Asymmetric Hems Pleats And Creases Are The Trend This Season

Skirts are one of the symbols of femininity, undeservedly relegated to the shadow of practical pants and leggings. Fashion 2022 pleased the return of the original women’s clothing on the catwalks and in the collections of leading designers. Fashionable styles of skirts 2022 and an incredible variety of models will satisfy any requirement of fashionable women. The main thing is to be in the trend, and it is defined by a harmonious combination of the main features:

  • actual length;
  • modern materials;
  • fashionable styles;
  • colours and prints;
  • finishes and accessories.

Fashionable skirts 2022 are varied in texture, length and silhouette, united by an emphasis on femininity and elegance. Choose stylish skirts with the main trends of 2022 in mind.

Mini skirt with stones and embroidery

Geometric patterned midi length skirt

Midi Is The Leader Of Fashionable Length

Midi length skirts suit almost all women. Midi length looks equally elegant in pencil skirts and loose new style skirts. Midi skirt models are widely represented in the collections of fashion houses Dolce & Gabbana, Barbara Casasola, Chanel, Chloe. Midi is the best version of the skirt for full ladies and fans of the elegant clothing style.

Pink leather midi skirt

Mid-length skirt with print

Maxi Skirts 2022

The most fashionable skirts of spring and summer 2022 are long skirts to the ground. There was an interesting variety of maxi skirt silhouettes presented by designers: puffed, tatianka, tiered, trapezoidal, with complex flounces and with dips.

Black maxi skirt

Strict floor skirt

Fashionable long skirts are characterized by a special twist in style. It could be a sporty style with a high cut, like the black narrow skirts offered by Calvin Klein, or an elegant or daring cut as in Donna Karan’s evening collections. In the Spring 2022 collection Chanel designers defined a white maxi-skirt as the main part of a trendy urban look.

In the creation of everyday sets, the long skirt has gained popularity. It can be combined with shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters and jackets.

Summer versions of the outfits use almost transparent chiffon. The long winter skirts are models of dense fabrics with perforations or knitted skirts with a slit at the waist.

Chiffon maxi skirt with floral print

Loose cut floor skirt

Mini Skirts

Not in the top positions, but back on trend. Short skirts have been updated and remain popular. Mini-skirts can be slightly above the knee, as in the models by Chanel, Coach, Costume National, or slightly cover the buttocks, the so-called belt skirts. Such boldness offers the young fashionistas collections from Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Paco Rabanne, Saint Laurent.

Crumpled leather miniskirt

Asymmetrical cut mini skirt

Short skirts 2022 got a brand-new look. The designers of miniskirts suggested adding beads and rhinestones. Such a fashionable embroidered skirt should be in the arsenal of every slender girl. Any cut of short skirt is trending: trapeze, ruched, tight, with several rows of flounces.

Short plaid skirt

Suede miniskirt

Fashionable Skirts: Fabrics, Colours And Prints

The main monochrome colours in the skirt line are black and gray. In addition to them, almost all the colours of the rainbow are fashionable. Red, pink, yellow, terracotta, beige, grass, sky blue are available. Metallics and lurex in all shades are trending.

Pencil skirt in medium length

Skirt with satin pleats

Fashionable fabrics designers also haven’t neglected. Jersey, denim and heavy knitwear are still fashionable, but the leaders of designer collections are gentle chiffon, aristocratic velvet, elegant satin, expensive suede and leather.

Women’s warm skirts in autumn-winter collections are made from fabrics of soft texture: English tweed, wool, knitted fabrics or mixed fabrics.

Embroidering transparent fabrics with rhinestones and beads, decorating with embroidery, lurex thread, and using these elements to create beautiful festive outfits has become trendy.

Medium length plaid skirt

Leather skirt with decorative zipper

White skirt with big ruffles

Valentino skirt

Embroidered Skirt

Checkered tweed skirt

Leading prints are stripes and subdued flowers.

Stylized, leopard prints and geometric designs are still popular. The print can only be seen on a part of the skirt, making the models of monochrome fabrics unique. There was only one part of the Victoria Beckham skirt with a large bright ornament designed by the designer.

Bordeaux velvet skirt

In street and sports fashion plaid skirts do not disappear. Restrained black, beige and gray colours, soft fabrics, fashionable scent, midi length – this is how traditional warm skirts for everyday wear look like. Bright plaid print in pink and green tones looks perfectly in light spring outfits.

