Basic Closet For Women Over 50: Elegant Styles Of Summer And Winter Clothes

A woman after 50 needs to think about her closet. Age imposes certain restrictions on the styles of dresses. You have to choose skirts, jewelry, and the length of clothing. But it should not affect a woman’s beauty. You need to take into account some age peculiarities.

What Clothes Should You Hide Once You Turn 50

At 50, a woman is full of inner charm. In the first place comes the charm, charisma, soft femininity. Dignity, self-confidence and elegance are emphasized by properly chosen clothing.

However, it is desirable to hide something from prying eyes:

  1. Arms and decollete area. Despite the abundance of creams, masks, scrubs, and various cosmetic procedures by a certain age, the skin on the chest, shoulders, and hands ceases to please us. It is appropriate to add at least a little chiffon where there used to be open areas.
  2. Feet. It is not customary to cover women’s legs in the summer and at other times of the year. And women at 50 are no exception. But you have to follow some rules:
    • The minimum length is a palm above the knee;
    • Use tight tights;
    • high cuts are not recommended;
    • The minimum length of a palm above the knee applies to skirts and dresses with chiffon inserts.
  3. Legs with varicose veins are not recommended to be put on public display. Straight models of pants or from the hip are suitable.

The Minimum Closet For Women Over 50

The basic closet largely depends on the nature of work. The business style suggests suits of classic colours. In other cases, it is more casual.

  1. Jeans, and how without them. Both in summer and winter, you must have two pairs of jeans. One dark, the other a lighter shade.

Can women after 50 afford ripped jeans? Why not, if the figure and image allow. But you should not add to them T-shirts.

  1. T-shirts (2 pieces) in dark and light colours. Monochrome, or with a discreet, quiet pattern.
  2. Blouses. Two or three blouses in dark and light colours. Depending on your figure, choose the degree of fit. A full woman will do a more loose fit. Black and white are better to exclude, even if you are a teacher. Blacktop hints at mourning, and white is familiar to schoolgirls. Pastel colours are more appropriate.
  3. Dress. Length a palm below the knee. Dress in its place everywhere: at work, on holidays and shopping. The colour is muted: gray, blue, and black, combining light shades.
  4. Skirts. You should have two skirts in your basic closet. The colour is dark. One simple, the other with some degree of festivity. It can be a fabric (satin, for example) or trim. In this case, you will always be able to put together a dressy or casual set. For full hips, classic is preferable. In other cases, you can play with the shape.
  5. Sweater. A warm, high collar will help in cold, wet weather. Shape – semi-fitting. The Colour scheme is without restrictions, but the tones are calm.
  6. Knit sweaters or sweaters. Three or four are enough to always look new. Comes with pants, skirts, and jeans.
  7. A cape, a cardigan, a poncho. An indispensable thing in cool weather and when you want to create multiple layers in your clothes.

In summer, light dresses made of chiffon, linen pantsuits, and long skirts are added to the closet. Getting a pair of scarves of different colours from chiffon is useful. After 50, it is a very useful thing. They help to drape the neckline, hide the arms, and allow you always to look elegant.

Jewelry And Accessories

For a woman after 50, accessories and jewelry are shown by status. If younger women can do with lipstick, solid age requires the appropriate cut. In addition, it is a wonderful way to make your closet diverse, interesting and bright.

Jewels. Hooray! At last, all kinds of jewelry are allowed. Girls are not advised to wear pearls or expensive jewelry made of precious stones. But 50 is the milestone when you can wear anything you have money for. The main thing is to wear it all according to the occasion.

Costume jewelry is also not forbidden. But it is necessary to be limited to calm colours and smooth shapes. That lady will live another 65-70 years and be able to shock others with bright lipstick and provocative accessories, of course, with the appropriate clothing with a hint of youth fashion. Such things cause the surrounding emotion and excitement. But 50 – the age of active professional and personal life. Jewelry in the closet should be chosen according to the status.

Shawls and scarves are universal and always fashionable jewelry. They enliven the outfit, add new colours to the image, and create a sense of respectability. The more scarves your closet contains, the better.

Belts. A belt makes a figure more elegant, completes a look and helps to connect the set with the colour of the shoes. A large lady can use any style if she complements them with wide belts. Even a bulky belly can be hidden by marking the waist with a belt where necessary. Colours and models at 50 will not suit all. Sour tones, rivets, and rhinestones are better to leave to the young. Appropriate leather, simple shape, calm shades, traditional buckles.


The basic closet includes three bags: a winter bag, a summer bag and a small evening bag. Winter is the time for dark colors: black, brown, navy blue, dark gray. Summer options suggest that the bag will look great in a set with light summer clothes.

Evening bags are desirable to match every evening outfit, but let it be at least one: for a visit to the guests, the theatre, or a party with friends. The universal colour for such a bag is light gray. It is suitable for any outfit. It should be decorated discreetly but elegantly.

Handbag models for women in 50 follow the classics but with fashionable replicas. For example, lacquer came into fashion. Let your bag be lacquered but traditionally shaped with minimal embellishments.

Every season a new fashionable colour hits us, and handbags in such colours immediately appear. Do ladies of a respectable age follow the fashion, or is it only for the young? Bright colours in handbags are appropriate for any age if the closet requires it. My favourite red, noble green – why not. But running after the seasonal fashion is hardly worth it. A dress, a blouse, a scarf around the neck, and a belt of trendy colours are more appropriate in this situation. And let the bag reflect your status and be serious.

The size of a lady’s purse depends on what she does and the needs of her family. By the age of 50, fortunately, the children have already grown up, and there comes long-awaited freedom. Therefore, such requirements are irrelevant. You can choose a fashionable, beautiful thing solely to shine, carry a purse, phone, cosmetics and work documents, if necessary.


Age 50 has its requirements for outerwear. A basic closet should have a long, loose or semi-fitted coat of comfortable length. The bottom of the coat must be longer than the dress.

Material wool or drape. The range of colours is wide. There is muted yellow and burgundy, green, elegant gray, milk, beige, and brown.

Short models and youth styles are inappropriate. Preferably a classic, straight cut. Complement can be silk scarves or shawls. Chic would look like feminine hats. And do not forget about the gloves.

Winter is the time for fur coats. Ladies of a respectable age look good in fur coats. Decent, chic and elegant.

Evening Dresses And Fashionable Skirts

Evening dresses, dressy sets also have their own characteristics. First of all, these are long outfits of good fabrics. Open shoulders are possible, but cover them with a scarf or a chiffon cape. Suits are appropriate. Use expensive, status jewelry in the classic style.

The colour scheme is chosen according to the woman’s appearance. Evening dresses may be brighter colours than everyday dresses. Finishing is calm and discreet.

Obligatory evening handbags. Classical shoes in calm tones. The heel can be comfortable for a woman at any length, but it must be. 15 cm – yes, 0 – no. At least 5-7 cm.

Thus, the age of 50 suits those models and styles that create an elegant image to demonstrate a woman’s figure and hide flaws. Quiet tones, classic style and expensive jewelry, are appropriate. Flowing, streamlined and semi-fitted forms replace tight-fitting ones.

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