Ceramic Diamond Rings

Until recently, women’s hands were adorned with yellow gold rings with diamonds or a ring with a pink diamond. It was spectacular, stylish and beautiful. However, this familiar women’s jewelry today is replaced by trendy ceramic diamond rings. Ceramics in the jewelry industry came into use quite recently. Mostly ceramics were used to make medical devices. Employees in the jewelry industry are attracted to ceramics for their strength, aesthetics and durability. Their characteristics make them comparable to diamonds which can hardly be damaged or scratched. At the same time, it has a pleasant matte lustre, does not cause allergic reactions and is not heavy.

The ceramic ring with a big diamond has become very popular. Ceramic rings are versatile; they can be worn at work and leisure, to a disco or holiday dinner. Ceramics have become the material that jewellers often use when creating their collections. Ceramic and diamond rings look very spectacular.

A ceramic ring with diamonds goes well with a business suit made in understated colours. The office dress code in jewelry means discreetness, and a ceramic ring perfectly meets this rule. A ceramic ring is also suitable for solemn occasions. A black matte or white product’s light lustre will balance any bright shades and create a harmonious image. Guests will appreciate the women’s hands, decorated with a ceramic ring, noting the refined taste and sense of style.

Engagement Rings

A yellow engagement ring or a platinum diamond ring is a coveted trophy for every bride. Giving a bride an engagement ring with diamonds and pearls in white was fashionable. The whiteness and radiance of pearls mesmerized any bride. Historians believe that the engagement ring with diamonds and pearls in white made it a real trend, but only the highest aristocracy of Europe, monarchs and royalty could follow it. The most exquisite was the diamond engagement ring in white gold.

How to choose a metal for a diamond ring

All engagement rings, in most cases, are made of gold, silver or platinum alloys. In some cases, other metals or combinations thereof can be found. The metal for the ring should match the chosen one and reflect your feelings.

To choose the perfect engagement ring, you should follow the following rules:

  1. Red gold with a 585 or 750 hallmark is great if you decide to put gemstones in your engagement ring;
  2. White gold is an alloy of gold and certain alloyed metals, which results in an almost white colour. The surface of the piece is coated with an additional rhodium coating. A white gold engagement ring works well with clear diamonds. However, over the years, such a coating fades, and in some cases, it must be restored;
  3. Lemon-yellow gold is the most natural. This is the colour 999 gold. The 750 proof has additions of special alloy metal to provide strength. Yellow gold engagement rings are very common today and can be purchased at any jewelry store. Such engagement rings look great with clear bluish as well as white diamonds.
  4. Platinum engagement rings are quite strong, hard and refractory. Such rings stand out with their cool, silvery hue. It is difficult to set a large diamond in a platinum ring, as all the imperfections of a large stone will be immediately noticeable on a platinum ring.
  5. Steel and silver engagement rings are extremely rare in our country.

What is the best stone to use in wedding rings?

In our country, giving an engagement ring with only one large diamond is customary. It was thought it was proper to give smooth rings without stones for a wedding. However, these stereotypes are a thing of the past. Today there is a huge selection of different engagement rings. Quite often, several stones of the same size are set into the wedding ring. There are budget versions where laboratory diamonds, cubes of zirconia, or fianites are used.

It’s up to you to decide which stones should be in your wedding rings. A gemstone with a diamond will be able to tell you about your strong feelings for your beloved, as well as the status of the relationship. In some cases, any other gemstone may be used as a piece of jewelry, but this is the exception. The shapes of the stones can be different: round, classic, and fantasy shapes (princess, heart and the like). To choose diamonds, follow several rules.

  1. Choose a carat, i.e. the unit of measurement of a diamond. In most cases, diamonds are set in serial jewelry, which has no more than 0.1 carats, i.e. stone with a diameter of no more than 3 mm. An engagement ring with a diamond of 1 or 0.5 carats would be a small production item. Exclusive engagement rings, in most cases, are considered pieces with diamonds of 1 carat or more, distinguished by their high characteristics.
  2. The colour of diamonds can vary greatly. Most people prefer to buy rings with white diamonds. Colours can be graded according to the D (colourless) characteristic and around F and H – diamonds of the best quality.
  3. Purity or Clarity. A diamond is a natural stone, so it will always have certain imperfections. The amount of inherent natural imperfections affect its ability to reflect light. The fewer there are, the more light can be reflected from the diamond’s facets, ensuring its incredible brilliance. Naturally, a diamond of higher clarity will cost more. Diamonds of impeccable clarity, without any surface spots or internal flaws, are quite difficult to find, as they are extremely rare. In our country, the frequency scale of diamonds ends at one and ends at 10. 10 means many specks, and 1 means no specks.
  4. Choosing the cut of a diamond. There are different kinds of cuts. Some cuts, such as the oval, visually enlarge the diamond, the princess cut hides imperfections, while others increase the surface.

How To Spot A Fake Diamond

  1. The very first thing a jewelry lover needs to know is its authenticity. It is quite easy to know that you have purchased a real diamond. To do this, take a gold ring of yellow or white metal with diamonds and put it in clear water. Real diamonds will be impossible to see in the water. The secret lies in the fact that a diamond in water becomes invisible due to its glass transparency. If the stone turns white, it is not a diamond.
  2. The stone can also be checked with sandpaper. If you go over the stone with the sandpaper, there should be no scratch. If there are scratches, it is a fake.
  3. A quartz lamp can check a yellow or white gold ring with diamonds. The stone should be held to the lamp, and a bluish or yellow-green glow should shine.
  1. A magnifying glass with 10x magnification will also help in determining quality. Through a magnifying glass, the facets of a diamond should not split apart. A magnifying glass can also help check for scratches.

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