Beads Made Of Coral Have A Unique Energy

For over two thousand years, natural coral has been in fashion. In ancient times, it was used to decorate weapons, hairpins, brooches, and jewelry. Today and many centuries ago, coral beads are popular with fashionistas. They are combined with many clothing styles suitable for young girls and mature ladies. Coral jewelry has magical properties and emphasizes the individuality of its owner.

Features Of Coral Beads

Coral grows in the sea at a depth of 3-5 meters. The largest reefs are located in the Mediterranean Sea near Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica, in the territorial waters of Tunisia and Algeria, and off the coast of western India, Malaysia, Japan and many African states.

The branches of coral reefs are cut off, their soft parts are thrown away, and the hard parts of the sea mineral are used to make jewelry. The sea mineral has medicinal and magical properties, and comes in different colors.

Healing Properties

Coral jewelry has always been highly valued not only for its beauty. Even ancient people noted that sea stones have a positive effect on health. Corals have a lot of iodine and calcium, which they share with the human body. This is useful for diseases of the bone system and thyroid gland.

If you wear the coral necklace constantly, you will improve memory, normalize the cardiovascular and nervous system, normalize sleep and fatigue will go away. The preparations made of sea mineral powder are used to treat liver, stomach ulcers, gout, angina, and migraine.

Coral is an organic formation. Units of polyps, invertebrate creatures, are attached to rocks or solid objects on the seabed and begin to fossilize. This amazing origin also explains the magical properties of coral products.

People used to and still do believe that sea stone protects spirits, that the evil eye brings good luck, and reveals the gift of foresight.

What We Need

Necklaces and bracelets made of coral beads are original jewelry. Women need them to create unique and bright images. After all, this jewelry is combined with clothing of different styles. Many coral beads are worn as a talisman and remedy.


Jewelers make massive and exquisite jewelry from marine minerals. They are often combined with precious metals and semi-precious stones. Popular models are:

  • of Sardinian coral;
  • of sponge coral;
  • with pearls;
  • with turquoise;
  • with mother-of-pearl;
  • with gold or silver;
  • with agate;
  • with lava.

Corals go well with different kinds of jewelry. Beads can be in the same tones as earrings and bracelets, or vice versa – contrast with them.

From Sardinian coral

The mineral from the coast of Sardinia is considered the most beautiful, expensive and rare. It is strong, smooth and shiny. The natural Sardinian stone has a brick color. Beads made of it are produced in limited quantities, and very few people can afford to buy them.

From sponge coral

This type of mineral does not have a smooth but a porous structure. Such stones can be easily cut and dyed. Spongy stones are coated with paint in different shades and are used to make massive or tiny beads.

Pearl and coral

Coral beads with pearls in the photo look delicate and exquisite. Such jewelry is suitable for romantic souls and perfectly fits into the sea-inspired images. The beads can be worn in a set with pearl pousetas. Astrologers recommend Pearl and coral jewelry to wear the Zodiac’s water signs.

With turquoise

Blue with shades of red combines perfectly. Calm dreamers suit beads, which have more turquoise. And to the nature of the bright and eccentric – with a predominance of red. Turquoise has magical properties – these beads will be a strong amulet.

Coral Colors

Nature paints coral reefs in different colors. The most popular shades in the rich palette are:

  • red-mined in the Mediterranean and the Sea of Japan;
  • pink is the second most valuable in the world;
  • black – grows in many seas, but now due to the threat of extinction in most countries, its extraction is prohibited;
  • Blue – porous and very fragile stones;
  • white – not used for jewelry.

Stones of different colors are rarely combined in one piece. They are often combined with minerals of other origins, such as pearls and precious metals.

Coral Beads: Who Are They For

Coral suits all signs of the Zodiac, but most of all – Capricorn and Pisces.

Pink beads of small stones are suitable for girls, and massive red jewelry is for older women. However, on a young lady’s neck, a thin string of Sardinian minerals will look impressive. Blue beads are suitable for brunettes and gray – for blondes.

Black and white minerals suit absolutely everyone.

How To Spot Fakes

Natural coral is expensive. Prices for beads run into hundreds of dollars. Stores sell imitations: these stones are made from sponge skeletons and shell crumbs. Beads made of glass, polymer clay, and painted pebbles are sometimes passed off as coral.

Before you buy an expensive piece of jewelry, learn how to tell the difference between natural and faux coral. Jewelers have compiled detailed instructions to keep customers from buying fakes.

So, the artificial material will be smooth and monochromatic, while the real one will be varied with transitions of shades. You can also tell the authenticity by its shine. The real stones are matte and ofry calm, but the fake is lustrous. The original mineral gets brighter in the water, but the fake one does not change its hue.

Coral Beads: What To Wear With

You can wear coral beads with almost everything. Red will go well with a white shirt and a classic suit of black, blue, and gray color. Ideally, they will go with a black dress frontal or blue in white polka dots with a puffed skirt.

Beads of all colors decorate images in a nautical, ethnic and boho style. Massive jewelry suits to long skirts and free cut blouses, and thin coral threads look good with light sundresses. Such jewelry can be worn with jeans, tops and ballet flats.

Coral Bead Care

Corals should be washed periodically in room-temperature water. To restore the luster of the stone, you should soak it in astone’s lusteren peroxide for a couple of minutes. The sea mineral is afraid of high temperatures, so do not heat it or put it into boiling water.

Spectacular Images

A loose white shirt, a short brightly colored skirt, big thick-rimmed glasses, a white bag and massive beads is a universal summer look. You can wear tight jeans, stiletto shoes, a black top and long beads for a party.

White sarafan, straw hat, rattan bag – this romantic look will be completed by pink or blue stone jewelry. Black or brown dress below the knees, orange stole, black bag and red coral beads – a bright image for any occasion.

Coral jewelry today, as well as many centuries ago, is in vogue. They not only make each image unique but also protect the wearer from negative energy. If possible, do not deny yourself the pleasure of buying such beads. This rare coral is valued in the jewelry world almost more than gold.

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