Fashionable Styles And Silhouettes

Pleated skirts

Pleated and pleated pleats disappear from the fashion scene for a very short time. They are again at the peak of popularity in 2022. The romanticism and charm of small pleats of light chiffon are complemented by unexpected choices of fabrics. Velvet and fine leather pleats are seen in the 2022 collections, and the models by Victoria Beckham, Rochas, Valentino and Versace are particularly beautiful.

Ready-made pleated fabrics and the pleated illusion technique is a technique in which dense fabrics in the skirt are combined with light, weightless fabrics.

Versace’s new collections suggest using corrugated material locally and decorating corrugated miniskirts with leather patches.

Skirt in the folded illusion technique

Pleated midi length skirt

Trumpet skirt

The mermaid skirt or pipe skirt has retained and strengthened its popularity over the last season. It perfectly emphasizes the figure, sitting tightly on the hips and with a slight crimp below. These skirts give a feminine look, ideal for evening attire.

Mermaid skirt with perforations

The trampette skirt received a lot of attention in the collections of Alessandra Rich, House of Holland, Rochas, Erdem, Maison Margiela, Francesco Scognamiglio, Balmain. These collections used different types of fabrics, including knitted fabrics. The length of the mermaid skirt varies from midi to maxi, the ideal trim for it is ruffles, lace, fringe.

White trampoline skirt

Flared Skirts

In skirts with zippers, the fashion trend towards femininity is perfectly realized. The unprecedented popularity of the style allows it to be worn by ladies with any body type. With a high waist and knee-length skirt, overweight women easily appear their body. For women of rectangular shape, a skirt with a dipped waistline and a fall is recommended. Narrow hips will appear slightly wider to the bottom of the skirt on the smell.

Leather skirt with a zipper top

Flared leather skirt

Modern designers have again emphasized this model. Fashionable skirts with a zipper top stand out in the collections of Leonard, Anthony Vaccarello, Emporio Armani, Nina Ricci, Louis Vuitton, Prada. They look like candy wrappers, outlining the hips and showing a bit of the leg in a modest cut.

Skirt with a print on the smell

Asymmetrical hemline

Asymmetry gives skirts a special zest and glamour. In the models by Kenzo, Paco Rabanne, Christian Dior, Antonio Berardi, Bibhu Mohapatra, uneven hems, cuts on the side, and “fishtail” cuts, asymmetric solutions lead the way.

Skirt with asymmetrical hem

Yellow asymmetric skirt

Lace and fringe

Some trends stay in fashion for no more than a season, and lace and fringe are becoming more and more popular year after year. In the shows of 2022 these famous laces can be seen on the skirts of almost all the world’s fashion houses. To create fashionable volume it is better to use long fringe instead of irrelevant flounces and ruffles. Fringe in 2022 is more than lace; brave fashionistas can use quite large pieces of fabric as fringe.

Skirt with fringes

Black lace skirt

The role of lace in clothing has changed.

In the new season lace is used in the form of trim on fashionable skirts: ruffles, festoons, inserts. Full lace skirts generally use neutral colours; one of the most trendy styles in the season 2022 will be the black lace skirt with a tight fit.

Lace trim on black skirt

Denim and leather skirts

For many years, skirt collections have not been complete without denim and leather. Several designers recommend replacing your closet with denim skirts as much as possible in 2022. Can you suggest a denim skirt for the new season?

  • Lightweight and thin material in a variety of colours.
  • Sits tightly on the hips, cut a straight or expanded due to the flounces and wedges.
  • Length from mini to maxi, depending on age and type of figure.
  • Puffy skirts are only for tall, slender girls.

Fashionable leather skirts are a continuation of last season. A new surge in popularity brought original design, embroidered trim, versatility. Lacquered leather is no longer an element of a certain subculture. Patent leather skirts have become an indispensable image of urban fashion thanks to their simple designs and monochrome accents.

Denim mini skirt

Knitted skirts

Knitted skirts are another trend for winter and fall 2022. Many designers consider them the most effective protection from the cold. Knitted skirts are smooth, dense, and openworked with voluminous patterns. A knitted skirt can slim the silhouette and conceal problem areas.

Knitted skirt with pockets

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